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concertina226 (2447056) writes "A team of engineers is working together to recreate the Bugatti Veyron (or Bugatti 100P), an art deco-era fighter plane designed for World War II that would have broken the air speed record in 1940 — only the plane was never flown.

Featuring forward pitched wings, a zero-drag cooling system and computer-directed flight control, plane was capable of reaching an air speed of 500mph, which would have made it the fastest and most advanced plane of its time."

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WWII Bugatti 100P: Jet Fighter that Could've Won Battle of Britain for the Nazis

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  • The caption for the lead photo in the article, showing a sleek, double-propeller-driven aircraft:

    "A group of airplane enthusiasts have rebuilt the Bugatti 100P, an advanced fighter jet from 1940".

  • Yeah, it could have won the Battle of Britain for the Nazis, so could the P-51, but they didn't have their hands on either and had no more to do with the design and building of the one than the other.

    Not to mention they wouldn't have been able to use it "as is", they'd have had to have re-designed it as a weapons platform.

    Not to mention being able to go very fast in a straight line tells us nothing about whether a tight turn (if it could make one) in a dog fight might or might not tear it apart.

    And then the

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