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Christopher Hitchens Dies At 62 910

An anonymous reader sends this quote from the NY Times: "Christopher Hitchens, a slashing polemicist in the tradition of Thomas Paine and George Orwell who trained his sights on targets as various as Henry Kissinger, the British monarchy and Mother Teresa, wrote a best-seller attacking religious belief, and dismayed his former comrades on the left by enthusiastically supporting the American-led war in Iraq, died Thursday at the M. D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. He was 62. He took pains to emphasize that he had not revised his position on atheism, articulated in his best-selling 2007 book, God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything, although he did express amused appreciation at the hope, among some concerned Christians, that he might undergo a late-life conversion. Mr. Hitchens's latest collection of writings, Arguably: Essays, published this year, has been a best-seller and ranked among the top 10 books of 2011 by The New York Times Book Review."
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Christopher Hitchens Dies At 62

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  • Parthenon marbles (Score:5, Informative)

    by Trepidity ( 597 ) <> on Friday December 16, 2011 @10:15AM (#38396860)

    Among Greeks, probably best known for one of his less-blockbuster books, 1997's The Parthenon Marbles: The Case for Reunification [].

  • The Atlantic (Score:5, Interesting)

    by ciaohound ( 118419 ) on Friday December 16, 2011 @10:17AM (#38396894)

    I remember a reviewer observing that Christopher Hitchens writes books faster than most people read. I suspect that was true.

  • by UglyTool ( 768385 ) <> on Friday December 16, 2011 @10:29AM (#38397046) Homepage
    He raised all our IQs a notch.

    Idiocy fell on his watch.
    We all know that Hitch
    was nobody's bitch,
    so let's thank him by raising a scotch.

  • Bummer. (Score:5, Insightful)

    by MrVagoo ( 2488778 ) on Friday December 16, 2011 @10:31AM (#38397082)
    Christopher Hitchens, you were a gentleman and a scholar. You will be missed dearly.
  • Thank you, sir... (Score:5, Insightful)

    by Braintrust ( 449843 ) on Friday December 16, 2011 @10:34AM (#38397116)

    ... for speaking the truth as you saw it, for forever questioning those truths yourself, and for overcoming your fear to speak them right to the end.

    You were a rare man. Thank you.

  • by Anonymous Coward on Friday December 16, 2011 @10:45AM (#38397242)

    people mention bombing abortion clinics, beating up gays, sorry how many times does that happen out of 2 billion Christians, maybe it more of a problem with American's then Christian's, as that type of behaviour does tend to be US centric.
      The majority of Christian's i have met are actually nice people, they help the homeless, they do a lot of chariabtle work, of course there are a lot of people who proclaimed to be religious and aren't nice, but that's like saying you met an arsehole who work for starbucks, so by definition all Starbucks employees are arsehole's.

    On slashdot you expect a higher level of discussion, but it's quiet funny how when you mention religion it descends into bigotry and prejudice. Again im not religious but i have no major problem with Christianity, it basic doctrines are right, i.e be nice to people, dont murder people.

    People seem to forget the abolition of slavery, the fall of Communism, many of the social right's w have today where from Christian organization's in the late 19th and 20th centuries.

  • by Attila Dimedici ( 1036002 ) on Friday December 16, 2011 @10:58AM (#38397426)
    This was the passing of a brilliant man, but why is it an article on slashdot? I am unaware of anything Christopher Hitchens wrote that was directly related to any of the subjects that slashdot usually covers.
  • by Voline ( 207517 ) on Friday December 16, 2011 @11:01AM (#38397476)

    Sure Hitchens made a name for himself for his efforts against religion. But those pale in comparison to his greater achievement: helping to bring the world the Iraq war.

    I will always remember the steadfastly careerist way Hitchens reached across the political divide to join hands with the neocons in the Bush administration to boldly hype up false intelligence to make the war in Iraq a reality. Thanks to Hitchens the Iraqi people no longer live in fear of Saddam Hussein's regime. Now they live in fear of torture and death at the hands of Iraqi government and/or various politico-religious militias. Always better when a government monopoly is replaced by a competitive market, eh?

    The war also removed the burden of a functioning electrical grid or sanitation systems – facilities that would be superfluous for the 6% of the population, or 2 million [] Iraqis, who have been internally displaced by the war.

    None of this would have been possible without the efforts of pro-war propagandists like Christopher Hitchens. I hope for his sake, that he's right and there is no god.

    • Of course, it's impossible that he was genuinely mortified at the heinous conduct of Hussein, right? While Iraq today is certainly not a happy place, it's a) a little harsh to expect that Hitchens could predict the post-conflict bungling of the Bush Admin, and b) at least in the present environment Iraqis have SOME chance to choose their future themselves.

      It's one thing to live in an ossified but terrifyingly murderous dictatorship, as compared to the rough conditions of a nation suffering the transition t

    • You might want to actually read his papers.

      There is saying the the US should remove Saddam, and then there is the method to go about it.

      He was not a fan of Bush's method.
      And he didn't misrepresent any intelligence.
      And his opinion can't really be called propagandist.

      And I disagreed with his arguments, but lets not act like he is the guy who made the decisions.

      Your argument needs to be balance against what the regime was doing at the time... not that you actual think about your argument.

  • by wildstoo ( 835450 ) on Friday December 16, 2011 @11:19AM (#38397704) seems the tone of religious arguments on Slashdot shifts dramatically as the US wakes up.

    Really, the vast majority of fervent Christians start popping out of the woodwork here as morning rolls around in the Land of the Free.

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