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Star Wars Collector.....Guitars? 242

SchwarzePuppen writes "Fernandes Guitars International in association with Lucas Licensing Ltd., a division of Lucasfilm Ltd., is presenting the Star Wars Retrorocket Collector's Series. Based upon Fernandes' Retrorocket model, these premium Japanese instruments showcase stunning Star Wars graphics created by using a revolutionary computer controlled painting process. Check it out!"
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Star Wars Collector.....Guitars?

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  • If I throw starwars logo on something can I make frontpage of slashdot?
    • Re:ummmm... (Score:3, Funny)

      by bedders ( 524690 )
      If I get a Star Wars knob, will it extend like a light saber?
    • So whatever happened to those Star Wars Underoos? Can you still buy them?
      • On ebay you can. I'm wearing some right now.
        • And I suppose you'll turn around and sell them as "used underwear" with a 300% markup. :)


          • What!? I bought them for $900 each. They were mint condition original issues (not the reissued underoo variety but the ones that were made by Cincinnati Cotton (bought and liquidated in 1983 by the fine folks at Fruit of the Loom). These puppies were in the authentic manufacturers packaging...And that was in 1989!

            On Ebay I'll occasionally sell near mint (maybe worn once, but not washed (never washed! (the value goes waaaaay down if you wash them))) ones for $2700+, fine (worn the same amount of time but with a stray fart mark or other small blemish) for $2100+, good (full blown skidmark and/or other deposits), and fair (corn) for $1000+.

            You guys can laugh all you want, but I've been living *very* comfortably for 6 years writing open source code and selling used underwear. You have no idea the number of crazies out there who buy this stuff. Me, I'm in it for the money.

            In fact, I also run a business in Japan with my ex room-mate, Masahiro, from college. It's this "private club" that sells underwear to these weird fetishists with deep pockets. All these secretaries, clerks, and a smaller number of upper-middle-class housewives sell us their dirty panties for about $200 each. Sometimes it's more, sometimes less, depending on "what they leave behind". We then turn around and sell them for about 700 bucks a pop. I kid you not.

            It's sick, but good natured and pretty funny I think. Nobody is getting hurt, and everyone walks away happy. Though last year I was out there visiting him and we got drunk and for a laugh were laying hockers in the crotches of cheap cotton panties, bagging them up (for maximum freshness) and shipping them off to guys Kyoto, Nara, farming towns outside Ibaragi, you name it.

    • ...take Teddy Ruxpin and replace the cassette deck with dvd player, and install a 4 port ethernet hub. Being bored and going to MIT helps also.
    • Maybe SlashDot can get paid to run with a star wars themes for a week or to around the time of the film release. Spread some of that Lucas Marketing money around.

      Sort of like what the Register does from time to time. Corporate themed sections.

      Can you just hear the midi now?

      There has got to be some way to keep it all "tasteful"

      [problem is, some folks _would_ see this as cool.]

  • by PigAlien ( 29865 ) <{pigalien} {at} {}> on Friday March 08, 2002 @09:06AM (#3129638)
    How strange, all the guitars have characters from the dark side of the force... Where are all the good guys? Are we really supposed to believe everyone in Rock N Roll is aligned with evil?

    • Not only are they all evil, but they are all wearing masks. I want my guitar with an old decrepit Emperor Palpatine on it and another of Vader with his mask off!
    • "Where are all the good guys?"

      Aah, who want's to be a good guy? Think about it:

      "I can rule the galaxy as father and son, or I can throw myself down this mineshaft."

      Decisions, decisions...


    • What makes you think the evil galactic empire is evil? Look - They were quite right to be concerned about a bunch of upstarts trying to ruin the stability of the empire. What happened in the end? A bunch of terrorists destroyed a major government installation.

      It's the name isn't it. The really need to get some PR people in to chage it from the Evil Galactic empire to the Fluffy Galactic Empire.
      • And the terrorists didn't even kill the empire's workers for the most part. They killed a bunch of plumbers, and drywallers. Blue collar workers trying to make a living, glad that they landed a nice job on a large government project. The thing wasn't even done yet.
    • See, the bad guys are the ones that had the cool masks and uniforms. The good guys were usually in some form of tattered tunic with at most a belt for accessorizing. How can that compare to laquer black with lights and a cape? (Not to mention, a really cool respirator sound, but I don't think that will come through too well in the painting)
      • You tell me if you don't think Leia in a gold chainmail bikini wouldn't sell a bunch of these guitars. Or perhaps R2-D2. With Leia on the back so you can rub while you play...mmmmm...


  • Ahhh, "Star Wars Knobs"

    It's good to see, someone has finally identified who the knobs in the film were ;)

    And perhaps if you don't find this funny, it's because it's more a British term then an american. Calling someone a "knob" that is...
  • by pinkUZI ( 515787 ) <.slashdot.7.jmas ...> on Friday March 08, 2002 @09:07AM (#3129646) Homepage Journal
    Combine with this [] you could have a cool looking band.
  • by nachoman ( 87476 ) on Friday March 08, 2002 @09:09AM (#3129656)
    ... And the probably sound like crap too.

    Never buy a guitar cause it looks good (unless it sounds good too).
    • They probably sound ok. I played bass in an all-girl punk band a few years back, and our guitar player had a couple Fernandes stratocaster copies. For cheap guitars, they were pretty decent-sounding.
      • Yeah, but you were playing in a punk band :-). No flame meant here, but in a punk setting, all the guitar needs to do is be loud to be "decent sounding". Not that there's anything wrong with that.

    • Never buy a guitar cause it looks good (unless it sounds good too).

      My guitar teacher always told me that the sound comes from your hands.

      With the amps and digital hardware that is out there today, you can pretty much make any guitar sound like any other. Sure, there is nothing that beats a great classic guitar (My favourite is a Gibson SG), but the idea is not to get hung up on the label, and how much it costs.

      If you have talent, and play with passion, you can make magic with the cheapest guitar (as long as it stays in tune...)
      • True talent does come from the hand. Although one can't deny the fact that an amazing player sounds even better on an amazing instrument. Personally, I know that playing an instrument that sounds and feels a lot better helps me play better.

        It is both psychological, and based on the physical construction of the instrument.
      • You know what Hendrix played? Aside from a couple favorites, like his Angel (the flying-V), he mostly played the cheapest, shittiest Strats he could get his hands on.

        But that's extreme - he was a genius. And more to the point, he always sounded like Jimi. Most every great guitarist is as recognizable for his sound and tone as his playing, but keep in mind that most of these people found one guitar, or type of guitar, and stuck with it. I mean shit, what would Angus sound like on a Strat? Anything but AC/DC, that's for sure.

        The greatest masters can get more and better sounds out of a guitar than an amateur, or even a very good player, but the guitar does matter.
  • Those guitars are some ugly, cheezy, crap.

    Is there really that big a market for a product that caters to star wars obsessed guitarists?

    I nominate this for worst-use of a "revolutionary computer-controlled process".
  • I want my (Score:5, Funny)

    by Lord Puppet ( 300347 ) on Friday March 08, 2002 @09:11AM (#3129661)
    I want my Jar Jar Didgeridoo
    • I bet. Personally, I'll wait for a banjo, for my "Star Wars" jug band. Washboard, jug, banjo, harmonica. How cool would that be?

      I'll do a version of the "Imperial March" that'll kick Metallica's ass...

  • This is.... (Score:5, Funny)

    by President Chimp Toe ( 552720 ) on Friday March 08, 2002 @09:11AM (#3129664)
    Oh man I can imagine Spinal Tap getting hold of some of these......

    "Hey, look man - we ordered a frigging 40 foot deathstar, not 40 inch. It looks like a glitter ball but without the glitter. And what the fuck are they? We wanted chewbacca's , not motherfucking Ewoks"
    • "Well, it looks like some silly twit did not get a big enough oxygen pump, but that is supposed to be a Death Star."

      "Filled up with air, it's quite evil and impressive."

      "We salute you, our half-inflated superweapon!"
  • are generally shitty, cheap, unplayable copies of decent American ones (Fender, Gibson etc). Dont buy one!
    • Actually, Japanese guitars are pretty good. Like Japanese cars. When Fender started getting their first Squiers from Japan they were appalled to find out the quality was way higher than the guitars Fender USA had been putting out.

      REgardless of quality, most of your Japanese manufacturers (Ibanez, Fenrnandes, Washburn) put out aesthetically unappealling guitars.
    • not to mention the carppy Ibanez... ...ohhhh... wait Ibanez is actualy quite good(steve vai, joe satriani, john petrucci - crappy music good guitarists). Many Fenders are assembeled in mexico and japan(parts made in US)

      substitute japanese with korean.

    • A couple years after Fender started making Japanese "Squier" guitars, they had to stop selling them in the US because they were a plainly superior guitar at 1/4-1/3rd the price of the American made equivalent. Eventually, they moved the line to Korea, where the guitars were suitably inferior, and began selling them in the US again. Those Japanese Squiers have appreciated in value by as much as 200% since then, while the American-made Fenders of the same time have depreciated.

      The only really bad guitars, nowadays, are made in Indonesia, but they are dirt cheap anyways. Korean-made guitars tend to be hit or miss, but are generally improving. Only a few Japanese-made guitars are even sold in the US, but those that are (Yamaha and Fernandes being the main makers), are generally at least worth the price, something that can hardly be said for many American-made Fenders and Gibsons. Now, if you were to talk up a company like Heritage, you'd have a point.
  • Are there any star wars (tm) condoms. So I can pull out my saber saber.

    (-1 Troll ?)
  • now if only they'd put together a bill shatner drum kit...
    you think i could get the tremelo bar in a light saber do-up? that would be sweet...
  • by JoshMKiV ( 548790 ) on Friday March 08, 2002 @09:15AM (#3129681) Homepage Journal
    Now realize this is coming from a lamer who actually paid a small pile of money for a sealed Tatooine Skiff... This is just insane.

    Have you guys seen the Star Wars condoms?
    This is no joke!!! ml

    Although, I would consider one of the Star Wars guitar straps for my PRS... (I know, geek...)
  • Well who the hell would go on stage with such a crappy piece of fan-art?

    The marketing concept: Fans buy but lack in playing skill; Prof. players won't buy because of embarrassement --->> yeah, we can produce painted crap and sell it overpriced (cos' we'll have to pay 80% to LucasArts anyway)


  • by BreakWindows ( 442819 ) on Friday March 08, 2002 @09:16AM (#3129685) Homepage
    We really promise that thing with N*SYNC was just a joke! Really, look, we're cool! We're rockers! Check out our rebellious Star Wars guitar line. Please check out my next movie, so my daughter can go to an upscale liberal arts college like Sarah Lawrence. Don't make us go back on our word and release Sith fishnet belly shirts and "Moons of Endor" hotpants. We'll do it. We're whores.
  • ... can Gorge Lucas sink? star wars guitars? f*ck! as a former guitarist i must say i would *never* play one of these. noticed the cheeezy "star Wars" fret board? star wars pick's, ok(my favourite was pick with 50's pin-ups on them). star wars straps, ok, star wars knobs.... ehh, wouldn't be caught dead with a star wars guitar with star wars knobs(actually i love star wars AND starTre how is that possible?).

    com on you star wars lovin' moderators!

    btw fernandez sux0r!

    • I bet you Han Solo would have thought this is an excellent way of getting some money (at least in his early years he would)
    • Now, now, this monstrosity is Fernandes's fault, not Lucas's. They most likely approached him, saying, "If we can put Star Wars stuff all over a guitar, we'll pay you a lot of money." He responded, "What the hell. Why not? There are Star Wars condoms, after all. How much worse could this be?"


      P.S. I don't know if "Gorge" Lucas was an intentional pun or not. If it was, well done.
  • I'll bet they look cool as hell under strobe lights and smoke.

    DUN DUN DUN dun-de DUNN dun-de DUNN,
    DUN DUN DUN dun-de DUNN dun-de DUNN,
    DUN DUNNNNN, dun-de DUNN, dun-de DUNNN.
  • Idea? (Score:3, Funny)

    by skilef ( 525335 ) <flix&vunzzz,net> on Friday March 08, 2002 @09:20AM (#3129697)
    Enhance it with a lightsabre and we're doomed to see another Kiss-movie..
  • ... is Attack Of The Clones going to be if they're milking out the franchise with guitars now?

    Lucas: "Quick, sell some more Star Wars licenses, no matter to whom - we can't delay the movie much longer!"
  • Slow news day, eh? ;)

    Someone paid a lot of money to license those marks from LucasArts, and I don't think they did it without conducting at least a little market research. That means that at least a few people out there believe people will buy this. And why not?

    Why not believe it, that is. Take a look around you. Plenty of companies are having a great deal of success convincing people to pay them to advertise for them. People pay top dollar for t-shirts with some other guy's name on the front (Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, etc.). Why would people do that? The way I see it, if they want me to be a billboard for their brand, they should be paying me

    Personally, I refuse to wear clothes in public with logos on them. You will never catch me walking around the mall with a big Nike "swoosh" on the front of my shirt. Nor will you catch me in a band playing a "Star Wars" guitar, unless I have a check in my pocket from Mr. Lucas.

    Nevertheless, lots of people out there, in their quest for conformity-friendly-individuality, will pay money for something just a little different. And companies are making lots of money off of them. A fool and their money, so to speak.

    Understand that the people reading this don't exactly make up an accurate cross-section of consumer society. Of course, we would never buy these things, but we would never gush over the virtues of Windows XP, either, and Microsoft is having plenty of success without us.

    So laugh and joke if you will, but in the end, the scariest part about all of this is that these guys will probably actually make a profit on these things. And that truly saddens me.

    • Someone paid a lot of money to license those marks from LucasArts, and I don't think they did it without conducting at least a little market research. That means that at least a few people out there believe people will buy this. And why not?

      Not necessarily a valid assumption; products can bomb even after all the market research possible.

      Wasn't the 'Phantom Menace' license a big turkey for most companies that shelled out for it, largely due to the fact that Jabba-Lucas sold it to everyone and their dog?
  • by IainMH ( 176964 ) on Friday March 08, 2002 @09:26AM (#3129725)
    Great - I can get one and play (Han) Solos at top volume! :-)

    I have been *fret*ting about this - to the point I haven't been able to *string* sentences together. I think I will go and *pick* one up... But I wont break my *neck* over it.

    (ohmygod - I have turned into Mr Atkins - my old music teacher :-p)

  • stunning Star Wars graphics created by using a revolutionary computer controlled painting process

    Warning. Warning. Fanboy author alert.
  • Does not turn into a light saber.

    It is not an atuhentic guitar from Yoda's hair band days.

    Turn into a drone.

    Screaming "Luke, I am your Father!" is not a hit song title.

  • by soboroff ( 91667 ) on Friday March 08, 2002 @09:28AM (#3129738)
    Anyone for a round of Weird Al's "Yoda"?

    "The long-term contract I hadda sign
    Means I'll be making these movies 'till the end of time
    With my Yoda..."

  • Out of hand (Score:1, Funny)

    by Anonymous Coward

    You know, one of these days the marketing of Star Wars merchandise is going to get out of hand.

    ------- []

  • The guitars and all that other stuff are a bit too hardcore fanboy for me. Even if you rock, no girl will give you a second look if the music you are playing is coming out of one of those things.
  • At a pawnshop near you!
  • but can you say silly freakin' loser bait crap?

    Yeah, I thought you could.

    Lucas and Lucasfilms have become such outrageous merchandise whores they are like a parody unto themselves.

    I will seriously have to hear some good review or word of mouth before I even bother seeing this next Star Wars fiasco with or without the BackOver Boys.

    I have been let down to hard last time (I should have know better after Jedi "Ewoks and JarJar oh my!).

    ________________________________________________ __
  • I wanna Jimmy Hendrix light saber, not some stupid Darth Vader Guitar
  • how his dialogue could have been different :

    "No Luke, I am your bass player"

    "I find your lack of a solo disturbing"

    "The lyrics are strong with this one"

    "Jimi Hendrix has taught you well"

  • by Chazmati ( 214538 ) on Friday March 08, 2002 @09:39AM (#3129774)
    Hmm, the story wasn't good enough when I posted it last week. Well, in all fairness to the editors, it's probably because I linked to an online music store that happens to be running a contest where someone will win one of these guitars. They're retailing for $1000, so I guess that's something, although I wouldn't want to be seen playing one.

    Anyway, at the risk of giving a decent online business a vicious Slashdotting, check out the link after reading this: The contest is only open to US and Canadian residents age 18 and over, so if you're not eligible, do the site a favor and don't even bother! the contest []

    I am not affiliated with Music123. I didn't enter the contest.
    • Aaaarg, I don't know how to start! Let me get this straight... you think that a sub-second rate guitar shop releasing instruments with Star Wars pictures on them is "news for nerds"? And then you feel "sour grapes" when a more reasonable editor realizes this is just fucking lame? Holy shit!

      After I finish this post I'll paint my dick black and put a Darth Vader helmet on it. That should make a pretty cool Slashdot story! You see, chicks can't resist the power of the dark side.

      You must have confused "news for nerds" with "news for lusers", because no self-respecting musician would play one of these. If I ever see anyone on stage playing a guitar with a Star Wars picture on it, they are getting a beer bottle thrown in their face before they can finish the first song. (I doubt I would be he who casts the first bottle...)

      If you still think this is cool, I can also airbrush pretty portraits of the ST-Voyager cast on your instruments. Everybody will see your band and be impressed because it shows that you have enough integrity to pay to be an advertising tool for the Hollywood merchandising machine.

      So please, buy one of these and come play in my town. And editors, please keep an eye out for the "Man Paints Own Dick Black and Appends Darth Vader Helmet" story. It will be under the "Star Wars" heading, of course.

  • What's Next (Score:3, Funny)

    by tiltowait ( 306189 ) on Friday March 08, 2002 @09:40AM (#3129778) Homepage Journal
    [Insert your own Spaceballs the Flamethrower joke here]
  • yeah, ok, they look pretty dumb...and i know i wouldn't play one of them...

    but maybe these guys [] should...
  • Then again, the disgusting Star Wars fretboard is totally tasteless. Anyway, I'd think a line of Skywalker Studios & original orchestra signature instruments would be a far more appropriate musical franchise.
  • by thud2000 ( 249529 ) on Friday March 08, 2002 @09:43AM (#3129791)
    A friend of mine who is currently stationed at Yokota AFB in Japan sent me some of the picks and a Darth Vader volume knob a couple of months back. The picks are pretty nice, especially some of the metallic ones. They come in a little foil packet with a trading card, so they're definitely more aimed at collectors than guitarists.

    The Vader knob is nicely done as well, made of fairly heavy metal (pewter, I guess). The only problem is, it looks absolutely ridiculous when actually mounted on a guitar. I do concur with the general perception here that the paint jobs on the Star Wars guitars rank right up there with the worst atrocities ever committed against a defenseless musical instrument. At least they didn't do a Jar Jar. Yippee!
  • When you guys started talking about the "bigger ads" that we in store for slashdot, i didn't think that included stories. Come on, "premium Japanese instruments showcase stunning Star Wars graphics created by using a revolutionary computer controlled painting process". That's a straight up tag line from an advertisement full of silly hyperbole, not a blurb from a news article, at least not one i expected here. And please don't bitch me out as a troll or a "sky-is-falling" corporation-hater. I am not the usual /. crybaby and i don't post anon.
  • Hmm... I like one, (Score:2, Insightful)

    by f00zbll ( 526151 )
    NOT! I love the original starwars series. Don't care for Episode I: Phantom pick-pocket. When I buy guitars (it's been a while), it has to be either cheap (100 or less) or sound amazing like an Epiphone, Paul Reed Smith, Martin accoustic, guild accoustic or have a rich sound.

    No self respecting guitarist (who can jam), would buy a guitar for some stupid starwars pictures. Not some one like Reeves who used to play with a vibrator, Jimmy Page who was the first to use a bow, Steve and his 7 string guitar, Hendrix who revolutionized distortion, Brian May of Queen, robert johnson, Clapton during cream days, Al Di Meola's jazz guitar and john lee hooker. There's plenty of other great guitarists who wouldn't buy these starwars guitars. It will probably be a gift to some kid who is just learning to play.

  • ...Is that Lucasarts keep trying to move away from ep 4-6 merchandise now that ep1 is out and ep2 looms on the horizon. And yet the demand for 4-6 vintage continues, as these guitars clearly demonstrate. Where's the Jar Jar axe?

    Oh, and they've definitely said there will be no more ep 4-6 games. Several times, if I remember correctly, the first after X Wing: Alliance. Uh, right. I love how Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds [] headline art is episode 1, but most of the content is ep 4-6 vintage. Characters, art, storylines, it even opens with that explosive and unforgettable John Williams Ep 4 theme, and Ep 4 art on the menu.

    Despite all Lucas's attempts to convince us to the contrary, eps 4-6 are still more evocative and enduring. Hum the famous theme from ep 4 (DAAA-da, da-da da-daaah daah). Now the Imperial March (dum dum dum, dumdy dum, dumdy dum). Now - even though the music was still by John Williams - try to recall any tune from Ep 1. Anything at all. Any luck? Anything?

    Picture a rebel trooper from the start of Episode 4. Easy, right? Now picture a Naboo Imperial Guardsman. I've got a vague impression of a coppery helmet or something. Maybe. Did they have cloaks, or were they long coats? Any ideas?

    I'm sure I'm wide open to accusations of cognitive dissonance, that I watched Eps 4-6 as a child, and that Ep 1 is equally as memorable to the children that watched it. Mmm, OK, if you like. Let's wait another 20 years and see which characters are still selling them.

  • Having been in working bands for many years, I have to tell you that I would not only not be caught dead on stage with something like this, I wouldn't even want to be seen picking one up in a store. The only comparable guitars I ever saw that actually were pretty cool were the beautiful Fender American Strats with the Vargas pinup girls on them. Now THOSE were cool guitars, even if they were out of my price range.

  • by Byteme ( 6617 )
    these premium Japanese instruments

    Where did that come from? I don't recalling Fernandes ever making a "premium" guitar, even among the other Japanese offerings.

    • by Byteme ( 6617 )
      It is culled directly from the site:

      For the discerning collector, Fernandes Guitars International in association with Lucasfilm Ltd. is proud to present the STAR WARS Retrorocket Collector's Series. Own the ultimate pop culture collectable! Based upon our legendary Retrorocket model, these premium instruments are the ultimate platform to showcase the stunning STAR WARS graphics created by using a revolutionary computer controlled painting process. Whether you choose the Darth Vader or the Stormtrooper model, both of these distinctive instruments feature vibrant images on the body and the neck culminating with the STAR WARS logo on the fretboard. Using the classic Alder body/Maple neck and fretboard platform, the STAR WARS Retrorockets yield rich tone to complement their stunning looks. We invite you to examine these fine instruments at your local Fernandes STAR WARS authorized dealers.

  • I don't want to hear one more complaint from you guys about not getting laid. You are taking a perfectly cool thing, a guitar, and nerding it up to the maximum. Shame on you!
  • by Wag ( 102501 ) on Friday March 08, 2002 @10:39AM (#3130033)
    Where does it end?

    I can see it now,

    The Darth Maul 2-Headed Dildo...
  • I'm sure the guys in Grand Moff Tarkin [] will be retrofitting their gear with 'em.
  • by Triv ( 181010 )
    Don't forget - Lucas doesn't get paid for his movies, he retains the merchandising rights instead.

    I think someone might be getting a wee bit greedy...:)

  • of course the Dale Ernhardt Les Paul is no joy either.
  • I'm sorry but either I'd sling one of suckers round my neck as a joke (and they cost more than a joke.)

    Or it would be an admission that I had never crawled out of my parents basement den and had no life (which would make anything I'd play into a joke 'cause I'd have nothing to put into it.)
    Some ideas are stoo-pud. This is one of 'em.
  • these premium Japanese instruments showcase stunning Star Wars graphics created by using a revolutionary computer controlled painting process

    Is the increase in ads on Slashdot now extends to putting advertising copy into the text of the story?
  • Electric Guitars! Yeah, Baby!
  • I wish I could say that this is unbelievable, but it isn't. After the hack job that Lucas did to re-release Star Wars (you CANNOT tell me that the new Jabba scene was any good, Han's arm passes thru his head for gosh sake!) to generate new revenue.

    I cringe every time I hear Lucas say that he finally made Star Wars like he originally meant to. Gimme a break! And now he's branding guitars of all things? But really, it isn't a suprise, Star Wars was the first of the over-commercialized movies so there's no reason for them to stop now.

    What's next? Cars? How about a Milennium Falcon SUV? I might buy one of those...

  • The only way I'd get one of these things would be if they had a Darth Maul double necked version. That'd be sweet.
  • Just to bring slash back to our normal discussion on computers, I wonder what a guitar cut from a pure silicon crystal would sound like. When fabs start using 16" wafers, I want a 1 inch slice with a neck and pickups.

    What is the natural resonate frequency of current 8 inch wafers? Could you embed a resonate noise source in the bedrock near a fab and ruin all their chips?

    I better shut up before some Mac zealot fixes Dresden and Malaysia; "So pc's have made it to .13 process huh? Well, I'll show the world that Macs are still better!! *maniacal laughing*"
  • In Japan, you can get the PaRappa the Rapper guitar [].

  • The guitars themselves look very stupid. The Boba Fet knob is going on my list though.
  • Knowing what big fans they are of Star Wars, it won't be long before the boys are all playing one of these out on tour!

    Umm. Oh yeah.

  • by pete-classic ( 75983 ) <> on Friday March 08, 2002 @02:35PM (#3131286) Homepage Journal
    Many of you may be aware that during the production of Return of the Jedi the title Revenge of the Jedi was used to mislead knock-off merchandise manufactures.

    Lucas has pulled this old trick out of the bag. Let me be the first to announce that the actual title of Star Wars: Episode II is to be Attack of the Marketing Drones .

  • "The is a great disturbance in the Force, like a million voices crying out and then suddenly the sound board went dead."

  • I could see French or Japanese Rock bands being into this sort of thing...

    Note: I use the term "Rock Band" loosely where the French are concerned because everyone knows there's no such thing as a French Rock Band...
    What is the first thing a French Rock Band does when it gets together? Argues about what colour it's guitars are going to be!

    (You have to be a guitar player to appreciate that joke)

    And the the Japanese? Well there's Loudness [] (Roudness?) "Lock and loll!"
    Need I day more?

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