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UK Taxpayers' Money Getting Wasted On IT Spending 174

Posted by timothy
from the dog-bites-man-over-and-over-and-over dept.
hypnosec writes "A report combined by MPs has claimed the UK government is spending 'obscene' amounts of taxpayers' money on IT. The Public Administration Select Committee revealed in its report that some government departments have spent £3,500 on a single desktop PC, which can be purchased for as little as £200. Some other examples of the government pouring public money down the drain include buying copier paper for £73 when it can be purchased for £8."
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UK Taxpayers' Money Getting Wasted On IT Spending

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  • by amw (636271) on Friday July 29, 2011 @06:53AM (#36919350) Homepage

    ... that this £3,500 doesn't just cover "hardware sitting on a person's desk"; it also includes the software, support, long-term upgrade contracts, etc. This "journalism" sells newspapers (unsurprisingly, the Daily Mail featured it quite prominently) but ignores most of the facts.

    I'm not denying that some money is being wasted, but nowhere near as much as this report implies. See this article [pcpro.co.uk] for more detail.

  • The real story (Score:5, Insightful)

    by igorthefiend (831721) on Friday July 29, 2011 @07:09AM (#36919440)

    Is http://www.pcpro.co.uk/blogs/2011/07/28/obscene-whitehall-it-spending-or-sloppy-journalism/ [pcpro.co.uk]

    Basically, they took something out of context and sensationalised it.

  • by Kupfernigk (1190345) on Friday July 29, 2011 @08:07AM (#36919752)
    I consult in this area. I have to tell you that where the NHS and local authorities are concerned, printing is a very competitive business and only efficient suppliers make a go of it. (The contracts you describe are, however, going out of date.)
    In fact, the worst cost offenders in both areas are not the IT/facilities providers and the supply companies; they are the end users who buy inkjets and run them on petty cash.

    My own GP is very clued up in this area and keeps a close watch on the local trust to see if they are getting good value for money. Generally speaking, they do. In fact, compared to privatised healthcare in the US, the NHS is amazingly efficient and low cost - which is why we have very similar life expectancy adjusted for social class, but we only spend half as much of our GDP as does the US - and our GDP per head is lower to begin with.

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