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+ - Anonymous's latest target: Boston Children's Hospital -> 3

Submitted by Brandon Butler
Brandon Butler (2829853) writes "Supporters of the faceless collective known as Anonymous have taken up the cause of a young girl, after the State of Massachusetts removed her from her parents earlier this year. However, the methods used to show support may have unintended consequences, which could impact patient care.

On Thursday, the Boston Children's Hospital confirmed that they were subjected to multiple DDoS attacks over the Easter holiday. Said attacks, which have continued throughout the week, aim to take the hospital's website offline. Similar attacks, including website defacement, have also targeted the Wayside Youth and Family Support Network. Both organizations are at the heart of a sensitive topic, child welfare and the rights of a parent."

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Anonymous's latest target: Boston Children's Hospital

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  • After her family began speaking out last November about their fight against these major institutions in court, they were placed under a gag order.

    Massachusetts is the land of Romneycare, where the government has stepped in to run the medical world.

    • The media coverage of Justina Pelletier has been extremely one-sided. Basically only the parents' side of the story has been told because the organizations (Boston Children's Hospital) that are treating this young woman are not allowed to discuss the case because of patient confidentiality laws. And now they're defending against overload attacks on their systems. There is more to this story than what has been reported.
    • And Romney and Obamacare have nothing to do with this

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