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+ - Parasite contributing to World Cup success?->

Submitted by mahiskali
mahiskali (1410019) writes "A parasite commonly found in cats, Toxoplasma gondii has an unnerving relation to World Cup victories by country. Toxo can be found in almost every type of mammal, from rats to humans. The overall goal of the parasite is to end up in a feline stomach, where it can reproduce most effectively. In other mammals (humans for example), the parasite ends up in the brain. It is estimated that approximately 1/3 of the human population has a latent Toxo infection, with each country having varying infection rates. Countries with greater occurrences of this parasitic infection in its population tend to win more World Cups than those without. The article goes on to explain various rationale for such a correlation, ranging from increased testosterone to increased dissent of authority--all symptoms of a Toxo infection.

Now we just need to find a parasite that causes an inability to referee properly, and we'll have this whole World Cup business all sorted out"

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Parasite contributing to World Cup success?

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