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Court Denies EPIC's Rehearing Request, Awards Fees 30

OverTheGeicoE writes "The Electronic Privacy Information Center posted a news release about the DC Circuit Court awarding them attorneys fees yesterday. They are to receive $21,482 in attorneys fees for an open government lawsuit against DHS that ultimately released documents about DHS's airport body scanner program. EPIC used these released documents in EPIC v. DHS, another lawsuit that attempts to end the use of airport body scanners. At the end of an e-mailed version of this news release (EPIC Alert 18.18, not yet posted on the Web), EPIC states that 'EPIC requested an en banc review of the court's decision not to suspend, but, on September 12, 2011, the court declined the request.' Is this the end of EPIC v. DHS, or does this simply open the door for an appeal to the Supreme Court?" The complete ruling (PDF) is available.
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Court Denies EPIC's Rehearing Request, Awards Fees

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  • by Dr.Bob,DC ( 2076168 ) * <> on Tuesday September 13, 2011 @03:18PM (#37390608) Journal

    The use of the DHS body scanners is a crime against everything we hold dear as Americans. When you fly, you should insist on a manual body search by one of the DHS security people. It may take more time, but if you allow yourself just an extra 10-15 minutes you'll make your flight AND be radiation free!

    The DHS scanner ("Cancer Coffins") hammer your body from all angles with radiation. This particular frequency penetrates your clothing and the top few layers of thinner skin. The radiation causes neurological, DNA, and RNA damage. If the right chromosome gets mutated by these devices... congratulations! You have cancer! Off to the Oncologist to get cut up by his butcher knives and prescribed all sorts of ineffective drugs.

    If the radiation hits a nerve the wrong way... hurrah! You have a subluxation! The double-whammy with this is that the initial subluxation is very small, they're call micro-subluxations for a reason. What happens next is throwing fuel on the fire: you sit in an airplane virtually motionless for hours on end. At the end of a 4 hour flight, the once virtually undetectable subluxation has morphed into something causing nerve blockages in a large area of your back. Ever feel sore in the back after sitting for a long period? That's the exact same thing at work. When you stretch and feel things pull, you're effectively breaking smaller subluxations. That's why a good stretch feels darn great! For larger problems where stretching won't do, you need to see a reputable Chiropractor who will treat the subluxation with due diligence.

    If you are are one of the DHS employees working near these scanners, there are ways you can protect yourself against the subluxation-causing effects of the radiation. Being that this particular type of radioactivity doesn't penetrate far into the skin, you can apply a silver-empregnated bandage down your back. They look similar to an "Elastoplast" brand bandage but are 6" across and come in rolls. The outside has a metallic shine, that's the active silver which protects the wearer.

    Have a partner start the bandage at the Coccyx ("Tailbone" for the lay-person) and apply it all the way up to the top of C1, the vertebrae at the base of the skull. There's no need to have the bandage between the buttocks as the fat there keeps the radiation from getting further, so start just above. Keep the spine centered in the middle of the bandage all the way up to the skull. [Of course this won't help prevent cancer, only subluxations!]

    If you still feel stiff in the back after taking these precautions, visit a Chiropractor before things progress too far. Tell the Doctor you work around the DHS radiation scanners. He or she will know where to look for the tell-tale signs of vertebral subluxation and should be able to treat it before more serious issues arise.

    Take care,

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