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Submission + - Wikipedia will delete Nazi dinosaurs ( 1

joeszilagyi writes: First they came for Old Man Murray, then they came... Nazi dinosaurs? Dino D-Day began making the rounds on social media tonight and when I looked it up on Wikipedia, I found it was already up for deletion. Seriously, guys? A game about Nazi dinosaurs. What's unworthy there?
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Wikipedia will delete Nazi dinosaurs

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  • It sounds like a really stupid game. I've never heard of it, what makes it more notable than any other game?

    OMM never should have been included in the first place. Joost Shuur (SP), Blue, Thresh (especially Thresh), sure, they should be included, but OMM isn't notable, and never was all that notable to begin with. Hell, I probably got more traffic than Murray did, and I know I was a lot funnier.

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