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David Duchovny In The X-Files Finale 144

unemployed_schlep writes "According to the official press release, DD will reprise his Fox Mulder role for the two-hour series closer. He'll also direct and co-write (but not appear in) an episode to premiere in late April. The final five eps all deal with the mythology thread." I'm looking forward to it. I'm hoping that the final round of episodes can wash the taste out of my mouth from this season. I know Carter & Co have it in them...
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David Duchovny In The X-Files Finale

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  • DD?! sweet. (Score:3, Funny)

    by edrugtrader ( 442064 ) on Wednesday February 20, 2002 @06:55PM (#3040629) Homepage
    i'll watch anything with DD in it... 38DD is my favorite, but i'll settle for 36.

    x-files + porn = dream come true.
    • if I remember correctly, David Duchovny shows up in a pink speedo sometime during the second season of Twin Peaks.
  • by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday February 20, 2002 @06:57PM (#3040641)
    The actor David Duchovny, aka Fox Mulder of X-Files fame, has an unknown, very dark past. This photo [feldgrau.com] proves that he was, during WWII, a member of the Croatian Waffen-SS legion 'Waffen-Gebrigs-Division der SS "Handschar"' (he is the second from the left). Probably it was fears that this dark fact would become known that prompted his dismissal from the TV-series. One can only speculate about the atrocities he has committed and taken part in, as this particular legion, mainly recruted among Bosnian Muslims, was notorious for it's brutality.
  • by theRhinoceros ( 201323 ) on Wednesday February 20, 2002 @07:00PM (#3040657)
    Please, please, please... a tasteful, satisfactory ending.... Just once! I just want one satisfying, well-thought out season ender. Doesn't have to tie up all the (horribly convoluted) threads, doesn't have to result in everybody finding their true love/hooking up with their partner, just end one episode in a way that doesn't give the viewer cinematic blue-balls. Just once! Or let the guy who wrote "Jose Chung's From Outer Space" write it and screw closure. Either one would be good.
    • Series finale. Apparently, unlike Gary Larson and Bill Watterson, Chris Carter failed to master the art of "quitting while ahead".

      I stopped watching it shortly after "Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose", 3x04. Was there anything remotely as good ever again on the series?

      Who knows, maybe they'll fire all the screenwriters, post a slash competition somewhere on Usenet, and the final episode will end with a Mulder/Skinner/Krycek three-way.

      --grendel drago
      • It's time to give these folks some credit. I still go crazy without my farside and calivin. Really can't you let me down slow? Make the sacrifice folks!
    • by e40 ( 448424 )

      This would be an excellent idea. The guy, Darin Morgan, directed my favorite X Files episodes. My absolute favorite was Humbug. Man, that was a funny eps.

      See this [interlog.com] for more info on Darin.

    • Okay, this may very well be a stupid question (I haven't watched the show in many a season), but did they ever resolve the whole "main" plot of Fox's sister's abduction, and what about the whole black oil stuff?

      It would be nice to have a whole "blows the lid off the government" ending as well.


      • Yes they resolved all that in the Final Disclosure story arc last season. After that the show just kinda wandered around without a purpose and got really silly. They should have ended a couple of seasons ago IMO.
      • They can't.

        I figured this out around the same time the movie came out, and this is one of the reasons I haven't kept up in the recent seasons: There is no possible ending that could satisfy the audience.

        The mystery and magic is a result of the unknown, that's why all the good horror movies don't show you the monster until the very end.

        The whole conspiry stuff is far more interesting when it's unknown then when it's known. I predict right now that if they do give away the "whole deal" in the final episode, it will be a big dissapointment to many people, and I think Carter knows this. Their initial plan was to stop the series at the time the movie came out, which was a very commendible thing to do, stop the show in it's prime and occasionally release a movie, as opposed to letting the series show how it's run out of steam.

        Now, with all that said... When do the final episodes start?

    • Or let the guy who wrote "Jose Chung's From Outer Space" write it

      That's Darin Morgan [interlog.com], who also wrote the Episodes Humbug (you know, the hilarious one set in the town of retired sideshow freaks), War of the Coprophages (good, not great), and Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose (hilarious, moving, Emmy-award-winning).

      He also appearead as Eddie Van Blundht in the episode Small Potatoes, which he did not write.

      • Where the hell is Darin Morgan? Why the hell isn't somebody offering him tons of money to overcome his writer's block? He may be one of the finest writers in TV today, and he even has his "Clyde Bruckman" Emmy to prove it.
    • I've always wanted a series finale where everything goes wrong. For example, in Voyager, I was secretly hoping that perhaps they'd make it home, and then right before everybody beams down, somebody spills a soda on something that causes the whole ship to blow. Or perhaps the Borg sneak along and instead of assimilating the Earth, make the poor inhabitants wear chicken suits and become sex slaves. T'TOCK, T'TOCK!

      So for the X-Files, there's only one choice. Aliens get ahold of both of them, strip 'em down, and then throw cream pies at them. It should also be perhaps 3 minutes and 49 seconds long.
    • A tasteful end? How you have a 'tasteful' end to that sack of shit? Good riddance to it. I'm anti- anything that helps feed the level of general public superstition, belief in pseudo science, Atlantis, ESP, ghosts, Carlos Casta-frigging-neda, flying saucers and all the rest of it. Why not a drama series dealing with the real-life government conspiracy with megacorps to sell us back our own culture and generally rule our lives for the good of their bank balances? Nah, they'd never sell the advertising, right?
      [ END misanthropic_rant ]
  • oh boy (Score:2, Flamebait)

    by geekoid ( 135745 )
    I have been so looking forward to this, its good to see it finally happen.
    The end of the series that is, I couldn't care less about DD
  • Any UK /. readers know when any series/seasons are being shown in the UK on terrestrial?
    The last episode I remember seeing was one that was filmed like a live news item...
    • According to the X-Files news section [thexfiles.com], Sky One will air Season 9 in the UK beginning 5 April at 9PM, with repeats on Monday at 10PM. Also in the UK, BBC2 will air Season 8 in the Spring. Season 9 is tentatively scheduled for Autumn 2002.

      For people in other countries:

      Australia's Network 10 will air Season 9 in July.

      In Denmark, TV2 will air Season 9 in late April.

      Norway will get Season 9 in September on TV2.

      HMG in Holland is currently running Season 8, and they are expected to begin Season 9 in late September.

      TV4 in Sweden is also currently showing Season 8. They will air Season 9 in September as well.

  • ... unfortunately will require a bit more than just having Duchovny on board for the finale. His presence will ensure that something will develop. Whether it will develop into a non-smelly/uncrap finish, on the other hand, is another matter altogether.

    After all the storytelling bullshit that's been going on in the show, I watch it more out of a bored bad habit than anything else. And it was so entertaining before...

  • They should come back and film the final 5 episodes in Vancouver, to bring things back to their roots. That would be true closure, a fitting end.

    Plus it'd hopefully really piss DD off to have to return to this "rainy" city he so hates. =)
    • want to see the Burnaby Public Library passed off as an American government office, again?

      I will confess that during my time in London, the hype around this show seven years ago was crazy. I watched the 'murderous office building' episode and could not believe it was filmed in Vancouver. And the acting was terrible.

      To my lament, I was hooked. These days I feel X-Files viewers are being punished for their loyalty. Like heroin addicts.

      Do you really think bringing it back here would be worth it? The show would still suck.

    • This is a good example of when this series "jumped the shark". In the window of couple of episodes this series changed from a really cool mystery/noir/sci fi show into a cheesy neverending soap opera. I can't remember what season it was, but basically you started having Duchovny thinking he had a movie career, more than two or three episodes a season dedicated to the government consipiracy part, and leaving Vancouver all together -- it killed the integrity of the show. My favorite episodes were the one-shot wonders (e.g. Clyde Bruckman); there's something to be said for the economy of a 45 minutes show. Sometimes less is more!
  • After the movie, and season three and five, I expected a great shift in the series. I expected a great war between aliens and humans and human collaborators. Maybe an invasion. Instead DD leaves. I stopped watching the show after season six started suckin. Too bad, it seemed to completely lose direction.
  • I used to be a fan, but fell off the bandwagon during an episode where Muldur could have found out all the answers to his questions about his sister and chose not to (can't remember why).

    Poor, Gillian Anderson. Wonder when she'll be posing in Playboy to "boost her career"?
    • Wonder when she'll be posing in Playboy to "boost her career"?
      No, they do that to start careers. Just look at what the "Star Trek: The Next Generation" actors have gone on to do.


      Appear in a series of movies based on the show but not nearly as good (though the effects rocked), as well as in "Red Shoe Diaries" and as voiceovers in "Gargoyles".

      Yeah, she's got a long and illustrious career ahead of her... in B-movies, where everyone will yell out "It's Scully!!!", and then "Take it off!".

      --grendel drago
    • Gillian Anderson is proving to be a talented movie actor, much more so than Duchovny, whose choices seem pretty bad.
    • As for the porn scene, David [imdb.com] Duchovny [imdb.com] has [imdb.com] already [imdb.com] been [imdb.com] there [imdb.com]. :p

      He shouldn't have quit filming The X-Files; maybe the next porn film he's in will be called "The XXX-Files."
  • There's a lot of issues that they'll need to wrap up in those last 5 episodes, so hopefully they'll be able to pull it off. I wish them the best of luck... they have a lot of people to try pleasing. :)
    An another note... I pray to God that DD writes some Scully-in-the-shower or Scully-with-some-greased-up-lesbian-aliens into his episode. :)
  • I'm hoping that the final round of episodes can wash the taste out of my mouth from this season. I know Carter & Co have it in them...

    Chris Carter is full of mouthwash?!
  • No matter what he says, he loves being in the spotlight. He not only returns to the show, but he gets to direct, too (and as a fan, I've seen the episodes he directed before which quite frankly sucked.) At least we'll have a chance for closure, though. I bet they're paying him $40 million an episode this time :-)
    • (and as a fan, I've seen the episodes he directed before which quite frankly sucked.)

      Are you kidding? The baseball episode was probably the best episode of that season.

  • by Jesse Duke ( 559062 ) on Wednesday February 20, 2002 @07:10PM (#3040721)
    I used to love the X-Files : when I started watching it years ago (I think it was 1995 or 1996), it was about those 2 FBI agents investigating strange events, and even though it was overtly about paranormal and aliens, the episodes showed simple, well-thought of mysteries. Then the series started to have more and more episodes about aliens and abductions, but it was still okay because the plot was still believable and genuine suspense was still there. But I could feel X-Files wasn't quite what it was before.

    The last episodes I watched have absurd plots that have no clear beginning or end, refer to obscure things in episodes of years ago, hint clumsily at new incredible developments that will happen in future episodes, and quite frankly have more special effects than interesting plot. Plus now they threw in those two new agents that, despite being honestly decent actors, just don't match Gillian and Duchovny and can't seem to manage to peel them off the screen. It reminds be of Coy and Vance who replaced Bo and Luke in the Dukes of Hazzard : they weren't bad at all, but the serie was so linked with its original characters that they just didn't fit in.

    I don't know, my friends and I used to enjoy debating what the various X-Files characters were up to, and what might happen in the next episode, but these days it's a just clumsy show that doesn't stick.

    • by Anonymous Coward
      Was there really a fine grained difference between Bo and Luke Duke? Seems you could substitute any halfway macho young hillbilly for those two. I don't think there's a really good argument that there was anything positive in the series that could be lost when Coy and Vance came along, but it's not like the requirements for the part were that stiff...
    • I was really looking forward to the first episode, but I was sorely disappointed. Already from the start, the series was so openly pro-humbug and conspiracy and against science that it was unbearable. Pity that Gillian wasn't allowed to play her part as it should have; emphasizing on her scientific background, debunking Mulders alien dreams.

      Maybe they can finally pick up that angle and make a spin-off series ?
      • But debunking is bloody dull!

        "Look, it's something strange and dangerous."
        "No, it is harmless and ordinary."
        "Oh. Well, back to the office."

        Somehow, I don't smell a smash hit here. Go see The Amazing Randi [randi.org] if you want debunking. The rest of us would like a smidgen of escapist drivel with our TV.

        --grendel drago
        • I can think of one episode, "War of the Coprophages," where all of the wilder speculation was debunked right off the bat (excluding the metal-insect red herring). There was also the other one with the name I can't remember, where Queequeg got eaten by the giant alligator that was the real culprit.
    • From what i've heard, Chris Carter had a very specific way, given the mythology and the way it developed, that he wanted to end it.

      At some point within about a season of the point he originally wanted to end it, Fox said "no, you can't end, you're still making money", and demanded he keep going with the series.

      If i remember right, i read this in the Houston Chronicle [chron.com], but i can't remember exactly.

      I seem to remember this being about the time that they moved the production to California from Canada. I seem to remember the point at which the series was originally meant to end being about the time that all the crucial personell on the show started bitching mercilessly and quitting, and about the point the writing seemed to lose direction utterly. (Although the episodes that first season in Los Angeles were generally excellent..) "Like butter scraped over too much bread.."

      I don't know how true any of this is, but it seems pretty plausible. If so, i would definitely say that the x-files could have ended as a much, much stronger and more interesting show if they'd just let Carter conclude it the way he originally meant to.

      As is i kind of stopped watching altogether at some point shortly after the massive two-episode thing with Mulder being locked in the train while all the people with no faces ran away, or whatever (i think that's when it was), and though i watched pretty religiously up until that point i have absolutely no idea what has been happening since then. I know nothing at all about the "mulder's replacement" character. I'm wondering if there's any point at all in trying to watch, given i may not understand the plot of the show anymore and given i don't have a television anymore. [slashdot.org]

      Well, no matter. Even if the show did kind of sputter out and die ungracefully (This is the way the series ends, not with a bang but a whimper?) the X-files production team has produced more quality television than you could possibly expect of any single show, and i'm applauding them quietly for a job very well done. Hopefully i'll be able to go back and pick up some of those episodes i missed (and hopefully i'll be able to do this without resorting to gnutella or other Questionable Methods :) ). In particular i wanna know whatever the hell it was that i missed with that recent episode on the oil rig where they were chasing mulder, or whatever..

      P.S. : is the "groundhog day" workalike episode available on tape or DVD? if it is, i'd buy a copy :)
      • At some point within about a season of the point he originally wanted to end it, Fox said "no, you can't end, you're still making money", and demanded he keep going with the series.
        our top secret spies at Fox have uncovered the conversation that took place, and it shows how fox was able to bend Chris Carter to there demands:
        Fox:"We demand you keep it going"
        CC:"no, that wouls interfere with the story integrity"
        Fox:"Here is a wheel barrel full of cash"
        Fox:"Here is a truck load of cash"
  • Break the habit.. (Score:2, Insightful)

    by bjb ( 3050 )
    Well, I gave up on this show a season or two ago, but since they're finally driving a stake through it, I might remember to check out the last episode. This show has gone so far downhill it isn't even funny.

    I don't think Mulder will help much, it is purely for the nostalgia of the show.

    Personally, I think the series effectively ended when Mulder figured out what happened to his sister. After that, it was never that amazing..
  • you think Mulder and Scully should have just died in the movie and saved us all the pain. I kept waiting for it, but to no avail. The nearly undead FBI agents, it was almost comical, but just really sad.
  • by Raul654 ( 453029 ) on Wednesday February 20, 2002 @07:24PM (#3040787) Homepage
    A few weeks ago, someone on /. made an observation referring to napster, but I think it applies equally well to X-files... "it's like a small animal that's been hit by a car. It's flopping around, crippled, blood all over the pavement, and howling in pain. Someone put it out of its misery."
  • by XBL ( 305578 ) on Wednesday February 20, 2002 @07:31PM (#3040815)
    Mulder and Scully have almost (and even Mulder even has) died so many times throughout the life of the X-Files that it's not even funny.

    A fitting end to the series would be the death of Mulder and Scully. The best way is to have Krycek comes back to life and kill them.
  • Cross-OVER (Score:5, Funny)

    by felipeal ( 177452 ) on Wednesday February 20, 2002 @07:40PM (#3040860) Homepage
    Maybe it should be an episode where Mulder, The Lone Gunmen [slashdot.org] and The Tick [slashdot.org] try to discover how the Millenim Group [tvtome.com] is linked to the project Harsh Realm [tvtome.com].
  • When do you think X-files lost it's groove? Or as it's know, jump the shark [jumptheshark.com]?
  • Maybe now that they're finishing up with the X-Files, maybe they can start up the XXX-Files ;)
  • They just forgot to tell the cast and crew.

    Or at least it was so bad I stopped watching it.

  • by NanoGator ( 522640 ) on Wednesday February 20, 2002 @07:46PM (#3040895) Homepage Journal
    X-Files was dragged along a little too long. I think the whole 'alien conspiracy' thing went on for too long, and really didn't tie up anything. It's like the show was grasping so hard to keep that little secret, it was unwilling to give it up for fear of prematurely ending the show.

    They really would have been better off ending it after the movie. Or maybe even ending it with a movie, I don't know.

    I would have been hyped about seeing it's finale in Season 5, but today it's like "uhh... people are excited about it?"

    I'm not trying to bash X-Files, I like the show. But now I understand why some series are ended with the explanation of 'we want to stop while it is still exciting.", kind of like they did with Deep Space Nine.
  • It's amazing that he would lower himself to be in the season finalle. Especially after his stellar role in Evolution.

    The only thing I like about the X-Files these days is the song that Bree Sharp did about it.
  • by gnovos ( 447128 ) <gnovos.chipped@net> on Wednesday February 20, 2002 @09:13PM (#3041318) Homepage Journal
    It's a dream sequence. The entire huge mytharc took place during a 30 minute nap Mulder was taking in his office one wednesday afternoon after a particularly large burrito lunch.
  • No Payoffs, you watch for years for something 'monumental' to happen but it get fuzzed each time. They keep you hanging on and hoping. Which is fine for a year or two but after that there is only 'so' many times you can hack ANOTHER conspiracy/coverup/lookingthewrongway until it becomes pretty boring.
    It's almost like the writers are afraid to make any bold statements or actually GO anywhere with it.
  • It's dead. It died years ago.
  • "I'm hoping that the final round of episodes can wash the taste out of my mouth from this season."
    Well spoken, sir. I could not have said it better myself. And no spelling errors! :)

  • by smirkleton ( 69652 ) on Thursday February 21, 2002 @12:44AM (#3042436)
    ...that he would be retiring from writing "while still at the top of his game", news of Chris Carter's plans to end X-Files this year "before-it-gets-stale" is simply sad.

    King and Carter both created some fantastic entertainment- one producing some of the most popular horror and fiction books of his generation- the other creating one of the greatest television series in two decades.

    But both have signaled their plans to leave only after overstaying their welcomes. They have exhausted their respective imaginations but keep mining, occasionally pulling out a tiny gold nuggest from the mines that once were their motherlodes.

    King's last great works came in the early 90s- and Carter's last great season of X-Files was at least two or three seasons ago.

    so bummer. I'll watch- but not because I've any interest in seeing what happens to characters I once cared about. Instead, morbid curiousity makes me wonder "How bad will it be? How bloody bad can it get?" And methinks the answer will surprise us all.

    the whole thing vaguely reminds of the last line of a beautiful poem I remember reading in high school.

    "his face turned to the face of a man who has said goodbye, and can not find the door".
  • Now I don't have to deal with people talking about it constantly anymore. About bloody time.
  • wait...if the last show is in may...then why is DD directing one for april? then wouldn't that be the series finale? or is it just another one thrown in there.
  • Lemmings (Score:1, Insightful)

    by jmays ( 450770 )
    It sure is _trendy_ to bash the X-Files on all /. X-File threads these days.

    The show has given me (and probably a lot of you)excellent entertainment from year one.

    I still enjoy the X-Files. I have since the pilot and I am sure I always will ... even beyond the series finale.
  • Just because the series is ending, don't think the characters are done:

    http://www.upcomingmovies.com/xfiles2.html [upcomingmovies.com]
  • The X-Files Timeline [themareks.com] has all the answers to your X-Files story arc questions.

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