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Time-Shifting For The iPod 173

Posted by timothy
from the tivo-needs-no-separate-pc dept.
depechemodem writes "This story at ExtremeiPod talks about a new piece of software from Adam Curry called iPodder (now at Sourceforge) which uses RSS feeds with MP3 enclosures to stream audio to iTunes. The best part is that those streams can be saved as clips automatically on to your iPod or other MP3 player for later listening making this the first portable time-shifted Internet audio application. The code is alse being ported to Windows."
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Time-Shifting For The iPod

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  • Firefix extension (Score:1, Interesting)

    by sometwo (53041) on Wednesday September 15, 2004 @12:24PM (#10257217)
    So how about having this as a builtin Firefox extension?
  • by Chuck Bucket (142633) on Wednesday September 15, 2004 @12:27PM (#10257241) Homepage Journal
    and I thought the iPod was just an mp3 player! ;) Seriously, if you watch the development of the device, and consider all of the software being developed for it, it's no wonder Apple isn't running about making another effect, they almost have! I look for the iPod to do a ton more things come January 2005. I for one plan on playing with Linux on mine, then seeing what else I can do with that's cool and new.

  • by Stick_Fig (740331) on Wednesday September 15, 2004 @12:45PM (#10257421) Homepage
    You could tell, even in his prissy glam-metal heyday, that he was a smart one. He went from VJ to dot-com genius. I mean shit, you don't see Jesse Camp coming up with great ideas like this.
    I mean, Matt Pinfield knew a lot about music, but there's a difference between trivia and usefulness. Way to go Adam.
  • by Chaotic Evil Cleric (622653) on Wednesday September 15, 2004 @12:49PM (#10257461) Journal
    How is this different from
    mplayer -dumpaudio /stream/address
  • by Paulrothrock (685079) on Wednesday September 15, 2004 @01:09PM (#10257659) Homepage Journal
    Many current switchers, according to chatter heard in Apple's Support Forums, have switched because of their experience with the iPod. Whether it was from walking into an Apple Store to buy an iPod and getting a chance to actually *use* a Mac, or seeing how much thought was put into the iPod, from how the scroll wheel accelerates to how rugged the design is to the neat way the backlight fades on and off.

    If iTMS is a loss-leader for the iPod, then the iPod is a leader for Macs. I'm all for Apple making a headless eMac. But until they do the eMac, which is itself an incredibly capable machine for its price, will probably be the first Mac many people own.

  • by BoneFlower (107640) <> on Wednesday September 15, 2004 @01:37PM (#10257967) Journal
    What can't it do?

    Pitch control and cue points. Add those two features, and apple will find a large market of DJs that will buy them. Hell, I'd put off upgrading my mixer if Apple added those two features. I'd have a good portable music player for the bus and whatnot, and a small device I can hook up to my mixer so I can use digital music files, stuff I rip off CD or my own productions that I can't afford to press to vinyl in my sets. And it would open up a large amount of music, especially futurepop, that is disgustingly difficult to find in any quantity on vinyl.
  • by radish (98371) on Wednesday September 15, 2004 @02:26PM (#10258439) Homepage
    if Apple just sold a computer for 600$ I think it would catch fire like the iPod has.

    What makes you say that? The iPod follows Apple's other products in being (a) nicely designed (b) well built (c) very expensive. There are many competitors to the iPod, most of which offer additional features (of varying usefulness), and are cheaper (often very significantly). This is just like the PC market - Windows boxes are more numerous, usually not as well built/designed, but a lot cheaper. What surprises me is how the market seems to tolerate Apple's premium pricing for mp3 players but not for computers.
  • by xjerky (128399) on Wednesday September 15, 2004 @02:48PM (#10258705)
    With X-Box Media Center. I sometimes leave my box on all night and let it dump a bunch of streams to my HD, then I load 'em up on my iPod later to see if I like 'em.

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