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Cracks Signal Massive Iceberg Forming In Antarctica 147

Several readers have submitted news (as covered by an AFP article carried by the Sydney Morning Herald) that a massive iceberg is forming in the Antarctic. The rift in the PIne Island Glacier "is widening at a rate of two metres a day, said NASA project scientist Michael Studinger. When the ice breaks apart, it will produce an iceberg more than 880 square kilometres, said Mr Studinger, who is part of the US space agency's IceBridge project. But the process is not a result of global warming, he said." Also at the BBC.
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Cracks Signal Massive Iceberg Forming In Antarctica

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  • Re:See? (Score:4, Interesting)

    by Pharmboy ( 216950 ) on Sunday November 06, 2011 @09:15AM (#37964680) Journal

    You are assuming that everyone that is a global warming activist is a perfectly rational thinking person, and that none of them are profiteering by ginning up concern that is out of proportion, as well as suggesting solutions that are profitable but aren't feasible.

    Most GW activists are well meaning, but there is enough crooked or just stupid stuff going on with "green" that it dilutes the message. (The govt & Solyndra, was either stupidity or corruption, neither is good.) It doesn't help that anyone who IS rationale, qualified and questions some of the conclusions is instantly labeled as a whacko.

    Everyone knows the earth is warming, but there is legitimate arguments regarding how much is man made and how much is part of a larger cycle. Again, any time a rationale person says "Yes, man is causing some of this, but there may be other forces we don't understand" they are automatically labeled crazy, a Republican or similar.

  • by Stirling Newberry ( 848268 ) on Sunday November 06, 2011 @11:25AM (#37965282) Homepage Journal
    You should look up the epic of iceberg B-15, for a time "the largest floating thing on the planet." It was one of the Icebergs that calved from the break up of the Ross Ice Shelf, and 11,000 km^2 – that's the size of Jamaica, Bylot, or Bloshevik Island, and larger than the "big island" of Hawai'i. It broke apart several times, bashed into the Drygalski Ice Tongue, gouging out an 8km^2 piece, and floated on, breaking into smaller pieces, though some of its remains are still wandering around the Antarctic Ocean. [] [ESA]
    The ESA has a great deal of imagery on it.

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