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Jerry Bruckheimer Teams With MTV For Games 29

Well-known action film and television producer Jerry Bruckheimer has teamed up with MTV Games to make games. Stephen Totilo and the MTV Multiplayer blog had a chance to speak candidly with the director himself, as well as the MTV executive behind the deal, Jeff Yapp. "Bruckheimer: I think the same kind of stuff we bring to television and films, we always want to look at things a little differently from other people. Pirate films were dead for a long time and we put Johnny Depp in it and created an unforgettable character. We did the same thing with fighter pilots in "Top Gun" and dancers in "Flashdance." So we're just trying to see things a little differently."
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Jerry Bruckheimer Teams With MTV For Games

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  • I'm sorry, but when you have an article about gaming, and reference Flashdance, I think of a box that holds a DDR mat and a bucket of water.
  • It's always interesting to see some celebrity try to bum rush some other genre just because they have some big name, and therefore that makes then (in their little mind) qualified as an expert in whatever other genre they're trying to straddle.

    Lord knows we don't have enough explosions and special effects in video games already.

    • Nu-metal soundtracks, godawful storylines and tonnes of eye candy to distract the viewer from the piece's ultimate vapidity? Sounds like Bruckheimer's already a game developer.
      • I can't speak for most of his films, but The Island is one of my all time favorites. Did you see it?
    • Re: (Score:2, Interesting)

      A quote from Jerry's Bio [imdb.com] (trivia section):

      "I think that there's a certain synchronicity, so far, with what I like and with what the audiences like. But I don't make the movies for them. I make them because I wanna go see them myself."

      Perhaps this works for making movies, but when you're an old fart who has likely never touched a controller (yes, I'm jumping to conclusions here - but there's a very good chance I'm right, based on the other 62 year olds I know) this sort of self-indulgent logic falls a
    • Lord knows we don't have enough explosions and special effects in video games already.
      It's funny, but these days most action games have better plots than most action movies.
      • That's absolutely true. I mean the SNES version of Aliens Vs. Predator has a better storyline than the new movie coming out. I mean what does that say when a second rate game from over 10 years ago has a better story than a supposed Hollywood blockbuster?
  • if you put johnny depp into anything you get an unforgetable character. may not be by choice of those viewing... but i mean hell he WAS Edward Scissorhands! who could forget that?
    • What I've forgotten is where was Johnny Depp in Top Gun. Or Flashdance? Having Depp play a stripper is certainly looking at things a bit differently, though. At least it is in the subcultures in which *I* participate...
  • I'm gonna say that Johnny Depp brought an unforgettable quality to your pirate movie, and Top Gun had an equally impressive cast -- it almost couldn't be bad, even as "80's" as it looks now. Putting Flashdance in the same group as the PotC series and Top Gun... hmmm. Sometimes I miss good ol' MTV!
  • by 0xdeadbeef ( 28836 ) on Wednesday December 19, 2007 @01:47PM (#21753598) Homepage Journal
    That would be a reverse Uwe Boll.
  • by Selfbain ( 624722 ) on Wednesday December 19, 2007 @02:05PM (#21753860)
    Ya, those guys were so uncool before Top Gun.
  • With the writers on strike (and him being heavily involved with affected shows like CSI, and movies written by the same writers) it's not like he really has anything to produce/direct anymore anyways. Gotta pay for the ladies somehow :P There are quite a few writers on the strike considering switching to games though, this could mean more games with scripted laughs (hopefully not), or more games with great storylines. Knowing Jerry Bruckheimers (generally) quality work, I am hoping he proves to continue t
    • Sorry, forgot to add something (and format text properly come to think of it), for those who don't know, he is producing the Prince of Persia: Sands of Time movie, due out in 2009.

      Link [wikipedia.org] (Wikipedia) Link [imdb.com] (IMDB)

  • Jerry Bruckheimer still thinks that MTV knows what's cool.
    • Re: (Score:3, Insightful)

      by NewWorldDan ( 899800 )
      At least we know what to expect from a Jerry Bruckhemier produced game: fantastic graphics and a hollow formulaic plot with over the top characters that will basicly keep you occupied, but ultimately unsatisfied and wishing you'd done something else with your day.
      • ...a hollow formulaic plot with over the top characters that will basicly keep you occupied, but ultimately unsatisfied and wishing you'd done something else with your day.

        MTV already has this part down with little more than selective casting for its various incarnations of The Real World.
        • I have faith that one day MTV will start releasing quality material. Wait, hear me out!

          See,through the '90s I watched the quality of MTV's programing steadily slide downhill--It went from having a few decent shows at the end of the '80s to a more ADD-friendly format in the mid-90s. The downward spiral continued, and by the end of a decade ADHD actually seemed to be a requirement for proper viewing.

          Extrapolating that trend to current times leads me to believe that MTV's target audience will soon reach the

          • Hey, it can happen. That's where MTV networks shines: re-invention to suit an ever-changing audience.

            I just can't wait to see what level of surrealism will be required by the generation that was weened on Spongebob Squarepants.
  • Pimp my Armageddon and Perl Harbor starring 50 Cent
  • and will surely be delighted by the vapid, patronizing, derivative garbage that they bring to the video game medium.
  • If either one of them had anything to do with games before now, maybe this partnership would make sense. They don't have games in common, they have a target demographic. They're not thinking "how can we make a great game out of this"" they're thinking "what are some other ways we can sell this to 18-34 year olds?"
  • Oh shit... Doesn't sound to bad right... I mean we don't have to buy the games right... Then you remember that EB Games will soon be polluted up with 50 Cent games... And 50 Cent games will attract.... 12 year old suburban kids wearing basketball singlets that are 10 sizes to large for them. All while they're overpriced Walkman phones pump out shit into the airwaves. Is this what you want in your favorite game store?

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