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China Wants Cyber Crisis Hotline 58

An anonymous reader writes "China should look at establishing a cyber crisis hotline with the United States, according to a Chinese newspaper seen as a window into official thinking. Discussions about a crisis hotline might seem an obvious first step in improving relations. But if it's a sign the Chinese government is beginning to think about how to coordinate a rapid, unified response to cyber emergencies, then it is an extremely important one."
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China Wants Cyber Crisis Hotline

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  • by ackthpt ( 218170 ) on Wednesday November 30, 2011 @07:00PM (#38220530) Homepage Journal

    I'm glad everyone is so skeptical of this. My first thought was, "oh, so then when they hack the crap out of us and we call to say we're having a 'cyber crisis' they can deny it directly..."

    Not like identification of attack source is immediately known. After the attack and the information is pieced together what do you do?

    "Hey, we were attacked by a bunch of servers in your country yesterday."

    "It was not us!

    Yeah, that sounds useful. News media is more effective to get our displeasure across.

    CorpCo, a company fulfilling contracts to sell missile defence components to Taiwan was under cyber attack on Sunday, attacks originated from Hu Jintao's mobile phone. When asked about the attack Hu said his mobile phone had been stolen a week ago and he was just now getting around to calling the police.

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