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The Dueling Nerdcore Documentaries 164

Colin Reuter writes "There are not one but two feature-length documentary films in the works about the burgeoning nerdcore hip-hop scene. Nerdcore Rising from indie company Vaguely Qualified Productions in NY focuses on the founder of the "movement," MC Frontalot, and features MC Hawking, mc chris, Weird Al Yankovic, Brian Posehn, Daily Show personnel, and dozens of aspiring nerdcore rappers from around the country. The competing movie, Nerdcore For Life from Chicago's Crapbot Productions covers many of the same personalities, getting the backstory on more than twenty young nerd rappers including ytcracker, MC++, and Lords of the Rhymes. With two movies duking it out, the print edition of Wired profiling the rappers, and the Associated Press getting onboard, is nerdcore going to turn into a legitimate subgenre? Or will this always be our dirty little secret?"
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The Dueling Nerdcore Documentaries

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  • by spezz ( 150943 ) on Friday December 15, 2006 @01:36PM (#17258006)
    MF Doom [] should be in this list. He's more "real" rap I suppose because he's got more street cred and Melanin than some of those listed, but he wears a damn Dr. Doom mask and has a whole supervillain persona.

    Plus he's got Stan Lee samples on his albums. How dorky is that?

    Also, have the older "rap is crap" crowd taken the day off because usually these stories have whole threads about how music died in the 60's?

  • Re:Shudder (Score:1, Interesting)

    by TodMinuit ( 1026042 ) <todminuit AT gmail DOT com> on Friday December 15, 2006 @01:56PM (#17258272)
    He's done two parodies which could be considered nerdcore. He's also parody grunge, R&B, country, and so on. Does that mean he's an established grunge, R&B, country, and so on artist? I think not.
  • by TadMSTR ( 996071 ) on Friday December 15, 2006 @03:10PM (#17259390)
    I first got started on nerdcore with MC Chris. I didn't even know it as nerdcore then. Some time later I discovered there were more artists doing this kind of music. Forget how I heard of them, probably IRC. Started off with the Rhymetorrent site. Its stuff I can relate to and the beats are actually good. Its nice to see that its growing. I look forward to watching the 2 films. Best of all most of the nerdcore artists give their music away for free. If you haven heard of them, check out Futuristic Sex Robots. They're one of my favorites.

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