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Are Power Users Too Cool For Ubuntu Unity? 798

darthcamaro writes "There are a lot of us that really don't like Unity. Ubuntu Founder Mark Shuttleworth defended Unity today, arguing that even 'cool' power users should like usability and ease of use. Then again he admitted that some of us are just too cool even for Unity. 'There is going to be a crowd that is just too cool to use something that looks really slick and there is nothing we can do for them,' Shuttleworth said. 'Fortunately in Ubuntu there are tons of options and lots of choice and ways to skin the cat.'"
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Are Power Users Too Cool For Ubuntu Unity?

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Monday October 31, 2011 @09:23PM (#37902544)

    I love unity and the slick interface it provides. Unfortunately, it doesn't love me. I want the launcher at the bottom. Can't figure out how to do this. It runs slower than KDE 4 on my netbook and I could have sworn it was a netbook interface. I can't justify the lost productivity as I wait for things to load or while I fruitlessly hunt for my stuff at the bottom of the screen. In my opinion it should run faster since there is less to it. Fundamentally, I switched to Debian and realized that I'd forgotten what a fast responsive UI felt like!

  • by FictionPimp ( 712802 ) on Monday October 31, 2011 @09:31PM (#37902606) Homepage
    I run about 100 linux servers. Currently they are ubuntu servers and are unsupported. We are about to do a refresh and my boss asked me to get official support. I looked at ubuntu support, but honestly the direction ubuntu is going on their desktop and the way their mouthpieces act has caused my team and I to not want to risk staying with ubuntu. We are looking at Redhat.

    I guess we are too cool to give them money.
  • by wisnoskij ( 1206448 ) on Monday October 31, 2011 @10:08PM (#37902924) Homepage

    And some who who tried the early unity I have got to say that it is horrible for small screens.
    The normal Ubuntu interface slightly customized though is near perfect and way better then Windows.

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