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+ - Beating SMS spam with intelligent pricing rather t-> 3

Submitted by asto21
asto21 (1797450) writes "So the situation as it stands now – in order to reduce spam, normal consumers are allowed to send only 100 SMSes per day but certain businesses are allowed to send as many as they want!

How about we start pricing SMSes incrementally? Each SMS will have a price xn where n is the nth SMS of the day, and x is a modifier of TRAI's choosing. For example, if the modifier is 1, the first SMS of the day will cost Rs 1, the second Rs 2 and the third Rs 3 and so on. The total cost for the 3 messages will be 6."

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Beating SMS spam with intelligent pricing rather t

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  • And if I want to sign up for SMS severe weather alerts from weather.com along with five million other folks?

    • by asto21 (1797450)
      Opt-in system. You will need to subscribe using either your email or sms. If accused of spam, they need to be able to produce evidence of a subscription, else penalty should be levied.
      • by Spazmania (174582)

        So if they produce web logs showing that a confirm link was clicked from an email then they don't pay the progressive rate?

        You have a novel idea, but the details need a *lot* of work.

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