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AI Education

Deadline Approaches For Registration In Stanford's Free CS Classes 89

First time accepted submitter Gastrobot writes "Stanford University is offering some computer science classes for free. This has been discussed here twice before. The classes begin on Oct. 10th. At this point in time I'm aware of Stanford offering an Intro to Databases course, an Intro to AI course, and a Machine Learning course."
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Deadline Approaches For Registration In Stanford's Free CS Classes

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  • by MyLongNickName ( 822545 ) on Tuesday October 04, 2011 @10:25AM (#37598732) Journal

    You have high costs too. Your gov't just absorbs it and you pay it through taxes.

  • by Half-pint HAL ( 718102 ) on Tuesday October 04, 2011 @10:38AM (#37598930)

    Hmm... as these are fairly early level university courses, I don't think it really matters whether they're accredited or not -- there is no such thing as "an eighth of a degree" or whatever, after all.

    However, most CVs have a section for "Education" (School and University) and a section for "Other training and certificates" where you would list any sort of training you did that wasn't part of an accredited academic program -- I would see no problem with listing them there, if they are relevant to the role you're applying for. Remember that one of the buzzwords of our era is "CPD" -- Continual Professional Development. If you show an interest in proactively developing your career, that in itself is appealing to employers.


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