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Israeli Spyware Sold To Iran 164

Hugh Pickens writes "Bloomberg reports that Israeli trade, customs and defense officials say they didn't know that systems for performing 'deep- packet inspection' into Internet traffic, sold under the brand name NetEnforcer, had gone to a country whose leaders have called for the destruction of the Jewish state. Allot Communications Ltd., an Israel-based firm which reported $57 million in sales last year, sold its systems to a Randers, a Denmark-based technology distributor where workers at that company, RanTek A/S, repackaged the gear and shipped it to Iran. The sales skirted a strict Israeli ban that prohibits 'trading with the enemy,' including any shipments that reach Iran, Syria and Lebanon. Although Allot officials say they had no knowledge of their equipment going to Iran and are looking into RanTek's sales, three former sales employees for Allot say it was well known inside the Israeli company that the equipment was headed for Iran. 'Israel considers Iran quite possibly its greatest threat, and so the Israeli government would come down very strong against any company that exported to Iran,' says Ira Hoffman. 'Iran is also considered by the U.S. as one of its most strategic threats.' Israeli lawmaker Nachman Shai has called for a parliamentary investigation, and the country's Defense Ministry has begun to examine the report."
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Israeli Spyware Sold To Iran

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  • not true. (Score:3, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward on Monday December 26, 2011 @03:29PM (#38496094)

    >> had gone to a country whose leaders have called for the destruction of the Jewish state.
    That statement is because of a bad translation. Stop lying, FoxNews's presenter

  • by kill-1 ( 36256 ) on Monday December 26, 2011 @04:08PM (#38496320)

    The leaders of Iran never called for the destruction of Israel. I guess you're referring to Ahmadinejad's alleged "wiped of the map" statement. See here [] for what he really said. Although he really is a nutcase if he denies the holocaust.

  • by Galestar ( 1473827 ) on Monday December 26, 2011 @08:38PM (#38498274) Homepage

    Every single intelligence service in the world is in agreement that Iran is developing nuclear weapons.

    No, they are not. Not even all the U.S. intelligence services are in agreement about this. The"official" stance is that they are working on them, but there have been several public dissenting views come out from your CIA and FBI.

    Of course Russia is selling billions of dollar's worth of weapons to Iran (and Iraq before that)

    [citation needed]
    #1 Iraq did not have weapons, ergo Russia did not sell weapons to them
    #2 If Russia already sold weapons to Iran, they already have them, therefore their "proliferation" is a done deal.
    Please stop making shit up.

    The real issue is that there is significant international pressure for Iran to stop its nuclear program for civilian (power) purposes. First off, Iran is quite correct in that this is unfair as they are have signed the NPT, and have cooperated with the IAEA. Secondly, now that such crippling sanctions are in place against them, why should they stop? They are rightly convinced that the world will view them as a nuclear threat whether or not they stop their civilian program, and they now need that civilian program more than ever due to the sanctions.

    Economic sanctions are a precursor to war. The American propaganda machine wants war with Iran. When have you ever known the American's to let the truth stand between them and one of their holy wars.

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