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Media Linux Business Software Linux Announces LQ Radio 11 writes "The first LQ Radio show was posted today. The show is hosted by the LQ forum founder jeremy and 3 panelists all of whom are forum moderators. Several topics are discussed including the groups views on the number of distributions that are now appearing, many of which are forks, and the recent OASIS open document formats. The LQ Radio site also hosts the LQ Podcasts and a recently started Interviews section such as this one with Tom Adelstein and Sam Hiser."
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  • Woah there... (Score:4, Informative)

    by Creepy Crawler ( 680178 ) on Tuesday May 17, 2005 @12:52AM (#12551422)
    ANy torrents out there? I just TRIED to download the 46.3 MB mp3 but not-so-surprisingly stalled at 450KB

    Guess they're slashdotted so Ill post the website text.


    LQ Radio Episode #1
    Filed under: LQ Radio -- jeremy @ 8:07 pm

    It's finally here - the inaugural episode of the LQ Radio Show. We're still working through some technical issues, but we are interested in any feedback you may have. In this episode we have me, jtshaw, mcleodnine and rshaw. We covered a variety of topics and overall I think the show came out quite well for a number one. Thanks to John, Dave and Robin for being the first panelists. Let us know what you want to see on the next LQ Radio Show.

    LQRadio-Episode1.mp3 []

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    May 14, 2005
    Site Clarification
    Filed under: LQ Radio, LQ Podcasts -- jeremy @ 4:20 pm

    I've received a few questions about the content here at the LQ Radio site, so I figured I'd take a couple minutes to clarify. The LQ Radio site will be the home to three distinct things:

    1) The LQ Radio Show
    2) LQ Radio Interviews
    3) The Podcast

    #1 and #2 will be posted to the "LQ Radio" category and the Podcast will go in the "LQ Podcast" category. It should also be noted that there are three different RSS feeds. One for the LQ Radio category, one of the Podcasts and one that includes both. Why three different RSS feeds? The Podcasts tend to be short, usually between 5-10 minutes while LQ radio content will be more like 45-90 minutes. This means much larger files in the LQ Radio feed. If you would simply like to get all content posted to this site, the combined feed [] is what you are looking for. If anyone has any questions, let me know.

    A couple other quick updates. The first LQ Radio show should be available tomorrow if everything goes according to plan - stay tuned. Also, when we first started doing the LQ Podcasts, we really weren't sure how things would work out. With the Podcasts now being regular and LQ Radio coming into the picture, we are dedicated to making this site and the audio content, the best it can be. We will slowly be doing equipment upgrades in the coming weeks and months so please bear with us. The next upgrade will be to a new mic, probably a Shure SM7b. One thing we need to improve is your feedback, so keep it coming. Thanks again for listening.

  • pretty good (Score:4, Insightful)

    by phloydphreak ( 691922 ) on Tuesday May 17, 2005 @12:53AM (#12551428) Journal
    The only problem i see so far is the change in volume level. I really enjoy their discussion about m$. Especially the comment by Jeremy about the failure of the media center and its transformation into the Xbox 360. It is pretty much slashdot, without the humor or flamebait. 2 and 1/2 stars. Glad I listened.
  • Hooray!! (Score:4, Interesting)

    by zappepcs ( 820751 ) on Tuesday May 17, 2005 @01:17AM (#12551546) Journal
    One more nail in the coffin of the old way of doing things. Podcasts and Internet broadcasting are the beginnings of a revolution of sorts. Digital media distribution *MUST* not be dictated by those that made their money on physical distribution until and unless they can show they know what they are doing. It is high time that digital content was distributed digitally in the way that the Internet was designed to distribute it.

    Yeah, I know, sounds like a troll-ish. Trouble is that there seems to be no place in particular to award such digital content distributors ... there is no Internet Emmy's or Tony's .... maybe there should be?

    I don't care whether the first shows are about pigs or making toothpicks as long as there are shows... "build it and they will come"

    Its just time for people to use the Internet as it was intended, to use it for freedom of information and to distribute information, free of the chains of old style distribution methods and business models.

    It about time.... about time that the RIAA and MPAA found out about this new thing called the Internet and what it can do for the world! Any startup is welcome in my mind, "build it and they will come"

    Yeah, I know that public/local access cable programs never really caught on, but I think that with a little effort, the Internet will catch on as a mainstream distribution medium. Not just for captain cable and aunt millie with her advice for growing roses, but for mainstream content, both video and music, news, weather, everything....

    Any effort, IMHO, is appreciated and applauded. Its time we set up some InternEmmy awards????
  • Ogg not advertised, but available here [].

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