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OpenStreetMap Hits One Million Registered Users 58

An anonymous reader writes "OSM passed the one million registered users mark! Sure, similar to Wikipedia, the number of active contributors is a factor of 5 lower (something like ~200k) but the growth of data is impressive. So why not have a look at your neighborhood and assist on mapping? Nothing big, just visit OSM bugs and add for example your favorite place and a house number."
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OpenStreetMap Hits One Million Registered Users

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  • by Bob the Super Hamste ( 1152367 ) on Thursday January 10, 2013 @02:56PM (#42549039) Homepage
    I would add stuff to my neighborhood but at this point I would almost have to start mapping out individual trees. Well it isn't quite that bad but I do go on OSM binges every now and then and have a lot of the buildings (some with full attributes include), roads, power lines, walking paths, other structures, ponds, parks (including equipment, sports field, toilets, and drinking they contain), parking lots, parking isles, etc mapped out already for my town. Areas that I hunt I have public land outlined as well as correcting the roads and adding in the official or unofficial trails that exist. I find it is a better use of my OCDness than acquiring cats or other things.

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