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IBM China Earth

IBM Tries To Forecast and Control Beijing's Air Pollution 63

itwbennett writes Using supercomputers to predict and study pollution patterns is nothing new. And already, China's government agencies, and the U.S. Embassy in Beijing, publicly report real-time pollution levels to residents. But IBM is hoping to design a better system tailored for Beijing that can predict air quality levels three days in advance, and even pinpoint the exact sources of the pollution down to the street level, said Jin Dong, an IBM Research director involved in the project.
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IBM Tries To Forecast and Control Beijing's Air Pollution

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  • by rubycodez (864176) on Monday July 07, 2014 @12:50PM (#47401287)

    already known that coal makes the number one pollutant of the air in in China, of the PM2.5 that makes up most the rest, 22 percent from transportation, 16 percent from industry, 17 percent from coal.....the sources are known, the percents are known. How and if they are going to clean up these known sources is the question, no need for modeling

  • by rubycodez (864176) on Monday July 07, 2014 @01:21PM (#47401601)

    Actually it was another president long before Bush who snubbed a U.S. ally to make relationship with China so jobs and wealth production could be "outsourced". That was the start of the present day pollution problem in China

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