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Tuesday December 02, 2014 @09:40AM Chromebooks Overtake iPads In US Education Market
Friday October 24, 2014 @05:45PM AT&T Locks Apple SIM Cards On New iPads
Tuesday September 30, 2014 @07:21AM Man Walks Past Security Screening Staring At iPad, Causing Airport Evacuation
Saturday September 20, 2014 @06:25PM Ask Slashdot: Is iOS 8 a Pig?
Thursday September 11, 2014 @03:10PM Microsoft Paid NFL $400 Million To Use Surface, But Announcers Call Them iPads
Friday January 17, 2014 @10:11PM How To Play Quake III On iPad
Sunday December 22, 2013 @12:53PM Evad3rs Announce iOS 7 Jailbreak For Latest Apple Devices
Sunday December 08, 2013 @05:09PM Ask Slashdot: Easy Wi-Fi-Enabled Tablet For My Dad?
Saturday August 31, 2013 @06:11AM For Education, Why TI-83 > iPad
Saturday July 27, 2013 @02:12PM Every Public School Student In LA Will Get an iPad In 2014
Friday June 28, 2013 @06:51PM L.A. School District's 30,000 iPads May Come With Free Lock-In
Saturday June 08, 2013 @12:24AM What Features Does iOS 7 Need?
Tuesday April 02, 2013 @09:07AM Alan Kay Says iPad Betrays Xerox PARC Vision
Tuesday March 05, 2013 @10:58AM Did Steve Jobs Pick the Wrong Tablet Size?
Thursday February 07, 2013 @12:07PM Apple Now the Top PC Vendor, For Some Values of PC
Thursday February 07, 2013 @08:05AM Hidden 'Radio' Buttons Discovered In Apple's iOS 6.1
Tuesday January 29, 2013 @03:26PM With 128GB, iPad Hits Surface Pro, Ultrabook Territory
Tuesday January 08, 2013 @11:27AM Microsoft R&D Burgled: Only Apple Products Stolen
Friday November 30, 2012 @09:08PM 7 Jailed In 'Kidney For iPad' Case In China
Tuesday November 20, 2012 @03:46PM Jail Looms For Man Who Revealed AT&T Leaked iPad User E-Mails
Saturday November 03, 2012 @01:27PM Hurricane Sandy Fails To Stop Line For iPad Mini Launch
Monday October 22, 2012 @09:41AM iPad Mini Could Retail For $250, Delete iPad 2
Thursday October 18, 2012 @07:52AM In UK, Apple Must Run Ad Apologizing to Samsung
Sunday September 23, 2012 @11:51AM Swiss Railway: Apple's Using Its Clock Design Without Permission
Monday September 17, 2012 @03:03PM Apple iPad 2 As Fast As the Cray-2 Supercomputer
Tuesday September 11, 2012 @11:51AM FAA Permits American Airlines To Use iPads In Cockpit "In All Phases of Flight"
Wednesday September 05, 2012 @08:40PM Apple Says "No" To Releasing New Dock Connector Specs
Sunday September 02, 2012 @06:58PM Will Developers Finally Start Coding On the iPad?
Saturday August 25, 2012 @01:37PM Amazon, Apple Expected to Strut Their Small-Tablet Stuff Soon
Thursday August 23, 2012 @12:35PM Polish MP Returns iPad Citing Lack of Control
Saturday August 18, 2012 @01:47AM Google Seeks US Ban On iPhones, iPads, Macs
Monday August 13, 2012 @10:07AM Barnes & Noble Cuts Prices on Nook Color, Tablet
Sunday August 12, 2012 @09:43AM How Will Amazon, Barnes & Noble Survive the iPad Mini?
Friday July 27, 2012 @09:13AM Google Warned Samsung Galaxy Tab Was "Too Similar"
Friday July 20, 2012 @06:40AM Apple Yanks Privacy App From the App Store
Thursday July 05, 2012 @12:27PM First iOS Malware Discovered In Apple's App Store
Thursday July 05, 2012 @10:46AM Credible Reports of a 7.85 Inch iPad Mini Emerge
Tuesday June 19, 2012 @10:11AM Mozilla Shows Off Junior, a Simple Browser Built for iPad
Friday May 04, 2012 @06:04PM Apple Quietly Updates iPad 2's Processor
Saturday April 21, 2012 @03:19PM Pixel Qi Says Next-Gen Displays Meet or Beat iPad 3 Screen Quality
Sunday March 25, 2012 @11:20AM What's Not To Like About New iPad?
Thursday March 15, 2012 @01:10PM Stolen iPad's Reported Location Not Enough To Warrant Search, Say Dutch Police
Saturday March 10, 2012 @03:37PM Meet The Man Who Designed a Tablet Computer 15 Years Before the iPad
Thursday March 08, 2012 @08:24AM Apple Unveils New iPad
Saturday February 25, 2012 @03:26PM Chinese iPad Trademark Battle Hits California Court
Friday February 17, 2012 @08:33PM iPad 3 Confirmed To Have 2048x1536 Screen Resolution
Sunday February 12, 2012 @08:25PM Southwest Airlines iPhone App Unencrypted, Vulnerable To Eavesdroppers
Thursday February 02, 2012 @12:37PM In Xhengzhou, Thousands Vie For Foxconn Jobs
Thursday February 02, 2012 @10:55AM German Appeals Court Confirms Galaxy Tab 10.1 Ban
Friday December 30, 2011 @06:33PM Running Great Britain? There's an App For That!
Saturday December 17, 2011 @04:30PM Apple Outsources A5 Chip Manufacture ... To Texas
Tuesday December 13, 2011 @09:20AM German Court Issues Injunction Against iPhone & iPad
Tuesday December 06, 2011 @10:14AM An iPad Keyboard You Can Type On and Swipe Through
Thursday December 01, 2011 @10:18AM NVIDIA's Tegra 3 Outruns Apple's A5 In First Benchmarks
Thursday November 24, 2011 @11:23AM 3-Way Price War On Black Friday: iPad, Nook, and Kindle
Tuesday November 15, 2011 @11:26AM Tor-Enabled Browser For the iPad, and Easy Tor Nodes on EC2
Saturday November 05, 2011 @02:13PM Ask Slashdot: Touchscreen Device For the Elderly?
Thursday October 13, 2011 @07:31AM Apple Wins Australian Injunction Against Samsung Galaxy Tab
Tuesday September 20, 2011 @09:03AM British Govt Debates Swapping Printers For iPads
Friday September 09, 2011 @07:39PM Adobe Brings Flash-Free Flash To iOS Devices
Thursday September 01, 2011 @02:18PM Steve Jobs, Before the iPad, On Why Tablets Suck
Sunday August 28, 2011 @12:07AM Apple's A6 Details and Timeline Emerge
Wednesday August 24, 2011 @03:38PM What HP's TouchPad Fire Sale Teaches iPad Rivals
Friday August 19, 2011 @05:42PM Linux Journal Goes — Surprise! — Digital
Monday August 01, 2011 @06:45PM Apple Blocks Sale of Galaxy Tab 10.1 In Australia
Thursday July 14, 2011 @10:16PM Exploiting the iPad's Glowing Keyboard
Thursday July 14, 2011 @02:56PM Amazon Plans iPad Competitor (and 2 New Kindles)
Thursday July 14, 2011 @12:38PM Apple Spin-Off Hosts Enterprise App Stores
Thursday July 14, 2011 @12:27PM Sub-Centimeter Positioning Coming To Mobile Phones
Thursday July 14, 2011 @12:00PM Apple Slashes Australian App Store Prices To Match US
Tuesday July 05, 2011 @08:52AM NYT Update Breaks iPad App, Annoys Subscribers
Thursday June 30, 2011 @11:55PM Samsung Tries To Ban Import of iDevices To US
Saturday June 25, 2011 @05:00PM Off-Duty Police Officer Steals iPad From TSA Checkpoint
Friday June 24, 2011 @06:53PM Apple Releases iOS 5 Beta 2 For Developers
Thursday June 23, 2011 @06:06PM iPad Account Hacker Pleads Guilty
Friday June 17, 2011 @08:03PM Galaxy Tab 10.1 Judged 'No Match For iPad'
Saturday June 11, 2011 @09:48AM A Deep-Dive Look At Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1
Sunday May 29, 2011 @01:36AM Samsung Wants To See iPhone 5 and iPad 3
Saturday May 28, 2011 @12:13PM Alaska Airlines Jettisons Paper Manuals For iPads
Thursday May 12, 2011 @12:57PM Developer Blames Apple For Ruining eBook Business
Sunday May 08, 2011 @06:52AM Idle: Four Injured In iPad Fight At Beijing Apple Store
Saturday May 07, 2011 @06:27AM Metasploit 3.7 Hacks Apple iOS
Friday April 29, 2011 @06:38PM Figuring Out Why Android Wins On Phones, But Not Tablets
Thursday April 28, 2011 @05:02PM 3 Foxconn Employees Charged For Leaking iPad 2 Design
Wednesday April 27, 2011 @04:33AM The iPad's Progenitor — 123 Years Ago
Saturday April 23, 2011 @08:15AM Minnesota School Issues iPad 2 To Every Student
Monday April 18, 2011 @12:48AM Ask Slashdot: Where Is the Universal Gesture Navigation Set?
Saturday April 16, 2011 @09:01PM Jesse Jackson, Jr. Pins US Job Losses On iPad
Thursday April 14, 2011 @06:51PM A5: All Apple, Part Mystery
Wednesday April 06, 2011 @08:48AM iPad Just Another TV Set?
Thursday March 31, 2011 @03:15PM After Japan's Quake, Taiwan Helps Fill iPad 2 Supply-Chain Gaps
Tuesday March 22, 2011 @08:25AM My $200 Laptop Can Beat Your $500 Tablet
Tuesday March 22, 2011 @01:23AM My $200 Laptop Can Beat Your $500 Table
Saturday March 19, 2011 @05:41PM Apple's App Store Accepts 'Gay Cure' App
Friday March 18, 2011 @07:22PM Apple Disputes Browser Speed Findings, Says Mobile Safari's the True Contender
Thursday March 17, 2011 @01:11PM Nexus S Beats iPhone 4 In 'Real World' Web Browsing Tests
Wednesday March 16, 2011 @11:11PM Apple Moves To Stop Kids Racking Up iTunes Bills
Wednesday March 16, 2011 @10:44PM Time Warner Cable Cuts iPad Live TV Access 50%
Tuesday March 15, 2011 @03:53PM Time Warner Cable Launches iPad App With Live TV
Tuesday March 15, 2011 @01:00PM Apple Handcuffs Web Apps On iPhone Home Screen
Monday March 14, 2011 @11:31AM Hands-on Face-off: IPad 2 V Motorola Xoom
Sunday March 06, 2011 @06:28PM Melbourne College May Give iPad To Every Student
Thursday March 03, 2011 @01:01PM IPad 2 33% Thinner, 2x Faster, iOS 4.3
Thursday March 03, 2011 @12:32PM Hands On With Apple IPad 2
Thursday February 24, 2011 @10:18AM Aussie Security Forces Testing Apple's iOS
Wednesday February 09, 2011 @10:09AM iPad 2 Rumored to be in Production
Tuesday February 08, 2011 @08:17PM Furry Cartoon Critters Debate: Tablet Or Laptop?
Thursday February 03, 2011 @12:13PM News Corp's The Daily Is Doomed
Tuesday January 25, 2011 @09:36PM Microsoft's Approach To Battling the iPad In the Workplace
Friday January 21, 2011 @09:50PM No Playboy App For iPad, After All
Thursday January 20, 2011 @12:03AM The iPad Will Get Playboy In March
Saturday January 15, 2011 @01:34AM iPad + Macintosh Plus = Crazy Visualizer Helmet
Thursday January 13, 2011 @02:47PM Apple Releases IOS 4.3 Beta To Developers
Thursday January 13, 2011 @08:35AM Apple May Remove the Home Button On the Next IPad
Wednesday January 12, 2011 @11:23AM Covert Video of Apple IPad 2 Just Released
Friday January 07, 2011 @09:57AM Elliptic Labs To Bring Touchless Gestures To iPad
Thursday January 06, 2011 @02:17PM Will Touch Screens Kill the Keyboard?
Tuesday December 28, 2010 @04:24PM France Planning Non-Windows Tablet Tax?
Thursday December 23, 2010 @12:19AM iPad Newspaper From News Corp Rumored in January
Tuesday December 14, 2010 @05:31PM MS Hypes Win7 Tablets For CES — Again
Tuesday December 07, 2010 @08:18PM Racy Danish Tabloid May Sue Apple For App Rejection
Monday November 22, 2010 @12:29PM Apple iOS 4.2 Hands-On
Monday November 22, 2010 @03:45AM Why Tablets Haven't Taken Off In Business
Friday November 12, 2010 @06:14PM 'Hulu For Magazines' Relies On Users' Data
Thursday November 11, 2010 @09:01PM Why Unlocked Phones Don't Work In the US
Wednesday November 10, 2010 @09:25PM Australian State Govt. To Fund iPads For Doctors
Tuesday November 09, 2010 @01:54PM Malicious Websites Can Initiate Skype Calls On iOS
Wednesday November 03, 2010 @12:18PM Flash Comes To the iPhone Via App
Tuesday November 02, 2010 @10:25PM iPad Serial-Port Adapter Previewed
Saturday October 30, 2010 @06:16AM Why Apple's iPad Has Been Good For Sprint
Tuesday October 26, 2010 @03:41PM DOS Emulator In and Out of App Store
Friday October 22, 2010 @08:19PM China's Official Newspaper Pans iPad — Too Locked Down
Thursday October 14, 2010 @03:57PM Verizon Will Sell iPad+MiFi Bundles, Starting Oct 28th
Monday October 11, 2010 @10:51AM Motorola Sues Apple
Wednesday October 06, 2010 @12:09PM Chrome OS Arrives On the iPad — No, Seriously!
Tuesday October 05, 2010 @10:13PM Writing By Hand Helps Train the Brain
Saturday September 25, 2010 @07:14PM E-Books Are Only 6% of Printed Book Sales
Thursday September 23, 2010 @03:31PM 2011, Year of the Tablet?
Thursday September 23, 2010 @02:23PM iPads On American Campuses? Maybe Next Year
Tuesday September 21, 2010 @05:25PM Hands-on With the iPad Alternatives On Display At IFA
Thursday September 16, 2010 @09:29PM iPad Getting a Subscription Infrastructure?
Thursday September 09, 2010 @01:39PM Open Source VLC Media Player Coming To iPad
Sunday August 29, 2010 @09:43AM The iPad As a Shape-Recognition System
Thursday August 26, 2010 @12:04PM Fat Fingered Sumo Wrestlers Given iPads
Thursday August 19, 2010 @09:46AM 7-Inch iPad Rumored
Friday August 13, 2010 @08:28PM 1979 Apple Graphics Tablet vs. the iPad
Thursday August 12, 2010 @04:05PM The Coming Onslaught of iPad Competitors
Friday July 30, 2010 @07:57AM To Ballmer, Grabbing iPad's Market Is 'Job One Urgency'
Tuesday July 27, 2010 @10:51AM iPad Owners Are 'Selfish Elites'
Saturday July 10, 2010 @06:27PM What Developers Think About Apple's iAd
Thursday July 08, 2010 @02:50PM Apple Implements the CalDAV Standard For MobileMe
Wednesday July 07, 2010 @09:13AM Hands-on With Pixel Qi Screens In Full Sunlight
Tuesday July 06, 2010 @08:01AM Reading E-Books Takes Longer Than Reading Paper Books
Sunday July 04, 2010 @04:08PM Users Report Foul Play In App Store Rankings, Purchases
Wednesday June 30, 2010 @12:22PM The State of iPad Satisfaction
Tuesday June 29, 2010 @09:40PM Cisco To Challenge iPad With Cius 'Business Tablet'
Wednesday June 23, 2010 @06:00AM iPad Left Vulnerable After Record iPhone Patch Job
Wednesday June 23, 2010 @12:38AM iOS 4 Releases Today
Thursday June 17, 2010 @05:53PM A Close Look At Apple's A4 Chip
Monday June 14, 2010 @04:30PM Apple Censors Ulysses App In Time For Bloomsday
Monday June 14, 2010 @04:40AM Australian Buyers Say They Were Told "No iPad Without Accessories"
Friday June 11, 2010 @08:35AM FBI Investigating iPad E-Mail Leaks
Thursday June 10, 2010 @11:57AM AT&T Leaks Emails Addresses of 114,000 iPad Users
Thursday June 03, 2010 @06:37PM Man Emails AT&T's CEO, Gets Threatened With C&D Order
Wednesday June 02, 2010 @01:24PM iPad Bait and Switch — No More Unlimited Data Plan
Tuesday June 01, 2010 @04:20PM Apple Blindsides More AppStore Developers
Tuesday June 01, 2010 @01:53PM Smokescreen, a JavaScript-Based Flash Player
Friday May 28, 2010 @07:25AM Is Wired's App Really the Future of Magazines?
Friday May 21, 2010 @06:06PM iPad Steering Wheel Mount
Thursday May 20, 2010 @05:12PM Apple Reverses iPad "No Cash Purchase" Policy
Wednesday May 19, 2010 @12:12PM iPhone SDK Agreement Shuts Out HyperCard Clone
Wednesday May 19, 2010 @10:58AM Asus Planning Netbook With Slot-In Mobile Phone
Wednesday May 19, 2010 @10:50AM Steve Jobs Says PC Folks' World Is Slipping Away
Monday May 17, 2010 @12:19PM Your Computer Or iPad Could Be Disrupting Sleep
Friday May 14, 2010 @12:00PM Shall We Call It "Curated Computing?"
Sunday May 09, 2010 @11:31PM Obama Calls Today's Ubiquitous Gadgets and Information "a Distraction"
Saturday May 08, 2010 @11:11PM iPad Isn't "Killing" Netbook Sales, According To Paul Thurrott
Friday May 07, 2010 @09:36AM iPad UK Pricing Confirmed; Apple UK Tax Applied
Wednesday May 05, 2010 @02:37PM Convert a SIM To a MicroSIM, With a Meat Cleaver
Thursday April 29, 2010 @06:37PM Microsoft's Touted iPad Rival Courier Becomes Less Than Vapor
Thursday April 29, 2010 @12:39PM Steve Jobs Publishes Some "Thoughts On Flash"
Wednesday April 28, 2010 @10:49AM Facebook Is Transcoding Video For iPad
Tuesday April 27, 2010 @07:14AM Backdoor Malware Targets Apple iPad
Sunday April 25, 2010 @07:48PM Israel Repeals iPad Ban
Thursday April 22, 2010 @12:29PM Apple To Buy ARM?
Wednesday April 21, 2010 @02:03PM Google Acquires Chip Maker Startup Agnilux
Wednesday April 21, 2010 @12:43PM Steve Jobs Recommends Android For Fans of Porn
Wednesday April 21, 2010 @09:34AM Man Loses Pinky Over iPad
Wednesday April 21, 2010 @02:47AM The iPad As In-Car Entertainment System Killer
Wednesday April 21, 2010 @01:24AM History Repeats Itself — Mac & the iPad
Wednesday April 21, 2010 @01:00AM Cross With the Platform
Tuesday April 20, 2010 @07:45AM History Repeats Itself, Mac & the iPad
Thursday April 15, 2010 @06:37PM Israel Blocks iPad Imports, Citing Wi-Fi Transmission Regulations
Thursday April 15, 2010 @11:08AM The Genius In Apple's Vertical Platform
Thursday April 15, 2010 @08:17AM The Genius in Apple's Vertical Platform
Wednesday April 14, 2010 @06:46PM The iPad vs. Microsoft's "Jupiter" Devices
Tuesday April 13, 2010 @10:01PM Will Adobe Sue Apple Over Flash?
Tuesday April 13, 2010 @09:17PM Flash Comes To the iPad Via RipCode
Monday April 12, 2010 @11:18AM Google Preparing iPad Rival?
Sunday April 11, 2010 @02:19AM Steve Jobs Weighs In On iPhone Programming Language Mandate

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