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Earth Science

Ticking Arctic Carbon Bomb May Be Bigger Than Expected 339

sciencehabit writes "Scientists are expressing fresh concerns about the carbon locked in the Arctic's vast expanse of frozen soil. New field studies quantify the amount of soil carbon at 1.9 trillion metric tons, suggesting that previous estimates underestimated the climate risk if this carbon is liberated. Meanwhile, a new analysis of laboratory experiments that simulate carbon release by thawed soil is bolstering worries that continued carbon emissions could unleash a massive Arctic carbon wallop."
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Ticking Arctic Carbon Bomb May Be Bigger Than Expected

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  • by SJHillman ( 1966756 ) on Saturday December 08, 2012 @02:17PM (#42226387)

    Discussing you disgusts me.

  • by Anonymous Coward on Saturday December 08, 2012 @02:26PM (#42226455)

    Honestly. I am _ALWAYS_ buried into oblivion when this topic comes up without receiving a single honest response. I worked at a small soda bottler for a while and we had multiple semi tankers FULL of carbon dioxide delivered every week. If carbon dioxide is so damaging what about all of it that we're pumping into sodas? "Save the Planet but don't touch my cola"?

  • by florescent_beige ( 608235 ) on Saturday December 08, 2012 @07:26PM (#42228915) Journal

    Hello. This is Canada. We want Puerto Rico, and Disney World. And we want border agents on the border formerly known as the Canadian Border to all be girls wearing bikinis. Or we pull off the Big Tarp we got thrown over the permafrost. We call it the Big Tarp. It's a tarpolin^h^h^h^haulin. And it's big. It's very likely not all in my imagination. You want 5000 degrees in Nevada? I know what you're thinking. It's already 5000 degrees in Nevada. Ok fine. But riddle me this: why doesn't the New Jersey mob bury their work in Nunavut? I know right? Permafrost right? You want the NJM burning all that gas driving 5000 km each way just to intern^h the whacked? That's not very ecologically wise is it? Is this not in any way less than unclear? I though so. All replies through Santa's village, North Pole, Canada, H0H 0H0. Hosers.

    Edit: This is the wife speaking. Or boys wearing thongs, but only nice ones like Jeff Goldbloom in The Fly, not Jeff Goldbloom in The Switch. Eww.

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