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Todays Slashdot Updates 78

Posted by CmdrTaco
from the tales-from-the-coding-zone dept.
Todays changelog: I cleaned up the Preferences Page to organize it somewhat rationally. I also cleaned up a lot of sticky code in the comments section. In the process, I added a few useful new options: No Sigs, and some Order controls. Displaying comments by Score, or by reverse date are each quite useful. Nate added a few Slashboxes: Beta News, Be News, Hacker News Network, and someone else suggested Weather in Hell. I also fixed the busted ordering controls on the Custom page and started fiddling around with user definable time zones. I need a good resource on time zones and stuff so I can make daylight savings and crap work properly. Yuckus. Ah well. Should eat some dinner. Its been a few days since I had a real meal.
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Todays Slashdot Updates

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