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Google Chrome 25 Will Disable Silent Extension Installation 121

An anonymous reader writes "Google on Friday announced that it is changing its stance for silently installing extensions in its browser. As of Chrome 25, external extension deployment options on Windows will be disabled by default and all extensions previously installed using them will be automatically disabled."
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Google Chrome 25 Will Disable Silent Extension Installation

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  • Re:Yeah! (Score:5, Informative)

    by BitZtream ( 692029 ) on Sunday December 23, 2012 @10:04PM (#42378779)

    Whats to get excited about, this just causes problems for legitimate extensions.

    Fact: Dirty/Malware extensions can work around it by just sitting whatever flags need to be set where ever they need to be set to make Chrome think they are approved.

    Fact: Legit extensions installed with other software will now at the minimum need an annoying popup to allow them, or worse, digging through menus to figure out how to term them on instead of 'just working'.

    Fact: Google will exempt itself from this practice.

    As someone who wrote extensions for Firefox until we got tired of supporting its broken every release API, it was trivial to work around this sort of crap with firefox, the same will be true of Chrome.

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