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Farscape to Return? Is Sci-Fi Channel Redeemed? 236

Cyno01 writes "I was just watching Firefly and switching to Taken during commercials (i'm a thief i know), and I caught a commercial for Sci-Fi 2003. It looks like there's going to be a few new actual sci-fi shows, and some not. Tremors: The Series, Children of Dune and another talkshow-esq looking thing called The Dream Team with Annabelle and Michael. Also it looks like Stargate: SG1 and yes, Farscape, are still alive and kicking."
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Farscape to Return? Is Sci-Fi Channel Redeemed?

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  • by Anonymous Coward
    People still watch Television?

    I thought that went out of style after they cancelled ST:TNG?
  • by puto ( 533470 ) on Saturday December 07, 2002 @10:10AM (#4832244) Homepage
    Nooo lord please no.... I am puring kerosene in my eyes now.

    • The first Tremors movie was great. So there.

    • Tremors: The Series
      Season 1, Episode 1

      [town hick]
      Whoa Sher'f, y'all feel that tremor? Felt sorta like one o' them big ol' worms..
      [sheriff] naw, them worms 're all kil'd off..
      . much later
      Season 13, Episode 9

      [town hick]
      Whoa Sher'f, y'all feel that tremor? Felt sorta like one o' them big ol' worms..
      [sheriff] naw, them worms 're all kil'd off..

  • possibly (Score:5, Informative)

    by RobertTaylor ( 444958 ) <roberttaylor1234&gmail,com> on Saturday December 07, 2002 @10:12AM (#4832251) Homepage Journal
    Why no link [] directly to the latest farscape news? Or perhaps the Cancellation FAQ [] and get some real facts!

    A novel concept for /. no doubt ;)
  • Farscape (Score:4, Informative)

    by cat_jesus ( 525334 ) on Saturday December 07, 2002 @10:13AM (#4832256)
    Is still canceled.
    • They can't afford to produce Farscape, and pay for the rights to rerun Lost In Space, so they are going with Lost In Space. That show was such a hit that the Star Dreck people ripped it off to make Voyager.
  • Farscape (Score:4, Informative)

    by zaren ( 204877 ) <> on Saturday December 07, 2002 @10:13AM (#4832258) Homepage Journal
    Don't forget that they finished shooting the rest of hte shows for this seasn, and SciFi has stated that they will be releasing those shows starting in January. It's possible they're going to continue the series... then again, it's possible they're just using the material they have left, with no intention to continue the series past the new episodes they've shot.
    • Re:Farscape (Score:5, Informative)

      by Photon Ghoul ( 14932 ) on Saturday December 07, 2002 @10:25AM (#4832289)
      Exactly. Just because they are still promoting the final episodes of the series does not mean that it is now back in production. They are simply trying to squeeze what they can out of the rest of their investment by promoting the last of the season.

      *mumbles something about a Slashdot story based off of some guy's malinformed impression of a TV commercial he saw as he was swapping back and forth between two shows*
  • by CuriousKangaroo ( 543170 ) on Saturday December 07, 2002 @10:14AM (#4832260)
    They're only going to be showing the still unaired last half of the fourth season of Farscape.

    After that, it's over, ending in a helluva cliffhanger.

    No Farscape for you!

  • I thought... (Score:5, Interesting)

    by Hawkeye_RC5 ( 258133 ) on Saturday December 07, 2002 @10:14AM (#4832263)
    That Sci-Fi was going to air the last few episodes of Season 4 somewhere in 2003. If this is what the original poster saw, then this is a non-event.

    What would be really interesting, and my question for Santa Claus this year, is that SciFi is going for another Season of Farscape, and perhaps even more. I know, it costs a lot of money, but it's damn well the best (Sci Fi) series I've ever seen...
  • Tremors? (Score:3, Interesting)

    by Anonymous Coward on Saturday December 07, 2002 @10:15AM (#4832265)
    What a fucking joke, a marginal movie made into a series? Spend the money on Farscape and dump this dog NOW!!!
    • Tremors:TS looks like it will be -fun-. There's been a real lacking in action-adventure stuff on TV, and Farscape just seemed to mix up action-adventure with drama a bit too ineffectively for my tastes. I couldn't watch three episodes in a row without thinking "Damn muppets" or "This is boring". I've got some hope for Tremors, but I'm prepared for it to really suck.

      From looking at the site, the premise, and the character bios, they might have a pretty decent shot at making a show that's actually watchable. And it's got Burt Gummer. If you've seen Tremors 3, you'll know that even if the movies weren't high-quality cinema, that Burt can just be a fun damn character to watch in action.

      I'll admit, it's hard to give a logical explanation of why I'm looking forward to the series, but I am. And hey, they're getting Christopher Lloyd for two episodes to play a mad scientist.
  • Great! (Score:4, Funny)

    by DAldredge ( 2353 ) <SlashdotEmail@GMail.Com> on Saturday December 07, 2002 @10:17AM (#4832269) Journal
    Now I can watch MUPPETS IN SPACE! again!

  • Don't think so... (Score:3, Informative)

    by sparkler ( 115294 ) on Saturday December 07, 2002 @10:19AM (#4832279)
    You obviously haven't even read the very links you posted! Check out the Farscape link and you will find (sadly) that the Sci-Fi channel is just running the episodes already filmed to finish season 4! According to the FAQ, the show has been cancelled and will not be returning for another season. (They will however, undoubtedly be endlessly re-running the shows already made.)
  • by bryan1945 ( 301828 ) on Saturday December 07, 2002 @10:28AM (#4832297) Journal
    The commercial for "Tremors: The Series" looks like a cross between the 1st Tremors movie and the "Dukes of Hazzard". The Dream thingy commercial is a bunch of women talking about how they have lesbian dreams. Stargate and Farscape seem ok, so far.

    Overall, though, Sci-Fi is really turning into Shit-Fi. I didn't mind the horror movies as much as everyone else, since I like horror movies, this past Tuesday I stayed home 'cause I was sick, and all that was on Sci-Fi was 1 mystery and 2 thrillers, with only a minor sci-fi tie in.

    Long have the days of petitioning Sci-Fi to re-up Bab5 or Crusade gone past.

    So sad.
  • Dream Team (Score:3, Funny)

    by thellamaman ( 631602 ) on Saturday December 07, 2002 @10:30AM (#4832301) Homepage
    If the preview for the truly awful-looking Dream Team is any indication, the show is going to go something like this:

    Dreamer: OK, so I had this dream last night..
    Host A: Repressed lesbian fantasies!
    Dreamer: No, wait, there wasn't even a girl in the dream!
    Host B: Repressed lesbian fantasies!
    Dreamer: I'm not even a woman!
    Host A: Repressed lesbian fantasies!
    • Re:Dream Team (Score:4, Interesting)

      by Chanc_Gorkon ( 94133 ) <> on Saturday December 07, 2002 @10:47AM (#4832349)
      Really. I mean Annabelle was kind of funny on Dinner and Movie, but be honest, we did not really tune into see the dinner being cooked. We tuned in to SEE THE MOVIE!! Dinner and a Movie has just turned into an extra ad now with the hosts holding up a bottle of Dasani Nutri-Water or the "product" of the week. It's not even so much about the dish. Although they did come up with some fun dish names like Hail to the Chef State of the Onion Frittata for the movie The American President, or Obi-Wan Cannelloni for Star Wars. Now it seems like they either advertise an ingredient or a beverage in addition to the commercials they show also. Also the Man Made Movie thing sucks too. Granted the movies are ok, but I would rather see a Geek Made Movie where the show would show you how to build a geek friendly, yet wife friendly house with cat 5 in every room bewteen breaks of movies like Hackers and The Matrix.
    • Wasn't Annabelle on that hosted movie show where they cooked a meal each time? It was on TNT or UPN or something.
  • by jackb_guppy ( 204733 ) on Saturday December 07, 2002 @10:31AM (#4832308)

    A small clip from the SCIFI-FAQ: []

    Additionally, in past seasons, Farscape had built upon its lead-in program (i.e., had more viewers than the program preceding it - a standard industry indicator of a show's success). For example, during the summer of 2001, Farscape increased 44% in ratings and 51% in households over its lead-in, The Invisible Man. However, this past summer, Farscape lost 29% of its lead-in program in terms of ratings, and 27% in households.

    Based on this FarScape lost market share when SciFi cancelled I-Man. Two great campy shows work better than one.

    I guess I can not understand network programming.

    PS: When you go to the FarScape page... A pop-up about the cancelation appears. My guess it is still cancelled.

    • by puto ( 533470 ) on Saturday December 07, 2002 @10:45AM (#4832344) Homepage
      I agree with you. I had been living in South America for the past few years and when I got home I was looking for some Sci_Fi goodness after two years of 10 channel cable and dial up acess. So i decide to start up on farscape and caught some episodes about the invisible man and fell in love with the show.

      IT was campy sort of a mix between:

      1.Max Headroom(Edison had the brit fiora chick as a controller always a little sexual tension, invisible man has brit chick doctor.

      2. The Hulk - Ivisible man gets to much quicksilver in the system and starts bugging out.

      Edge of Night(whatever that vampire show is with Skanky and the vampire is a cop) Just like the Invisible Man he was an asshole in the past and is atoning for his sins, using his power for good, but they both lapse into old ways sometimes.

      And you know, I never really made it to Farscape, cause I liked the invisible man so much, and I didnt realize I was watching an old show.

    • Hmmm... seems to me when they canceled invisible man they started time slot shuffling and running horribly out of order reruns... Gee, why would a sometimes it's on sometimes it's not and if it is on it's a rerun you've seen five times airing approach lower ratings?
    • That is somewhat of a contradiction. Why did FarScape's ratings go down after the cancellation of I-Man, but not recover while being paired with the hit series SG1? I believe the answer is that FarScape's early success had nothing to do with the fact it was paired with I-Man. Maybe, FarScape's fourth season really is not as good as the previous three seasons.

      I actually stopped watching after the third season. IMHO Farscape really does not deserve to be cancelled after one bad season. They should have just lowered the production costs of the series and released a final fifth season.
  • Farscape (Score:5, Informative)

    by edo-01 ( 241933 ) on Saturday December 07, 2002 @10:41AM (#4832335)
    Well, we wrap work on the VFX for episode 422 this week, and once that's done we're archiving everything to DLT and going our seperate ways... as far as I know it's still over.

    I was at Animal Logic last week and asked our producer if she'd heard anything different from Andrew (one of the exec producers) - nada. It's all winding down - on Thursday we hit a local pub for the VFX wrap party then that's it :-(

    Anyway, at this point I'm rooting for Firefly ;-)

    • Re:Farscape (Score:3, Interesting)

      by Photon Ghoul ( 14932 )
      Firefly started off, in my opinion, extremely boring. I continued watching it because there isn't much else on television that is science-fiction and I don't like Trek at all.

      The last two or three episodes have become interesting. I'll miss the dark feel of Farscape and will never get over the western feel of Firefly... but if it actually makes it for a few seasons this may prove to be a very interesting ride.
      • Re:Farscape (Score:4, Funny)

        by Twirlip of the Mists ( 615030 ) <> on Saturday December 07, 2002 @11:43AM (#4832592)
        The last two or three episodes have become interesting.

        Interesting? Is that the best you can do? Did you even watch "War Stories?"

        Zoe: Hold it, Jayne. This is something the captain's gotta do for himself.

        Mal: (fighting, muffled) No, it's not!

        Zoe: Oh. (everybody opens fire)
        • Re:Farscape (Score:4, Interesting)

          by Photon Ghoul ( 14932 ) on Saturday December 07, 2002 @11:53AM (#4832638)
          Yes and it is probably the episode that got me to think that "okay this series will keep getting better". To me "interesting" is a very good compliment for television programming because I can't stand and do not watch it. Farscape was the only thing I watched regularly. I generally don't watch TV (I only wanted cable for Farscape) because not much of it is appealing enough for me to sit and stare at a box fed programming by people that only think of me as another set of eyeballs for their advertisers.

          I like the character development of Firefly, as it's progressing *very* nicely. I like the humor and there is enough action to balance things out. There are also no punches pulled when it comes to the dirty and bloody things that they go through. And for the drooling-needs-sex-badly-"boobies!" set there was a great woman-woman kissing scene last night. Although you will be dissapointed because it was done in good taste (network TV and all that).

          The western theme is a serious negative for me, though. So much, that when I hear the theme song I wonder if it's really a show I want to watch.
          • And for the drooling-needs-sex-badly-"boobies!" set there was a great woman-woman kissing scene last night.

            "Our Mrs. Reynolds" actually had a much hotter girl-girl scene, although nothing happened. It was all steamy eye-contact and double entendres and whatnot. Hot as fire, though.

            The western theme is a serious negative for me, though.

            Matter of taste, I suppose. Personally I love it. Such a refreshing change from the aseptic Star Treks and the wormholes-and-wacky-aliens Farscape.

            I guess it all comes down to bullets for me. Although I didn't plan it this way, I've found that I will watch any sci-fi show where they use bullets instead of laser guns or whatever. "Firefly" and "Stargate SG-1" are my two big ones these days.

            I particularly liked Zoe's little side-comment to Simon last night, as she handed him a revolver. "Six shots, the drop it. Just move on."
            • I love that they still use guns, but i gotta wonder if our standard gunpowder recipe has changed in 500 years. Last night all the gunfire sounded a lot different from what you hear on cop shows, action movies etc. Not that any of those sound like real gunfire, but still.
              • Yeah, I've been trying to rationalize that all day. I mean, we can start with the fact, like you said, that TV gunfire doesn't sound at all like real gunfire. Pistols don't go "blam!" Pistols go "pop!" Pistols on "Firefly" almost go "ping!"

                If I figure out an explanation for that one that makes sense in the context of the show, I'll let you know. But until then, I'm putting it in the same category as the ubiquitous artificial gravity: it just is, and the fact that it is isn't relevant to the story, so don't worry about it.
                • My guess is that most of the guns are probably minature rail guns - using magnetic acceleration to propel the bullets.

                  Actually makes sense in a way. Assuming that we don't end up with phasers or some other energy-based weapon:

                  We'll inevitably continue the current bullet-kevlar battle... as they make better stronger kevlar, people will keep developing bullets to pierce it

                  Next assumption: At some point, the kevlar gets good enough that nothing you can do to the bullet lets you pierce it. Might break a few ribs, but no penetration.

                  So what's the next step? Add more energy to the bullet. Can't really increase the mass, so increase the speed... assuming no massive improvements in gunpowder efficiency are available, the next logical step is to dump gunpowder, and go with something next-gen, like magnetic acceleration.

                  Granted, this could all just be my pipe-dream, but it makes sense.

                  (And Whedon, if you see this, feel free to name the inventor of the magnetic guns after me in an aside from one of the characters... I'd prefer Kaylee. Thanks.)
                  • My guess is that most of the guns are probably minature rail guns - using magnetic acceleration to propel the bullets.

                    Hmm. Sounds like kind of a reach to me. Railguns require enormous amounts of electrical power to accelerate even bullet-sized masses to dangerous speeds, and the guns they use on the show are small. They could be equipped with some kind of super-batteries, but that has all sorts of implications. Can's open, worms everywhere, and so on.

                    No, I think it's better to just assume that the guns are your typical chemical type, and that the bullets are powered by gunpowder or something like it, and that they sound different from real guns because of... oh, let's say magic.

                    Besides, remember the scene in "Our Mrs. Reynolds" when Mal wanted to use Vera to shoot their way through the net? They had to wrap her in a space suit because she needed ambient air to fire. Needing ambient air implies the need for an oxidizer, which implies combustion, which leads to the conclusion that it's gunpowder or something like it.

                    And Whedon, if you see this....

                    He hates it when people call him "Whedon." He doesn't even like "Mr. Whedon." It's just "Joss." ;-)
                    • Hehehe, didn't want to be overly familar... :) I'll be better from now on and call him Joss.

                      Does Vera make the "ping" noise? Perhaps Jayne is so attached to "her" because she's the real deal.

                      But you're right, it's all a reach, as I pretty much said. Of course, I'm waiting for the explanation on how anti-gravity works. Heck, if they can do that, why not zero-point energy extraction in a handgun. :)
                    • Does Vera make the "ping" noise?

                      Didn't notice. Good question, though.

                      Of course, I'm waiting for the explanation on how anti-gravity works.

                      That's in the writer's guide. (Well, not anti-gravity, but rather ship's artificial gravity, which is what I assume you meant.) It's right there in black and white: the answer is magic. Ship's artificial gravity works by magic, which is to say that it's not important to the story, and it will never be important to the story. So don't worry about it. And if that's good enough for the writers, it's good enough for me. ;-)
                    • Hehehe.. okay. Got a link for that writer's guide? Sounds interesting..

                      So let's call a truce, and just declare the gun pings to be created by magic as well. :)

                    • Got a link for that writer's guide?

                      No, it's definitely not on the web. As far as I know, it exists only in three-ring-binder form.
                    • Gunpowders have oxidizers already in them. Just an FYI.

                      Yeah, I thought that might be true as I was writing my post, but I was too lazy to fact-check myself. Oops.

                      Can gunpowder burn, then, in a vacuum? Or does it still require ambient oxygen to ignite?
                    • shell ejection wouldn't be an issue with a vacumn. it'd probably actually be easier in a vacumn. guns rarely fire well underwater because the increased friction of the water prevents the bolt from fully locking. any time that happens, the weapon simply will not fire, as a saftey measure. if the bolt's not fully seated and locked, the bullet will detonate instead of firing.

                      overheating is a serious issue with guns. I was a machinegunner for a year in US Army. it's not a matter of the gun being too hot to handle, you can always wear heat resistant gloves for that. Nomex was a godsend to the infantry. the issue with overheating is that the metal expansion will affect normal function of the weapon. the first part of a gun to overheat is the barrel, for obvious reasons. once the barrel gets overheated, it will expand and hamper the casing from being extracted and ejected. once that begins to happen, the overall cycle of the gun will slow down. I've seen a M240B machinegun go from 850 rounds per minute, to about 400, in the course of about 10,000 rounds, fired in controlled bursts.

                      a pistol is much less prone to overheating, simply because it does not put that many bullets out at once. honestly, I think that the "has to have atmosphere to fire" bit was just oversight on the script writers. most civilians don't know anything about guns or physics.

                      as far as the refreshing amount of guns as opposed to laser weapons, I think murphy's law would apply. "anything that can go wrong, will go wrong." hand lasers may be practical in this future setting, but simply too much of a pain in the ass to upkeep, fix and purchase, whereas gunpowder-based guns have been around for several centuries, are cheap and are proven and refined weapons.
                  • They don't have 6 shooter rail guns. Look more closely next ep.
                    • First of all, given that this is in the *future*, who are any of us to say what they do and do not have, until it's established. Maybe they *do* have 6 shooter rail guns then. Silly I know, but until it's in the show one way or the other.

                      I also saw a post somewhere - maybe on the Usenet group - that someone said the revolver chamber wasn't actually revolving. Didn't see that myself, but if so..

                      Oh well, it's just a show, and I'm far over-analyzing...
        • Re:Farscape (Score:4, Insightful)

          by edo-01 ( 241933 ) on Saturday December 07, 2002 @11:59AM (#4832662)
          Interesting? Is that the best you can do? Did you even watch "War Stories?" Zoe: Hold it, Jayne. This is something the captain's gotta do for himself. Mal: (fighting, muffled) No, it's not! Zoe: Oh. (everybody opens fire)

          I *love* this show - the exact moment I fell in love was at the end of the first episode, when Mal kicked the bad-guy into the engines - my eyes bugged out and I literally nearly spat coke over the screen.

          Firefly has excellent production values (look at 'Ariel' - that episode looks like a feature film for chrissakes), the VFX are exquisite, and I say that with all due jealousy and admiration:-)

          I'm constantly delighted and surprised by every episode and have yet to see one I haven't enjoyed (and I *hate* westerns)

          • the exact moment I fell in love was at the end of the first episode, when Mal kicked the bad-guy into the engines

            Right there with you. And amazingly, that hasn't been the high point of the show so far. Every week the bar gets bumped just a little bit higher. I'm still laughing about, "I'll learn as I go. (cut) So now I'm learning about carrying." Heh.

            the VFX are exquisite

            Man, yeah. I don't know anything about how they do things over there, but the 3D tracking can't be beat. Handheld background plates with CGI effects composited in, and the effects are positive bolted down. Really outstanding stuff.

            Where the show really shines, though, is in the sets. They built the whole set for the Serenity, spent a fortune on it. It's like being there. Just amazing.

            I'm constantly delighted and surprised by every episode and have yet to see one I haven't enjoyed

            Yeah, the whole not-doing-too-well-in-the-ratings thing is kind of a letdown. Fox has been as supportive as anybody could ask so far, but it's tough going into the holidays not knowing what's going to happen. After he wrapped "War Stories," Joss said something like, "If we never make another one, I'm satisfied." Which is saying a whole heck of a lot, coming from him.
            • ... according to fans online, Fox has run about 2 promos for the show? Since.. ever!
              Ironic then, that another channel are running lots of promos for a canceled show.. tsk tsk
              • ... according to fans online, Fox has run about 2 promos for the show? Since.. ever!

                That's not exactly accurate. Fox has spent quite a bit on marketing for the show, even going so far as to set up a pretty impressive official web site with message boards and whatnot. They didn't have to do that. Fox spent a blessed fortune on the pilot-- the sets alone cost more than most episodes. When they got a pilot that wasn't exactly what they wanted, they could have cancelled the show completely and put the pilot on a shelf, but they didn't. They ordered some more episodes and decided to give it a shot.

                And the most important thing is that they don't show up at story meetings every Tuesday with a briefcase full of notes. Amazingly, there hasn't been one "more sex," "more proactive," or "can you Rastify him by about 10%?"

                Fox could have been a lot worse.
                • >>... according to fans online, Fox has run about
                  >>2 promos for the show? Since.. ever!
                  >That's not exactly accurate.

                  Actually yes it is, that is what fans are claiming - but i surmised I understand what you mean :)

                  > Fox has spent quite a bit on marketing for the

                  Well, that's not what people on or the offical board say, nor what they say in or - of course they may have been looking in the wrong direction.

                  > even going so far as to set up a pretty
                  >impressive official web site with message boards
                  >and whatnot.

                  Well, your milage may vary, but I don't think the official website is particularly impressive, and the messageboard is the one fox generally uses to all shows, simply adding some areas for Firefly is not that big a deal. However, the board is very interesting given that most of the actors hang out there inbetween shots, and some of them are down right chatty, and all come across as likeable people(instead of egomaniacs).

                  >They didn't have to do that.

                  I disagree. Because:

                  > Fox spent a blessed fortune on the pilot-- the
                  >sets alone cost more than most episodes.

                  If that is the case, one would think that they most definately would drum up interest to protect their investment.

                  > When they got a pilot that wasn't exactly what
                  >they wanted, they could have cancelled the show
                  >completely and put the pilot on a shelf, but
                  >they didn't. They ordered some more episodes and
                  >decided to give it a shot.

                  I suspect Berman likes Whedon from the old days... alas, money is her master in the end...

                  >And the most important thing is that they don't
                  >show up at story meetings every Tuesday with a
                  >briefcase full of notes. Amazingly, there hasn't
                  >been one "more sex," "more proactive," or "can
                  >you Rastify him by about 10%?"

                  This is of course paramount, that the tomato salesmen stay out of it - of course a cynic might say that its because they have already decided to cancel the show so they don't bother...

                  Don't get me wrong, i very much hope that they will keep their hands of it, place it in a good spot and run tons of promos so that it will grow into what they consider a hit... i just get a bit nervous when i read all the voices say that 'hiatus' is just another word for 'canceled'...

                  (And here hexapodia is not the key insight ;-)

                  • Well, that's not what people on or the offical board say....

                    Can't say I'm too familiar with those sources; I don't spend a lot of time looking at any of those. But I did get something from Joss earlier tonight that implied that I was a wee bit mistaken. That is, I was right, but not completely so. I humbly corrected myself here [].

                    (And here hexapodia is not the key insight ;-)

                    Hexapodia is always the key insight. If it doesn't seem that way, it's just because you don't have all the facts yet.
                    • >>(And here hexapodia is not the key insight ;-)

                      >Hexapodia is always the key insight. If it
                      >doesn't seem that way, it's just because you
                      >don't have all the facts yet.

                      I admit to not being omnipotent ;)
                      (perhaps its just this zone that is slowing me down though :)

              • Okay, so I have to eat a little crow here. Earlier I wrote that Fox has spent a lot on promotion. Turns out that this is, while accurate, not entirely complete. They spent a fortune on early promotion, before the show premiered, but ever since... well, I'll just quote what Joss wrote.
                Needless to say, I'm BOWLED over by the RELENTLESS promotion our mother network has given the show. With the kind of campaign that can't help but reach hundreds of dozens of households, we can't fail to DEVOUR our timeslot.
          • Yeah, I too am addicted to the show. I hope Fox keeps it going, and if not maybe some other network will pick it up.
            • SciFi will probably pick it up, fool with the timeslot and cancel it because it lost ratings when compared to the original timeslot. They're quickly becoming as pathetic as the USA network.
    • Farscape is gone, Firefly is still alive - so start early saving it!

      Quality manages.. hang on, what am i saying this is for profit tv... oh well
  • Animated Farscape (Score:2, Interesting)

    by lunadude ( 449261 )
    Anyone know of progress on the rumored animated version? Wasn't ADV involved somhow?
  • Has anyone been watching Taken by Steven Spielberg? that's good. Think Scifi has redeemed itself...i's a 20 hour miniseries for cryin out loud...=D Taken of Scifi []
  • by frenchgates ( 531731 ) on Saturday December 07, 2002 @11:36AM (#4832557)
    ...imagine Comedy Central without the Daily Show: all Mannequin 2, all the time. A pageant of mediocrity and under-achievement.

    They show cheap, mostly bad sequel films out of some library of second rate productions I assume they have some kind of generic access Turner Classic Movies showing the films they already own.

    Now they have canned the origial Star Trek (the only reason I watched Sci Fi) even though they have exclusive broadcast rights for the next several years.

    Basically they suck.
  • I'm sorry to see Farscape go, though I am glad that Stargate SG1 is getting a 7th season. Stargate may not be groundbreaking or visionary, but it's not bad compared to much television science fiction. Consider this comparison: in the most recent episode of 'Enterprise,' the ship encountered a black hole which for some unexplained reason turned everybody on the ship into an obsessive-compulsive (maybe the black hole was emitting 'a*s*ole rays'). In the Stargate episode in which the SGC encountered a black hole, what did they experience? Time dilation, gravity waves, tidal forces, increased gravity - and they still made a pretty good story out of it.
  • by Cyberllama ( 113628 ) on Saturday December 07, 2002 @12:13PM (#4832743)
    It hasn't been cancelled in the sense that they won't show it anymore, just that they won't buy any new episodes. The 13 episodes slated to start airing in January are the last 13, they were the ones being finished up when the word came down that sci-fi wasn't ordering anymore.
  • by AugstWest ( 79042 ) on Saturday December 07, 2002 @12:20PM (#4832779)
    The bastards canceled MST3K.
  • by Cyno01 ( 573917 ) <> on Saturday December 07, 2002 @12:21PM (#4832780) Homepage
    To everyone who's bitching that farscape is still cancled, what i meant by it is that it will still be on this season, with new episodes next month. If people are a little confused, my original title for this article was

    2002-12-07 02:21:20 Sci-Fi Channel's Not Dead Yet (articles,tv) (accepted)

    IMO they should keep Farscape, its one of the best Sci-Fi shows thats been on this millenium, but if they can't afford it, i guess cancling it is better then the Sci-Fi channel going bankrupt and being bought by FOX or something.
    • but if they can't afford it, i guess cancling it is better then the Sci-Fi channel going bankrupt and being bought by FOX or something.

      I don't see how that's better - I don't have my Farscape either way...

  • They are airing commercials for Farscape but as far as I know the show is still canceled. The episodes that they will be airing in Jan 2003 will be the last 11 episodes of the 4th season if I recall correctly.
  • by mraymer ( 516227 ) <mraymer&centurytel,net> on Saturday December 07, 2002 @01:18PM (#4833037) Homepage Journal
    Hey, editors, let me clear something up...

    First off, his name is John Edward. There is no "S" in Edward. Lastly, you didn't finish it... you should have said he is a big douche. Yet, that would still be incorrect. As we all know from South Park, John Edward is the biggest douche in the universe. Also, if he really believes that dead people talk to him, then he's a stupid douche.

  • Children of Dune (Score:3, Interesting)

    by Sayjack ( 181286 ) on Saturday December 07, 2002 @01:24PM (#4833063) Homepage
    Am I the only one who is more excited about the prospect of another Dune movie? The SCIFI version of Dune was so much better than the Hollywood rendition. So much so that it was ridiculous.

    They're hitting the dryer portion of the series but it puts them a movie (2 books) closer to what I thought was the best parts of the Dune series; the latter post-God-Emperor-Leto books.

    I just hope they cast the roles of young Leto and Ghola Duncan Idaho appropriately. Dune ruined me for other science fiction in that most stuff I have read since inhaling the series seems superficial in comparison. Dune's deep plotlines which take many books to unravel.

    I'd also like to point out that the prequel novels undertaken by Frank's son Brian and sci-fi novelist Kevin J. Anderson really augmented my appreciation for how well thought out the Dune series really was. Much to my surprise, the Dune legacy is well represented by the collaboration of these two authors.

    On a side note, I don't think the studios appreciate the fact that good science fiction movies/series might not bring in the immediate blockbuster bucks at the box office, but their shelf life is much greater than the latest Schwartzeneger film for example. Sci fi buffs will watch their favorite movies every time they come on, buy the DVD and other related items. The returns don't necessarily show up immediately, but the revenue is there. It's a sign of the stock market mentality ** MAKE MONEY NOW ** with little long term strategy...
    • Re:Children of Dune (Score:3, Interesting)

      by evenprime ( 324363 )
      Am I the only one who is more excited about the prospect of another Dune movie?

      No, you are not the only one. I was thrilled when I saw the commercial.

      The SCIFI version of Dune was so much better than the Hollywood rendition. So much so that it was ridiculous.

      I agree wholeheartedly. The CGI worms were a bit weak in some scenes, but certainly no worse than the rendering in major studio movies like spiderman. The thing that really shined in the sci-fi channel's adaptation was the character development. There's no way to get a book like Dune into a two hour movie without slaughtering it. By using the mini-series format, Sci-Fi allowed themselves more time to include details from the book.

      A good example of this was their decision to show fremen-piloted 'thopters being used in the final battle. It's been years since I read DUNE, but I seem to remember a section in the book where Paul was shown a captured ornithopter.

      Another good thing the sci-fi channel did was to have scenes that hinted at the future, like in Paul's vision of the sand worms prior to the battle. That scene showed the dunes turning into grass-covered hills. Obviously, that meant nothing to people new to Dune, but I was thrilled that they managed to slip that in.

      Minor annoyance: I'd like to just once see a Dune adaptation with an ornithopter that takes off by flapping its wings.
  • The Sci-Fi Channel can NEVER be redeemed. While the purpose of a TV network (broadcast or cable) is to make money, there are networks that do it while focusing on the content and at least pretending that they are doing what they do because they want to. (For all I know, they may actually NOT be just pretending, I don't know.) For example, TVLand (and it's sister/parent, Nick-at-Nite), Oxygen (for women), or Cartoon Network.

    Sci-Fi, and it's owner, USA Networks, has never been about anything BUT money. They aren't going to give a show a second chance if they think it's good and can build. If a show doesn't produce the numbers, it's out. It's like the short story (and Sci-Fi did a movie on this) "The Cold Equations." They're about numbers and nothing less. At one time they focused on Sci-Fi and aired shows that told intelligent stories. Now it's nothing more than the Grade-B-Hack-'n'-Slash-Bad-Horror-Movie Channel. But the movies they often show, while insulting our intelligence, make money, so they do it.

    Maybe it's worth it to get one or two movies a year that are fantastic (like their version of Dune). Personally, I stopped watching them years ago. I tuned in to watch a movie called "The Cube" and got so fed up with the commercial breaks that went on for 4 minutes (I timed them), that I set the VCR and left the room. I watched the rest later and haven't watch a single show on this channel since unless I could tape it and skip the commercials in playback.

    Since I had friends into Xena, I started watching Xena when they were showing several episodes a night -- but they aired it in (almost) reverse order (and, for those that don't know, Xena is a show with a strong story arc). When they started showing it from the beginning, every day, they ended it at the end of a quarter, without finishing up with the episodes they had. Then they ran Hercules in the same time the next quarter and ended that, without ending the series, at the end of the quarter. I gave up. I didn't want to get involved in any series and start enjoying it only to have the rug yanked out from under me and not be able to see it all the way through.

    There was also a well written and well acted show called "The Invisible Man." Sci-Fi stated that it needed to pull in certain numbers to remain on the air. It made those numbers, but they decided it wasn't doing well enough. At least they gave the prodcuers time to tie up the plot threads.

    Face it. Sci-Fi channel doesn't care about SF, they care about money. We'd all be better off if we stopped watching it, let their ratings drop, then only watched their network when they aired intelligent shows. Maybe we, as SF fans, have ourselves to blame -- we keep watching and giving them high numbers when they air crap. They make so much off the crap, they can afford to cancel the less profitable shows like Farscape.
  • Firefly's ratings for Friday Dec. 6 came in and were worse than the show's average. Unless they get a larger share soon, it's probably going to get the can in the near future.

    Say what you want about the start of the program, but this is seriously one of the highest quality shows put on broadcast TV in years. Last night had torture, severed body parts, some amazingly good masturbation jokes, execution-style murder, eastern philosophy, an assault on a space station, marital conflict, an role for each member of the ensemble cast that still managed to define and grow each character, and (at least last night) a hot lesbian sex scene.

    Also a badass schizophrenic psychic chick who was able to put down 3 commandos with 3 shots, while her eyes are shut.

    I know I'm raving here, but I need to go one further. The show revels in setting up situations like the ones you've seen in every other television show, and then cutting the moment off at the knees.

    For example: Force a woman to choose between her husband and her best friend that she's known longer and trusts more. The one left behind will be tortured to death. They've spent the whole first 20+ minutes of the episode setting up this conflict and they're due for a commercial any time now, so it's no surprise when the following exchange begins:

    Villain: "I think you can have just one. Which wou-"
    Character: "HIM!" (points at husband) "You _were_ going to ask me to choose, right?"

    The villain looks like someone just took his favorite toy away.

    Farscape may be gone, but given a chance Firefly can become just as important to the sci-fi pantheon. There's 2 episodes with definite airdates left, one of which is the (reportedly not very good) unaired pilot episode.

    Give it a watch during December and you'll be doing yourself a favor.
    • There's 2 episodes with definite airdates left, one of which is the (reportedly not very good) unaired pilot episode.

      Yes, 1x00 was pretty poor. Shame they didn't write it off and reshoot something stronger -- I'm sure if it had been shown as the pilot it would have damaged further ratings pretty badly :/

      Of course, it might have been better without the crappy VCD format I saw it in ;)

      (And yes, I'm currently downloading 1x09 -- we don't get Fox in the UK)
  • Sci-Fi has changed how they do programming, from what I've read/heard. Now, instead of doing series (we'll mention a few I loved that were cancelled - G vs. E, Invisible Man, Farscape), they'll do events (Dune, Taken, Firestarter), and apparently they can make enough money off of it to stop doing series (except for Stargate - add obligatory "how the frell did Farscape get canned and this piece of drek extended?" reference here).

    And I'll breeze by the fact that Straczynski's "Legend of the Rangers" never went beyond the pilot, due to the fact that they're moving away from Space Opera.

    But, we have a way to stop this. And I'm deadly serious. Don't watch the events. It's that simple. Show them that you don't care that they spent x million dollars on , that you want series. And do it by not watching the events initially. If you want, watch it the second time around. It's not like they're not going to show it a few more times, before the DVD release.

    So, sit back, and wait 3 more months for Taken, Firestarter Remake 3, etc. And then tell them why you're not watching.

    Fortunately, there's been a good amount of science fiction on for the past couple of years, and not on the Sci-Fi channel. But if they can survive by doing one gigantic event a quarter (read the old press releases), then they won't do series. Personally, I wish they could do like the Brits - a 6-episode run of a show. If it does well, another "season" next year. The problem is that Science Fiction is expensive to do, sets and all. They might need to avoid space opera, do more like I-man.

    Anyhow, time to go watch last night's tape of Firefly - 2nd time will hopefully be even better.

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