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FSF Opens Nominations For Free Software Awards 2012 56

jrepin writes "The Free Software Foundation (FSF) and the GNU Project today announced the opening of nominations for the 15th annual Free Software Awards. The Free Software Awards include the Award for the Advancement of Free Software and the Award for Projects of Social Benefit. The Award for the Advancement of Free Software is presented annually to an individual who has made a great contribution to the progress and development of free software, through activities that accord with the spirit of free software. The Award for Projects of Social Benefit is presented to the project or team responsible for applying free software, or the ideas of the free software movement, in a project that intentionally and significantly benefits society in other aspects of life."
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FSF Opens Nominations For Free Software Awards 2012

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Thursday October 18, 2012 @08:55PM (#41700739)
    Apparently, nobody gives a shit.
    • by Pav ( 4298 )
      The number of comments on Slashdot have died off pretty drastically on most stories. This one doesn't even get the shills interested.
    • I guess not all subjects inspire comments. It is still a worthy bit of news though, and I'm sure it's being read. Have an adage or two if it helps:

      "The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear..."

      - Backtrack Linux

      If an article breaches the firehose and nobody leaves a comment, does it make a thought?

      - Penurious Tzu

    • Nobody gives a shit because the FSF aren't seen as particularly revelant anymore. The young and upcoming geeks of the world are more interested in iOS rather than Linux because it's cooler despite being far more closed, and what few geeks who are genuinely interested in Linux are getting tired with the FSF and their advocacy appropaches, which are often themselves full of FUD and can be debunked quite easily (I'm reminded of the failed Windows7sins campaign that did absolutely nothing of value and was full

  • SPI (Software in the Pubic Interest) being the umbrella group that funds Debian development. His wiki page is admirable, and Debian is strongly dedicated to Free Software principals.

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bdale_Garbee [wikipedia.org]

  • Somehow, I have trouble associating that with the betterment of mankind. Maybe LHC is using it but for the most part, it seems to be providing ways for Big Web to keep increasingly creepy tabs on their customers and visitors.

    • Which as I understand it was the purpose of GPL3... If everyone had switched then we may at least have access to the creepy algorithms, Giving us the opportunity to at least understand/reverse the system.
  • Well, I like graphics, so what about all the work that went into MESA3 OpenGL drivers? [mesa3d.org] Most people I ask "So, what's keeping you from using Linux 100% full time?" Their answer is crappy graphics drivers and no games. In my spare time I'm working to help fix the latter part, so are many other game devs, and a working OpenGL stack is essential.... Think about it, everyone knows Linux is really strong in the server market, so it's these desktop (read: Graphics) users where there's room to grow in a "socia

  • TOR (Score:2, Insightful)

    by Anonymous Coward

    As always, TOR would be up there for me, as would the Byzantium Mesh Network and Freedombox Projects.
    People often talk about privacy technology, and fantasise about file sharing and mesh applications, Those few who
    bite the bullet and actually develop and push these technologies into the hands of those who most need them are to
    be commended.

  • by firewrought ( 36952 ) on Friday October 19, 2012 @12:24AM (#41701873)
    ...not in the FSF thing, but by donating cash to several open source projects I use daily.

    Not large amounts, mind you, just $5 or $10 to some small projects and $20 each to a few large projects. I'm not a very generous person and this is something I should have been doing years ago, but I would like to get in the habit of routinely kicking back a few bucks each month to the various projects and organizations that enrich my life.

  • to nominate Microsoft Windows for this award?
  • by maestroX ( 1061960 ) on Friday October 19, 2012 @09:07AM (#41704423)
    Excellent library, used everywhere.

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