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Oracle Open Sourcing JavaFX, Including iOS and Android Ports 105

hypnosec writes "Oracle is going to open source JavaFX ports for Android and iOS soon as a part of its efforts to open source the framework. JavaFX, destined to replace Swing GUI library as the default method to develop graphical user interfaces, is a framework used to develop cross-platform rich Internet applications. The ports for iOS and Android are based on an 'unreleased version of JavaSE Embedded for iOS/Android.' Oracle's Richard Bair revealed that the 'first bits and pieces' for JavaFX for iOS should probably be out sometime next week. The rest of the release will be scheduled along with the release of Prism (the next-generation toolkit). Oracle is going to keep javafx-font proprietary, but Bair has said developers are already working toward an open source native replacement of the component through the OpenJFX list."
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Oracle Open Sourcing JavaFX, Including iOS and Android Ports

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  • by gl4ss ( 559668 ) on Wednesday February 13, 2013 @04:55PM (#42887763) Homepage Journal

    Doesn't matter. You can't run Java on iOS can you? Hence, JavaFX won't run on an iPhone or iPad.

    And flash neither?

    You stupid fucks. It'll work so that you bundle the jvm into your app - and this is totally acceptable for apple as long as you don't allow loading of new portions to it from the outside.

    on another note - a lot of sensible desktop java programs do this as well.

    (this doesn't mean that anyone should give a fuck about JavaFX).

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