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House Subcommittee Holds Hearing On TSA's "Scanner Shuffle" 134

OverTheGeicoE writes "The Homeland Security Subcommittee on Transportation Security held a hearing on TSA's recent decision to move X-ray body scanners from major airports to smaller ones, which the subcommittee refers to as a 'Scanner Shuffle.' John Sanders, TSA's assistant administrator for security capabilities, testified that 91 scanners recently removed from major airports were now in storage due to 'privacy concerns.' Although TSA originally planned to relocate the scanners to smaller airports, those plans have been shelved because smaller airports don't have room for them. The subcommitteee is also investigating allegations that the machines' manufacturer, Rapiscan, 'may have falsified tests of software intended to stop the machines from recording graphic images of travelers' (VIDEO). Coincidentally, shares of Rapiscan's parent company, OSI Systems Inc., dropped in value almost 25% today, its biggest intraday decline in about 12 years. If wrongdoing is proven, Rapiscan could face fines, prison terms and a ban on government contracting, according to a former head of federal procurement."
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House Subcommittee Holds Hearing On TSA's "Scanner Shuffle"

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  • RAPEscan (Score:5, Funny)

    by TheNastyInThePasty ( 2382648 ) on Thursday November 15, 2012 @07:51PM (#41997275)
    I never noticed how poorly the scanner machine's company was named...
  • by slick7 ( 1703596 ) on Thursday November 15, 2012 @08:04PM (#41997361)
    I can hear the rubber stamp bouncing now.
  • Ooh! (Score:4, Funny)

    by tool462 ( 677306 ) on Thursday November 15, 2012 @08:15PM (#41997423)

    I want to go through one of the scanners right now. Just to show the TSA how happy I am :)

  • Re:Ooh! (Score:0, Funny)

    by Anonymous Coward on Thursday November 15, 2012 @08:41PM (#41997595)

    Need mod points.

    I think the only people afraid of the machines are people who are ashamed of their body.

    Personally I feel sorry for the poor bastards running the scanners, just look at the boarding line for southwest airlines for 250 reason why.

  • by Anonymous Coward on Thursday November 15, 2012 @08:58PM (#41997705)

    Certain constitutional protections are suspended at airports and borders. This is for your personal safety and to ensure that bootleg mp3s don't endanger the economic safety of the nation.

    Please consider our agents and screeners. While pay is good for the level of qualifications being asked (similar hiring process to a burger joint), it's not a very high salary. Searching just one 10 year old girl can be enough to get a TSA agent through the entire day. Is it really too much to ask, and what else can we do? You want these people out working in schools? Here at airports we can watch them to ensure that they look, touch but don't penetrate.

  • by Anonymous Coward on Friday November 16, 2012 @01:28AM (#41999025)

    As someone who does like forced humiliation, the TSA is not on my Goddess's safe list of loaner dommes, either. Hell, they haven't even asked me for my safeword. If I'm going to be abused, violated, and driven through some sort of humiliating sexual theatre act using spurious medical equipment, I at least want it to be by a competent Domme, and not some crackpot psychopaths who are doing it because of their own subconsious demons.

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