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Submission + - Publishers offer free/discounted ebooks of the print books you own with BitLit-> 2

Peter Hudson writes: Cory Doctorow write on boingboing.net "BitLit works with publishers to get you free or discounted access to digital copies of books you own in print: you use the free app for Android and iOS to take a picture of the book's copyright page with your name printed in ink, and the publisher unlocks a free or discounted ebook version. None of the Big Five publishers participate as yet, but indies like O'Reilly, Berrett-Koehler, Red Wheel Weiser, Other Press, Greystone, Coach House, Triumph, Angry Robot, Chicago Review, Dundurn, and PM Press (publishers of my book The Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow) are all in."
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Publishers offer free/discounted ebooks of the print books you own with BitLit

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  • That's awesome! I have a ton of old print books that I'm eager to also have available at work.
    • Some old O'Reilly titles don't have digital versions... but if there is a digital version available, then BitLit has it. At present there are 1723 O'Reilly titles available through the system.

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