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Leonardo DiCaprio To Play Alan Turing? 269 269

mikejuk writes "2012 is the one hundredth anniversary of Alan Turing's birth, with many celebration events being planned around the world. This week Warner Bros outbid other companies for the script of a biopic based on Turing's life. The script for The Imitation Game, by first-time screenwriter Graham Moore and based in turn on the biography by Andrew Hodges, Alan Turing: The Enigma, was snapped up by Warner Bros in a 7-figure deal. Right now the leading candidate to portray Turing is Leonardo DiCaprio."
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Leonardo DiCaprio To Play Alan Turing?

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  • Jeremy Northam! (Score:4, Insightful)

    by fnj (64210) on Sunday October 16, 2011 @01:09AM (#37728406)

    I don't have any large issue with DiCaprio playing Turing. He is versatile, capable, and very hard working. However, the part should go to Jeremy Northam. It would have been a better age match if they tapped him 20 years ago, but there are other factors to consider than matching the actor's age to the character in his prime. I didn't know Turing, so it's just an impression, but I think Jeremy Northam would do a superb job. See The Winslow Boy and tell me I'm wrong.

  • by Anonymous Coward on Sunday October 16, 2011 @01:57AM (#37728590)

    That I can't wait to see, or the part where Turing blasts the incoming V2 with a couple of .45s held sideways. Gangsta style. While diving over a moving tank. In slow motion.

    This is gonna be AWESOME.

  • Re:That won't work (Score:5, Insightful)

    by kbolino (920292) on Sunday October 16, 2011 @02:59AM (#37728764)

    I know you're a troll, but let's do a simple takedown of some of your "points" shall we?

    He should have waited for AIDS to come around.

    He died in 1954 at the age of 41. AIDS was first discovered ca. 1979, so he would've been 66. Do you know a lot of 66-year-olds who have lots of sex? Especially with multiple partners? Neither do I.

    AIDS = the Anally Injected Death Sentence!

    Not anymore. Most people with AIDS in the first world live nearly as long as their counterparts without AIDS. Sure, it's still likely to do you in at some point, but when that point is at 70 vs 75 without AIDS, it's not such a huge setback. Nevertheless, the disease can still be deadly at a young age, and having a weakened immune system makes even minor infections much more serious.

    Fact: anal sex transmits this virus more effectively than other forms of sex because the anus tends to get torn and bleed much more than the naturally self-lubricating vagina or mouth.

    The mouth does not naturally lubricate per se; saliva is a digestive aid. However, there is nothing particularly heterosexual about the mouth nor particularly homosexual about the anus.

    Other fact: gay men tend to have A LOT MORE partners than anyone else what with no female inhibitions to put the brakes on things.

    Perhaps, although my straight friends seem to have a lot more sex than I do. Do you know Alan Turing's sexual history? If not, then tendencies are meaningless to the evaluation of the life of one man.

    Being a gay man is a disease. AIDS is an advanced form.

    There are far more heterosexuals with AIDS than there are homosexuals in total.

    He was a fag. Stop making it normal. It's not. No matter how hard you try.

    In one sense, you're right: homosexuals account for 2–5% of the population. In another sense, though, you are wrong: homosexuality occurs with enough frequency that it is not outside the range of normal variation, and it occurs in other species as well (to a much more limited extend). Also, there are plenty of things that (presently) aren't normal under the same criteria, like having a PhD, being a mathematical genius, and fundamentally defining the elements of an entirely new discipline. Are those also bad?

    I bet he was afraid to approach a woman anyway.

    Could be, but of what relevance is that? If he wasn't interested in women, then being afraid to approach them is largely irrelevant, especially at a time when women were virtually nonexistent in math and science.

    They can be manipulative by nature you know.

    Funnily enough again, the most manipulative people I know are straight. Although I've certainly known manipulative homosexuals, they do not seem over-represented vis-á-vis heterosexuals. Hard statistics, of course, would be preferable.

    Unless you're enough of a man to win their trust.

    What, you mean like an anonymous coward?

    Fags aren't.

    See, once again I find myself in the strange position where most of my friends consider me the most trustworthy person they know. It's a shame you never bothered to actually meet some real gay people.

    They can be substitute "girlfriends" to women.

    Some are, to be sure. I have one straight female friend, and we usually do "guy" things together. The rest of my friends are straight males, none of whom are particularly lacking for masculinity, I might add.

    They definitely can't close the deal.

    A gay man can have sex with a woman just as well as a straight man. In fact, he might even enjoy it (physically). It will never, however, be what he primarily desires nor what he finds as expressive of a lasting emotional connection. Thus, gay men tend to avoid sex with women, since it leads to false promises, mistrust, and broken hearts.

    They're fags.

    That's a tautology.

  • by G3ckoG33k (647276) on Sunday October 16, 2011 @03:37AM (#37728846)

    Why not a British actor?

  • by Anonymous Coward on Sunday October 16, 2011 @05:24AM (#37729158)

    Hm, good start, but I can see you are not an experienced movie writer like me. Your script lacks a lot of things. For a start, you need :
    - A waving american flag, though it could be there for no apparent reason.
    - A bomb with a blinking diode on it.
    - A way in which the character gains new insight and grows as a person.
    - (Since he is supposed to be smart) a scene of Turing playing chess with someone and thinking for hours, then making a one move checkmate.
    - (Since space ships are involved and Turing still is supposed to be smart) Turing getting into some tricky situation in space, and solving it by making an invention that would revolutionize space flight and which involves almost perfect insight into the details of how the propulsion system works before said invention.
    - Turing being the hero, says something to the effect of "if you put your mind to it, you can be whatever you want to be".
    - Turing killing a bad guy and throwing a oneliner like "why don't you hang around for a while".
    - A car chase.

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