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UK Organization Set Up To Encourage IPv6 Adoption Closes 100

New submitter Sesostris III writes "In April 2010, with £20,000 of government money, 6uk was set up to encourage the adoption of the IPv6 protocol in the UK. In December 2012 the board resigned en-masse in protest at official indifference to its work. 'The biggest organization we needed to join 6UK was the government,' the former director, Philip Sheldrake, is quoted as saying. Without government support, 'there's no material incentive for any organization to go for IPv6.' Government interest can be gauged by the fact that no government website currently sat on an IPv6 address. The UK is among the nations that have done the least to move to IPv6, and lags behind other nations in adopting the new protocol. In contrast, governments like that in the U.S. are encouraging adoption of the new protocol by mandating IPv6 compliance in contracts."
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UK Organization Set Up To Encourage IPv6 Adoption Closes

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  • by thue ( 121682 ) on Friday December 07, 2012 @06:48PM (#42220769) Homepage

    Asia got all the address it asked for, until the pool ran out. Unless the address sharing stated in the last year (after the IANA pool ran dry), it was your own choice to use shared IP space.

  • by Dogtanian ( 588974 ) on Friday December 07, 2012 @07:21PM (#42221043) Homepage

    They lasted a lot longer than I expected. £20,000 is a really small amount of money so for it to last over two years is impressive.

    £20,000 isn't a "really" small amount of money. £20,000 is an absurdly small amount of money. :-O

    I notice that the website describes it as "seed funding". Realistically, I'd have thought that £20,000 was very low even for that purpose. That would about cover the pay of a *single* person for *one* year at less than average UK wages. And that wouldn't leave anything over for expenses.

    At any rate, I was going to comment something along the lines of...

    April 2010 - Labour gives government support to new body 6uk.
    May 2010 - Labour kicked out of power, David Cameron and his Etonian chums, er... the Conservatives come in to power. Somewhat indifferent to Labour-supported project. Hmm.

  • by jiadran ( 1198763 ) on Saturday December 08, 2012 @04:25AM (#42223811)

    I am from Europe and I think that Asian countries have a huge advantage. You are forced to adopt IPv6, so while the rest of the world still hesitates and waits, you gain lots of experience and get plenty of people trained in a new technology that will eventually become essential. Once the rest of the world wakes up to the reality, you are ready. This actually worries me for my own country...

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