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Jane's Intelligence Review Needs Your Help With Cyberterrorism 256

Posted by Roblimo
from the your-turn-to-teach-the-experts dept.
Jane's Intelligence Review, a famous "in group" publication read by political, military and intelligence honchos the world over, has an article on Cyberterrorism scheduled to run in its next issue. But Jane's editor Johan J Ingles-le Nobel believes Slashdot readers may (ahem) actually know more about potential Cyberterrorism tactics than the article's author, and would like you to comment on his work - for publication. The article is up on a private preview page. Please read it, then post your comments. Johan will read them, here on Slashdot, and will select some of them for publication in Jane's alongside the original article. Before you post, please read a message from the Jane's editor (below).

These are the specific questions Jane's wants answered:

  • Using CT, how easy or otherwise is it to bring down or attack vital systems?
  • What sort of skills would be needed to do so, and are they common/teachable?
  • Commercial-off-the-shelf software: can it really do CT?
  • Which systems are actually attackable?
  • Can a recovery be made from such attacks?
  • Is it likely to improve/get worse?
  • What sort of preventitive work would you recommend them to carry out?
For our part, we'll make an article based on your replies. Please try to give examples and evidence, keep it clean and stay objective - this is not a 'military-bashing' exercise. When we publish the article (17 November), if you'd like to be contactable on this issue use your real email address and we'll attribute your comments, otherwise use 'anonymous coward' .

Many thanks,
Johan J Ingles-le Nobel,
London, England.

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Jane's Intelligence Review Needs Your Help With Cyberterrorism

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