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Neovim: Rebuilding Vim For the 21st Century 248

Posted by timothy
from the vigor-next-to-be-upgraded dept.
An anonymous reader writes "Neovim is a major overhaul of the vim editor to provide better scripting, cleaner support for plugins and integration with modern graphical interfaces. Modernising the large and complex codebase of Vim is a formidable task, but the developer has a clear plan, and has already begun work. There's a Bountysource fundraiser running to support the effort. If Vim is your editor of choice, check it out." (The crowd-funding effort has only one more day to go, but has well exceeded already the initial goal of $10,000.)
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Neovim: Rebuilding Vim For the 21st Century

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Saturday March 22, 2014 @10:09AM (#46550881)

  • by iggymanz (596061) on Saturday March 22, 2014 @10:20AM (#46550951)

    for those who wonder how Stallman could flounder around for 35+ years and not produce a viable OS, look no further than his "editor"

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    by gentryx (759438) * on Saturday March 22, 2014 @10:39AM (#46551093) Homepage Journal
    You can download the successor to vim [] here. FTFY.
  • by BitZtream (692029) on Saturday March 22, 2014 @03:04PM (#46552835)

    My previous employer did work in CICS for years, he's well out of the development game now and a 'serial startup guy' as he likes to call himself.

    He KNOWS how to code, or at least, once did, I've heard from enough people that knew what he did at some large companies and validate his skills.

    He will straight up ignore every fucking popup window that gets in front of him and just next -> next -> next -> finish through (windows user now) everything, or click whatever button seems most obvious on the popup ... never reads anything.

    We had a 'bug' in the installer I wrote. He and another 'old dude' who used to be on the xml standards committees (again, this guy has clout in technical circles of yester year). The bug was that it would reboot your machine, without asking you, during install if you had Outlook open and it would close ALL of your apps without prompting for saving or anything else ... (it was an outlook plugin, easier to not install with Outlook open than to tell people they need to restart outlook for reasons that will become clear shortly).

    So after explaining that I never could get that to happen to me in my environment (was working out of the country at the time, getting to stand next to them and watch them wasn't happening and for some reason I can't recall, vmc wasn't really an option either) I finally got back to the office where I could watch the process, where I was waiting to see how my NSIS installer was magically making things like Excel and Word close without saving files ...

    BOTH of them, got to the point where a popup came up and said 'Outlook is open, close outlook to continue ' and they'd just click next ... at which point the installer says, Outlook is still running ... a reboot is required to complete this installation, do you want to reboot now?' and they click next so fast I couldn't even stop them.

    Better still ... when Excel started asking them if they wanted to save ... ON THOSE DIALOGS they fucking clicked NO, so fast I couldn't even say 'whoa, wait a second' their machine was already rebooting ... after they clicked AT LEAST 4 boxes from different applications trying to slow them down and prevent the mistake.

    The bug, was a PEBKAC bug with a bit of ID10-T thrown on top. I had to physically remove the mouse from one of their hands and run the installer myself to get them to actually read the message that they claimed they weren't seeing.

    Another related story. I'm an IT guy, I have all those same IT shitty users stories most of slashdot has :) My pet peeve (like many of us) is people who don't read the message, and my wife, who has known how much that pisses me off since at least 2001 when it became a bigger issue for stupid reasons at one job calls me up the other day from her new job.

    They sent her an email that she needed to change her password, they rotate on 90 days intervals. Its a university with some sort of identity management system in place that syncs all their systems and password changes are done via a website, fairly common setup for a university it seems though I don't know the specifics of the software involved yet.

    So she clicks the link, changes her password and then tries to go visit some research paper website they have internally for internal releases of research papers for internal review and discussion before submitting to more formal publications, so she gets there and it says something wrong with her login/password. It never asks for a login password, just says no. So my eyes, recognizing that kerberos and/or ntlm is in play here said to her 'look sweetie, I don't know your setup, but since its not prompting you for a password, I bet if you just logout and log back in, it'll work. (Windows 'auto-corrects' a lot of silly issues for kerberos stuff on login and of course reinitializes your authentication ticket at login so your

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