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McGruber (1417641) writes "AllThingsD has the news ( that Hewlett-Packard has enacted a policy that requires most employees to work from the office and not from home.

According to an undated question-and-answer document distributed to HP employees, the new policy is aimed at instigating a cultural shift that “will help create a more connected workforce and drive greater collaboration and innovation.” The memo also said: “During this critical turnaround period, HP needs all hands on deck. We recognize that in the past, we may have asked certain employees to work from home for various reasons. We now need to build a stronger culture of engagement and collaboration and the more employees we get into the office the better company we will be.”

One complication is the simple fact that numerous HP offices don’t have sufficient space to accommodate all of their employees. According to sources familiar with the company’s operations, as many as 80,000 employees, and possibly more, were working from home in part because the company didn’t have desks for them all within its own buildings."

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CEO (& yahoo) Meg Whitman to HP Employees: No More Telecommuting for You

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