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Firefox Android GUI

A Few Improvements for Firefox's Android UI 81

The latest Firefox for Android nightly build now features a number of changes to the UI with the goals of "...keeping a clear distinction between different types of tabs; making better use of the screen real estate on different form-factors and orientations; and being more compliant with Android’s design language. ... the tabs tray is now divided into sections for each type of tab — regular, private, and remote — so that you always keep things separate and organized. Furthermore, once you select a private tab, the main toolbar becomes dark as a clear sign that you're in a different browsing mode. ... We now use a horizontal scrolling tabs tray whenever it improves our use of the screen space. This is achieved with a TwoWayView ... We've recently landed a new skin for Firefox for Android that is more aligned with Android's Holo design language. Almost all textures and gradients were replaced by flat colors giving a much lighter feel to the browser."
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A Few Improvements for Firefox's Android UI

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  • Start page (Score:3, Interesting)

    by ThurstonMoore ( 605470 ) on Monday February 25, 2013 @09:23PM (#43010503)

    The start page showing the browser history was a deal breaker. Did they get rid of that?

    • Nope. Even more annoying is if I pin sites to the start page they have tendency to go away every now and then.
  • by caseih ( 160668 ) on Tuesday February 26, 2013 @12:06AM (#43011411)

    I don't have much to say about the mobile browser; I don't really use a mobile browser all that much and Dolphin works fine for what I need.

    But when I clicked on the links in the summary, much to my dismay, I find that the Firefox team is embarking on some grand plan to have a unified look and feel across all platforms. They call it Project Kilimanjaro or some such thing. And by that I mean eschewing any attempt to look like it belongs on a platform, and to go its own way, Google Chrome-style. Bad enough that Gnome thinks it is an operating system, but now Firefox? I just want a browser that fits with my desktop theme, and looks like a normal app. I don't need an "experience."

    I don't get it. Maybe I'm too old. I'm totally happy with the way Firefox looks and works with my GTK theme extension that I've kept alive for the last few firefox versions (well I'm on 10ESR right now). And tabs on top never made sense to me. When a tab is up that doesn't have a url bar or a search box, how do do a search? With tabs on bottom, I just hit the search bar, type, hit alt-enter, and a new tab with my results shows up, no matter what my current tab looks like.

    Anyway, it seems like we're regressing in terms of UI design. I guess years of research (not to mention that milions of people have learned things a certain way) doesn't mean much.

    • Firefox doesn't override your title bar and OS windows management controls.
      Now then again I don't specially like some the new UI either but, those are mockups and not implemented.

      • It does on Windows, unless you set various options that aren't really supported and are likely to break when the big theme refresh lands.

        The new UI is happening, too. See, for instance, this blog post [msujaws.wordpress.com] about the changes to customization that will restrict what you can do with the UI. Or the UX branch [mozilla.org], which has curvy tabs already.

        Extensions can probably address many of the problems they're introducing, but -- particularly with the theme changes -- it's really getting to the point where an actual fork would b

  • My android has a dual-core 1.8ghz chip in it, and Firefox runs like absolute shit on it.

    • by Anonymous Coward

      My android has a dual-core 1.8ghz chip in it, and Firefox runs like absolute shit on it.

      Well here's another bit of anecdata- runs just fine on my single-core 1 GHz phone (HTC One V.)

    • by Anonymous Coward

      Well, even my Dell Streak 7, which has an inferior dualcore and still runs Android 2.2.2, runs the latest Firefox at least as well as the Webkit browsers I have on it. And it runs more responsively than even Chrome on my quad-core 4.2 device. So there.

    • by higuita ( 129722 )

      i have a dual core A9 at 1.6Ghz on a ICS and it runs just fine, same speed or faster than "browser" or chrome... so exactly what is your problem? maybe the problem is somewhere else or trigger by something, like the internet connection speed, number of tab openned, flash, heavy javascript, etc

      • HTC Evo 3D here.

        It takes forever to start up, and it seems to take an inordinately long time to process and render fairly simple pages such as wikipedia entries. It doesn't seem to matter if I'm connected via cellular radio or via wifi. In fact, even pages local to my SD card take a while to render.

  • Sadly, doesn't look like it, yet. *Sigh*

    I just *love* scrolling through all my bookmarks looking for one I know I have in there. Yes, I know, I can use the search bar to find it, but that doesn't really help when I just want to browse bookmarks of a particular type...for example, restaurants, or online stores.

    In the past, I have stored these bookmark types in their own folders, then when I'm feeling peckish (for food or toys :), I'll just open the relevant bookmark folder and see what looks 'appetizing' to

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