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Hemos Gets Hitched 216

Today Jeffrey "Hemos" Bates got married to Adrienne Lane. We've posted several pictures for those of you who are visually inclined. I'd also recommend everyone send a congratulatory email to help celebrate this great occasion (and mainly because we wanna see how much mail we can get into his box). Now we're off to the reception ;) (BTW, thanks to CowboyNeal for getting these up asap. The photographers were me, Mandrake and Chris DiBona). Update: 06/25 03:01 by CT : The reception was nice. Keep those email to hemos coming.
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Hemos Gets Hitched

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  • Did you marry a geek chick??? =)
  • Wow, our little Hemos is growing up *tear*
  • Does this mean we're gonna see less of hemos?:)
  • she obviously married him for his *great* looks and *extreme* popularity on slashdot

    ehehe..anyways..good luck!

  • Congratulations Hemos, All the best in the future!
    To err is human,
    To really screw up, you need a computer!
  • Well, Mr. Hemos, one step further away from geekdom. Will your wife still let you come out and play every once in a while. :)

    kicking some CAD is a good thing []
  • by SMN ( 33356 ) on Saturday June 24, 2000 @12:54PM (#978488)
    I'm wondering how Taco managed to attend the affair this afternoon AND post the OpenGL article at noon today.

    Taco: "Excuse me, I have to, uh, go to the bathroom. . ."

    Hemos: "But it's almost time for the ceremony! And why do you need your laptop? Rob? Rob! Get back here!"
  • Congrats Hemos

    Just had my 1 year anniversary in May.....good luck!

  • Slashdotting an email address.
  • May all your little Hemoi grow up to be linux users.
  • /me moderates Hemos up by one karma point. Guess he's around (Score 2: Good Luck)

  • Now /. is going to be clobbered with "ADRIENNE BATES NAKED AND PETRIFIED!" posts for the next week....

    But seriously though, congrats!
  • Congratulations and best wishes for you and Adrienne as you start your future together!
  • by T.Hobbes ( 101603 ) on Saturday June 24, 2000 @12:57PM (#978495)
    did Hemos' wife-to-be refer to him as "Jeff 'Hemos' Bates" during the ceremony?
  • Another one bites the dust! :)
    Anyways I sent the e-mail, lets see if we can slashdot his mailbox :)

    ehehe..i just had to :)
  • Oh my god! we slashdotted ... Hemos? What's next, slashdotting slashdot itself?
  • It looks like Hemos's website is barely surviving the onslaught of voyeurs. I think it took a good 2-3 minutes just to get a directory listing...

    Now I'm trying to suck an image across.. (oh, great! A picture of somebody's legs!)

    I would suggest that you ignore the first image.

  • Just kidding about the subject...CONGRATS!
  • Too bad is the host. It appears to be slashdotted. Why couldn't Slashdot host it locally?

  • Oskuro wrote in to say "Hey, I've read that Hemos got married today. Hey, Jeff, I wish you a lot of luck and happyness in this new stage of your lives. Congratulations to both of you!"

    ( Don't Read More... | 0 of 0 comments )
  • Hrm, to bad the pictures, like, suck. The first one was of someone's feet. I mean, who's feet? You guys should probably add captions so we can tell who all these people are...

    Oh well, congrats, even though its completly redundant at this point

    Vote Chad Okere in 2000!!! []
    The majority of those who oppose the death penalty have never been a victim of violent crime -- CNN
  • by SMN ( 33356 ) on Saturday June 24, 2000 @01:06PM (#978504)
    So when does Hemos' old Geek Compound room go up on eBay?

    And I'm only half joking =)
  • by Pike ( 52876 ) on Saturday June 24, 2000 @01:06PM (#978505) Homepage Journal

    Despite what others say
    You'll always have one who knows
    Hemos doesn't 'sux' :-)

  • blah, the site's been slashdotted already - anyone put up a mirror? :)
  • First, I'd like to express my congraduations! I'm sure you and Adrienne will be very happy together! (Especially her.. you know what they say about guys with big webserver .. 'pipes' ;)

    However, it is important to put some effort into the most important thing yet: baby names! Here are some suggestions:
    • SlashKid
    • 'dot'
    • Linus (Yeah, I know)
    • 'JP'
    How about you other slashdotters.. any ideas for baby names for the happy couple?

    Hurry up though.. I'm eagerally awaiting SlashBaby v1.0.. but will it be open sourced?

    Actually, don't open source your kid. That's just icky. EWWW! =)
  • . . . does she have a sister? Please?
  • He's the guy who posts those really cool nanotechnology stories... no, wait, isn't that Timothy?

    OK, then, he's the one who comes up with all the inspiring campaigns about censorship and free speech... no, wait, that's emmett, isn't it?

    Well, surely he must be the guy who is always posting long diatribes about the injustice of modern society and how technology shapes our society... no, wait, darn it! That's JonKatz.

    Hmmmm. Well, Hemos, I'm sure I've seen your name somewhere or the other on /. - right? So you must have posted *something* worthwhile, sometime or the other. But of course, today you're special because you're getting married, and all of your /. accomplishments don't come close to that special feeling. Congratulations!
  • This one seems to fit the situation:

    "When two people are under the influence of the most violent, most insane,
    most delusive, and most transient of passions, they are required to swear
    that they will remain in that exalted, abnormal, and exhausting condition
    continuously until death do them part."

    - George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950) "Getting Married" (1908)
  • So I wrote you a haiku instead!!!

    Hemos is married
    Maybe his wife will henpeck
    About his spelling

  • Minister: "Do you, Jeffrey Bates, take Adrianne Lane to be your lawfully wedded wife ... [etc]"

    Hemos: *silence*

    Minister: "Yo, HEMOS? Doya or doncha?"

    Hemos: "Oh, yeah, sure. Sounds great to me." *returns to coding*

    Ahh yes, a good enough story to invite lame humour, that most people will still laugh at.


  • This will probably be the first mail-account ever to be slashdotted.

    Congrats from me too. All the best to both of you.
  • Now, Hemos gets married.

    If Hemos is thinking of having children, what's the name(s) going to be for kids?

    good luck and have fun, Hemos!!!

  • Congradulations Mr. Bates...

    Now what did the card from Malda say... He was so happy about the fact he was gunna give it to ya on Geeks in space... "WAIT TILL YA SEE WHAT MY CARD SAYS!"

    Wish ya the best of luck pal.

  • Recent reports indicate that Hemos' wife uses an operating system called "Windows".

    Seriously, congradulations.
  • Haw! A request to spam someone's mailbox, posted on Slashdot, on the front page, by the Burrito Brigadier himself! All that's missing is a cc to the e-mail spam lists asking everyone to forward it to all their friends because some poor person dying of cancer gets five cents from Bill Gates for every message they receive.

    (Pauses, grinning broadly, to soak in the irony)

    OK, now to the important stuff. Congratulations to you & Miss Lane on your wedding! May God bless you both with many, many happy years together.

    --William Dye (no one you've met, just another Slashdot & Nanodot reader)

  • I think any proper geek should refer to this as "anniversary[0]".

  • I'm sure you mean "lose".
  • Not even close, evidently you haven't been doing your homework. If you listened to "Geeks in Space: Slashdot Radio" [] you would know that we have a weekly assignment to email about some interesting topic; such as how many a's you can put in the subject or your favorite gin drink.
  • BTW, has anyone experienced any e-vacation or e-honey-moon that can suggest Hemos to try?
  • by Anonymous Coward
    ....can I have it announced on /. like this? It would only seem fair...
  • by Accipiter ( 8228 ) on Saturday June 24, 2000 @01:32PM (#978525)
    I would suggest that you ignore the first image.

    Are you kidding? The First Image [] displays someones excellent fashion sense! (I honestly thought Marc Summers and I were the only two humans who LOVED the look of Sneakers with a Suit. No, really. I'm serious. REALLY!)

    -- Give him Head? Be a Beacon?

  • Looks like hemos himself has been /.'d

    *Not a Sermon, Just a Thought
  • The Wife isn't even identified.

    Hmmmm, it's just a shot in the dark, but I'm guessing Hemos' wife is PROBABLY the one in the wedding dress [].

    -- Give him Head? Be a Beacon?

  • What's next, slashdotting slashdot itself?

    Meta-slashdotting! I love it!

  • by Anonymous Coward
    Count one more /.'ing Hemos' mail... Rob, you're a good friend. Now I wouldn't've thought you'd go so far as to /. Hemos, but hey, that's the kind of wedding gift that just keeps on giving ... ...'Course I still see nothing wrong with a nice blender ... or a set of nice flatware ...
  • I feel sorry for you ...
  • Here's a picture [] of the happy couple (it's not exactly the best shot, but at least you can see both of them).
  • Do you help run slashdot?
    <b>Then you can't have your wedding announced on the site, dumbass!</b>
    seriously dude. it's their website, they can do whatever the fuck they want to with it.

    -Andy Martin
  • Be careful Hemos...
    She might have married you for your karma points...

    Just kidding... Despite all these lame postings, I'm sure everyone here is happy for you and wishes you well in the years to come.

    Well, except for the lamer whose going to reply to this post and say he doesn't wish you well, but just ignore him.


    - Serge Wroclawski
  • oops. had the wrong thing selected when i submitted. should have looked like this:
    Do you help run slashdot?
    Then you can't have your wedding announced on the site, dumbass!
    seriously dude. it's their website, they can do whatever the fuck they want to with it.

    i feel dumb now

    -Andy Martin
  • by griffjon ( 14945 ) <GriffJon&gmail,com> on Saturday June 24, 2000 @01:41PM (#978535) Homepage Journal
    Were you petrified? What about your wife?

    Did you serve grits at the reception?

    Sorry. Couldn't resist. But congrats, both.
  • by nikhil ( 67 ) on Saturday June 24, 2000 @01:42PM (#978536)
    There is a mirror of the site being setup since it is currently slashdotted.

    Please surf on over to []
  • Why are the pictures so badly taken? It seems that every shot has someone's face pressed up right against the camera.
  • Congrats! She has a tat! Have a fun life.
  • to just 1 (one) picture of Hemos and Adrienne (together) which is in focus? Downloading tens of jpegs with most being bigger than 600Kb is not fun on a 28.8K connection. Cheers
  • I, for one, have never met any of the /. guys in person (they are all guys, right?), but when you read their comments every day you get to feel like you know them. CmdrTaco and Hemos and the rest of the Slashdot gang are the Net generation's version of Tom Brokaw or Larry King. I for one am pleased for Hemos and wish him and his the very best.

    Congrats, Hemos! We don't want to see ANYTHING from you for about a week or two!

    (God, if only we had known... We could have had a bachelor party online!)

  • And these few precepts in the memory,
    See thou character. Give thy thoughts no tongue,
    Nor any unproportion'd thought his act.
    be thou familiar, but by no means vulgar.The
    friends thou has, and their adoption tried,
    Grapple them to thy soul with hoops of steel;
    But do not dull thy pal with entertainment
    Of each new-hatcht unfledged comrade. Beware
    Of entrance to a quarrel; but being in,
    Bear't, that the opposed may beware of thee.
    Give every man thine ear, but few thine voice;
    Take each man's censure, but reserve thy
    Costly thy habit as thy purse can buy,
    But not exprest in fancy; rich not gaudy:
    For the apparel oft proclaims the man;
    And they in France of the best rank and station
    Are most select and generous, chief in that.
    Neither a borrow nor a lender be;
    For loan oft loses both itself and friend;
    and borrowing dulls the edge of husbandry.
    This above all--

    to thine own self be true;
    And it must follow, as night the day,
    Thou canst not then be false to any man.
    Farewell, my blessing to thee.
    ~Shakespeare, Hamlet Act 1 Scene 3
  • Cool! Many congratulations to you both, and the best of luck!

    Now, Hemos, tell me, what do you have to say to a girl to get her to kiss you?

    It's been years...
  • Less blurry close-ups of people's pores please, and more full body shots of the bride's maids.

    It's always nice to put a face with the text... but in this case ... GASP!

    Quake is open sourced now. You should have ported your pics into it and let us WALK THROUGH the church. Sheesh.

    Seriously, congrats.

    Let this man's dying body be a warning to the rest!
  • emmett inspires you? not a flame, an honest question. []
  • The exposure is a little off, but I like the quality of the pictures in general. Anyone know what kind of (digital, I'm assuming) camera they used?

  • First of all, congratulations. Somewhere in life I heard this little saying, and it seemed appropriate to share.

    Marriage is Love
    Marriage is an Institution
    Love is Blind
    Therefore marriage is an institution for the blind.
  • by DgtlGhost ( 155814 ) on Saturday June 24, 2000 @02:14PM (#978549)
    Nope, picked him for his Karma...

  • by Anonymous Coward
    I did it all for the wookiee
    the wookiee

    So you can take that jawa and stick it up your
    Stick it up your

    Thank You.
  • by imac.usr ( 58845 ) on Saturday June 24, 2000 @02:19PM (#978552) Homepage
    Hemos gets married
    Slashdotters offer congrats;
    Then, take out his site.


  • ... a little blurry, but pretty nonetheless.

    Speaking of which, did this guy [] get any decent photos? Could you post those?

    Mazel Tov! Wish I could be there to dance the hora with you.

  • by FascDot Killed My Pr ( 24021 ) on Saturday June 24, 2000 @03:06PM (#978573)
    10) "All I wan too sey is, 'god joob!'"
    9) perl -e "print 'Congratulations To The Bates\''"
    8) Why do all your wedding invitations say "Copyright"?
    7) We all know how these Internet mergers go--right now they are Bates-Lane, but in 9 months I'm sure they'll spin off a "joint venture".
    6) This just in from ESR: Hemos "gets it".
    5) Your wedding night is no time to find out why Hemos is so interested in nano-everything.
    4) On the other hand, it's better than Rob's obsession with "quickies".
    3) So this is gonna be an Open Source marriage, right? Which one is the "benevolent dictator"?
    2) Katz gave a beautiful toast: We geeks gather here today, among geeks, to celebrate the union of two structs, I mean geeks, in holy matrimony.
    1) Hemos sux!


  • I have mirrored the directory of wedding pictures at : []

    Reach out, extend to, and embrace the universe.
    Embrace, extend, and engulf the universe.
  • But apparently, some do. I usually feel a little bit uncomfortable when friends of mine get married. It's like you're losing them to the other side. And, dumb as it may sound, I consider the guys of Slashdot 'friends'.

    Nevertheless, congratulations, you bastard. I hope this girl knows what she's getting into. Maybe she'll make a new man out of you... and correct/verify the articles you post to Slashdot (grin).

    Have fun, and don't have any little Hemos' yet... I don't think the world could quite bare it! Hope you enjoy one helluva wedding night, if you catch my drift. Keep that bag of viagra handy.

  • You know, in this picture [] Hemos looks a lot like Clark Kent. Come to think of it, his girl doesn't look too unlike Lois Lane (and certainly better than that crazy chick who went nuts a few years back, who played Christopher Reeves' Lois).

    Mrs. Hemos -- a word of advice -- when your new husband starts to step into phone booths every time there is an emergency, start following him.

  • by Tei'ehm Teuw ( 191740 ) on Saturday June 24, 2000 @03:22PM (#978579)
    Prior to the ceremony? Must have been, how else could you explain such horrible photography. Guys, come on, you're rich, hire someone other than "drunk uncle elmer" to take the pictures next time.

    Seriously, congrats Jeff.


  • Well, I'd say 'attractive' as opposed to 'hot'. I've dated both and there is a big difference (not that either is really preferable over the other).

    However, in reply to your question, it is my understanding that they came from Andover during the acquisition of Slashdot.

  • by jht ( 5006 ) on Saturday June 24, 2000 @03:30PM (#978583) Homepage Journal
    "...this man, Jeff, 'Hemos' Bates, to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

    Adrienne: "Bates? I thought you said your name was 'Jeff Gates'?!!

    Hemos (wipes brow nervously): "No, sweetie, you must have mis-heard me that night..."

    Adrienne: "You mean, you're not related to the Microsoft guy?"

    Hemos: "No."

    Adrienne: "You mean you're not worth billions?"

    Hemos: "Well, no - but I help run (Rob & company smile and wave), and I've got a bunch of VA Linux stock!"

    Adrienne: "How much is 'a bunch', and what's the closing price as of yesterday?"

    (somebody runs off to find a paper for the quote while Jeff tells her how many shares he has)

    Adrienne (after checking the number and calling her financial planner): "Oh, okay... I guess we'll keep going. But I want a house on a lake, too!"

    Congrats, Hemos. Welcome to the marriage club. Just remember the words, "Yes dear", and it'll be a terrific life for both of you!

    - -Josh Turiel
  • I've heard rumors (okay, I've been the one spreading them to start with, but that's beside the point here) that Douglas Adams and Hemos are planning to collaborate on a project to publish a Geek's Marriage Manual?

    What was the title?..... Oh yeah!:

    The Hitched Hikers Guide To The Universe!

  • I hope that she corrects his grammar, too!
  • The new bride []
  • wow. hemos sure is old. heh.

    Doesn't ANYONE know how weddings work? That's her father. He's giving away the bride.

    -- Give him Head? Be a Beacon?

  • by quonsar ( 61695 ) on Saturday June 24, 2000 @03:46PM (#978594) Homepage

    Check out the hot and heavy action, recorded in graphic detail, as MeepZorp.Com gives you an exclusive inside look at...


    "Rex unto my cleeb, and thou shalt have everlasting blort." - Zorp 3:16

  • I wonder if I'm the only other person here who either knows what NOLS is or has been on a NOLS course.

    NOLS is the National Outdoor Leadership School, and teaches leadership skills in the outdoors. Take a look at their main page for more info.
    I took one of their courses back in 1973, and it changed my life.
  • No No, you got it wrong :-)

    The correct title is:

    The Hitched Hackers Guide To The Universe!

  • Mirrored copy: []

    Who is that girl? How old is she? And is she spoken for?

    I don't have any stock options but I can cook and do laundry. Plus, I have a tongue piercing. And I have a Ultra Wide SCSI hard drive to compensate for the tinyness of my bandwidth (56K).

    Oh, and I like to cuddle.
  • It is Mandrake so that makes her Tammy. Check out [] So I guess that means she is spoken for.
  • I've mogrified the images down to a somewhat weildly {583,666}x437 and created a simple thumbnails page. []

    If you're wondering about the size, it is 1/3 size for the larger images. It's also small enough to fit in my web allocation (on two differnt accounts).

    If you're wondering about the two different sizes, it looks like they were using two different cameras with two different resolutions.

  • You know, it's pretty bad when one of the /. crew's OWN SITE gets /.'d.

    Also, it will be interesting to see if Hemo's wife has the same reaction to the inevitable "naked and petrified" posts as Emmet claimed his wife had: "All RIGHT! I'm going to be the next Natilie Portman!" (Source: Emmet's keynote speech at the Kansas City Linuxfest this afternoon.)

  • They say a man doesn't know true happiness until he is married...

    ... and then it's too late!


    Congrats to the happy couple!
  • by cje ( 33931 ) on Saturday June 24, 2000 @04:55PM (#978617) Homepage
    Come on, guys .. I read this last week on ZDNet.

    The least you fellas could do is show a little bit of journalistic initiative.

    All kidding aside .. congratulations, dude. :-)

  • How do you know he doesn't?

    Jay (=
  • I loved the pics with the sneakers...
    It reminded me of High School Days (Mid 80's) when all we... (geek/nerd/semi-jocks who played soccer/ski-racers/tennis....) wore were Adidas Sambas... The reason They Lasted for at least 3 years, (well before they moved the factory from France to Taiwan) and you could always remove the 3 white stripes and heel print with some black shoe polish and voila.... Dress shoes that you could scrimmage with less than 2 minutes after whatever dress-up function you had to go to...
    I found them handy for running block-tackle as I dragged my best friend from his *first* wedding
  • I will share with you some words of wisdom that I received when I got married.

    When I announced my marriage to my family, my uncle Bob looked me straight in the eye and said in a quiet voice: "Just remember -- you can always blow your own brains out."

    These words have carried me through many years and the subsequent messy divorce. I hope they are equally as inspiring to you. :)
  • And who would these grammar usage people be?

    Or maybe you meant "We have to think about GRAMMAR usage, people!" :)


    Congratulations, Hemos! I wish you both my best.

  • I think Mandrake [] would be the lucky sob with the nikon d1 as you can see in this picture. []
  • Dude, I'm like 20 years old myself, so I AM counterculture... actually, I'm part of mainstream culture with the tongue piercing since that's actually the big thing right now...

    The whole computer thing is facetious. Frankly, a girl doesn't have to know about me and computers because I don't spend that much time on them anyway. (And I'm a Slashdot reader on a modem, and I don't spend much time on computers at all, which gives you an indication that I'm not the typical geek...)

    Oh, and I've never been to a wedding... but I'm trying to get to one somehow someday :)
  • What about the bachelor party? Why wasn't this discussed?

    Talk about getting slashdotted....

    Congrats, I hope to be entering the ranks of the institutionalized (marriage is, they say, an institution) before long...
  • I suggest naming any sprogs that may happen "Custard" so when fighting over the kid after the divorce you can say you're fighting for "custody of custard"
  • Hmm... look at the dates in these images:

    % exif-date *.JPG
    Fri Jan 31 00:00:35 1997 DCP00307.JPG
    Sun Jun 25 07:05:36 2000 DSC_0265.JPG
    Sat Jun 24 13:37:56 2000 DSCN0518.JPG

    Come on guys, set those clocks right so your Exif tags mean something!

    More details:

    % ~/projects/exif/exif-tools-0.0.6/dump-exif -a *.JPG
    EXIF tags are in big endian byte order.
    IFD at 8 has 10 entries:
    Make: Eastman Kodak Company
    Model: DC210 Zoom (V03.10)
    Orientation: 1
    XResolution: 216/1
    YResolution: 216/1
    ResolutionUnit: 2
    YCbCrPositioning: 1
    ExifOffset: 374
    IFD at 756 has 12 entries:
    ImageWidth: 96
    ImageLength: 72
    BitsPerSample: 8, 8, 8
    Compression: 1
    PhotometricInterpretation: 2
    StripOffsets: 928
    SamplesPerPixel: 3
    RowsPerStrip: 72
    StripByteCounts: 20736
    XResolution: 72/1
    YResolution: 72/1
    ResolutionUnit: 2
    IFD at 374 has 17 entries:
    ExposureTime: 0.0333333 S
    FNumber: 40/10
    ExifVersion: 48 49 49 48
    DateTimeOriginal: 1997:01:31 00:00:35
    ComponentConfiguration: 1 2 3 0
    CompressedBitsPerPixel: 0/0
    ShutterSpeedValue: 1/32 S
    ApertureValue: 40/10
    BrightnessValue: 30/10
    ExposureBiasValue: 0/10
    MaxApertureValue: 400/100
    SubjectDistance: 0/0
    MeteringMode: center-weighted average
    LightSource: Auto
    Flash: 1
    FocalLength: 44/10
    EXIF tags are in big endian byte order.
    IFD at 8 has 10 entries:
    Model: NIKON D1
    XResolution: 300/1
    YResolution: 300/1
    ResolutionUnit: 2
    Software: Ver.1.05
    DateTime: 2000:06:25 06:05:36
    YCbCrPositioning: 2
    ExifOffset: 240
    IFD at 1126 has 7 entries:
    Compression: 6
    XResolution: 300/1
    YResolution: 300/1
    ResolutionUnit: 2
    JpegIFOffset: 1232
    JpegIFByteCount: 5281
    YCbCrPositioning: 2
    IFD at 240 has 26 entries:
    ExposureTime: 0.004 S
    FNumber: 80/10
    ExposureProgram: 2
    ExifVersion: 48 50 49 48
    DateTimeOriginal: 2000:06:25 06:05:36
    DateTimeDigitized: 2000:06:25 06:05:36
    ComponentConfiguration: 1 2 3 0
    CompressedBitsPerPixel: 2/1
    ExposureBiasValue: 0/6
    MaxApertureValue: 36/10
    MeteringMode: multi-segment
    FocalLength: 240/10
    unknown tag 9286
    unknown tag 9290
    unknown tag 9291
    unknown tag 9292
    FlashPixVersion: 48 49 48 48
    ColorSpace: 1
    ExifImageWidth: 2000
    ExifImageHeight: 1312
    ExifInteroperabilityOffset: 1096
    SensingMethod: 2
    unknown tag a300
    unknown tag a301
    unknown tag a302
    EXIF tags are in little endian byte order.
    IFD at 8 has 11 entries:
    Make: NIKON
    Model: E950
    Orientation: 1
    XResolution: 300/1
    YResolution: 300/1
    ResolutionUnit: 2
    Software: v981-77
    DateTime: 2000:06:24 12:37:56
    YCbCrPositioning: 2
    ExifOffset: 284
    IFD at 792 has 6 entries:
    Compression: 6
    XResolution: 300/1
    YResolution: 300/1
    ResolutionUnit: 2
    JpegIFOffset: 2036
    JpegIFByteCount: 4006
    IFD at 284 has 24 entries:
    ExposureTime: 0.0714286 S
    FNumber: 29/10
    ExposureProgram: 2
    ISOSpeedRatings: 0
    ExifVersion: 48 50 49 48
    DateTimeOriginal: 2000:06:24 12:37:56
    DateTimeDigitized: 2000:06:24 12:37:56
    ComponentConfiguration: 1 2 3 0
    CompressedBitsPerPixel: 4/1
    ExposureBiasValue: 0/10
    MaxApertureValue: 26/10
    MeteringMode: multi-segment
    LightSource: Auto
    Flash: 0
    FocalLength: 98/10
    unknown tag 9286
    FlashPixVersion: 48 49 48 48
    ColorSpace: 1
    ExifImageWidth: 1600
    ExifImageHeight: 1200
    ExifInteroperabilityOffset: 886
    unknown tag a300
    unknown tag a301
  • Here's some of the best newlywed advice [], I've ever seen.
  • Well, not all weddings. I know that in Orthodox weddings the bride & groom walk up the aisle together. Western Christian weddings, and weddings influenced by them, do have the father give the bride away.

    Granted, in this case it is a Western wedding, and therefore that's her father (or some other relative) alongside her.

"Oh my! An `inflammatory attitude' in alt.flame? Never heard of such a thing..." -- Allen Gwinn, allen@sulaco.Sigma.COM