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Open Source Software Licenses Versus Business Models 95

dp619 writes "Network World is running a guest article by Outercurve Foundation's technical director Stephen Walli discussing how FOSS license choice can affect a company's business model. Walli disagrees that a FOSS license dictates the business model or that the business model dictates the license."
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Open Source Software Licenses Versus Business Models

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  • by wmac1 ( 2478314 ) on Thursday January 24, 2013 @02:42AM (#42678071)

    But seriously, I always think "didn't open source cause software engineers and developers" to live a poor or at least not so good life?

    I have developed software for 28 years (freelance, my small company, as an employee of another company) . I have created hundreds of small and sometimes large software, been team member of huge projects (core banking), created websites with millions of members ...

    After 4x years of life, with a recent PhD I am living a miserable life (compared to my friends which work in construction and civil engineering, medical fields etc.).

    I have always been abused by clients who compared my prices with free software, those who threatened to use open source free alternatives, those who thought software should not be expensive if not free, and those who thought a 100MB software can be stored on a single $0.1 CD and is nothing and last but not least relatives who thought installing windows and other software on their PC is a small favor (as if my time is free like free open source).

    We software people did it to ourselves. Professionals in other fields never did that. No civil engineer or architect would design building for you for free.

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