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Major UK Retailers Mislabel Windows RT As Windows 8 106

Barence writes "Major British retailers such as Argos and Tesco are mis-selling Windows RT devices as Windows 8 PCs, PC Pro has discovered. The confusion over Microsoft's ARM-based version of Windows could lead to consumers buying the wrong machines, and the wrong software to go with them. Argos, for example, recommends Norton Mobile Security as an add-on for its mis-labelled Windows 8 machine, despite that product only working on Android and iOS."
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Major UK Retailers Mislabel Windows RT As Windows 8

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  • Blame Microsoft (Score:5, Interesting)

    by onyxruby ( 118189 ) <onyxruby@comc[ ].net ['ast' in gap]> on Thursday April 04, 2013 @01:02PM (#43358917)

    They want a similar look and feel to get people to start thinking of windows as being the same thing regardless of platform. They desperately want to embrace Apple's app store market, get rid of legacy software and get people to stop thinking of windows as only being for 'computers'.

    The means to achieve this end is to make the different versions of windows look and feel the same to the 'average' person on the street - not the tech types. The result is that you have devices that for all intents and purposes look just like actual Windows 8 devices. The net result is that the store, which has average people and not technical people working in it, got confused.

    It's a little bit like having two display cases of oranges, both look like oranges, both feel like oranges and both are labeled 'orange'. It's only if you pay careful attention, /and/ know enough to know better that you realize the difference between "Orange 8" and "Orange RT". The lay person doesn't pay that much attention or know enough to know better and Microsoft damn well knows it.

  • by hairyfeet ( 841228 ) <bassbeast1968 AT gmail DOT com> on Thursday April 04, 2013 @06:42PM (#43363725) Journal

    Why is he labeled troll? I mean seriously who doesn't know that Windows 8 sucks? Its the first MSFT OS since WinME I won't allow in my shop and I'm making as much wiping it for Win 7 as I did wiping Vista for XP which was quite a lot.

    And please do NOT give us that "Oh its just 7 with a start screen" bullshit because that is what it is, bullshit. I'd love nothing more than to talk to some of the internal devs of Win 8 because i truly believe that "refresh your PC" was NOT put in there to help users but because they knew there was serious flaws they couldn't fix before RTM. I haven't had to reinstall a single Windows 7 system that the user hadn't gotten infected, with Win 8 I've probably made a good $800 in the past couple of months from folks bringing their laptops in for me to do just that with Win 8 as it shits itself a LOT.

    Frankly the confusion over Win 8 VS Win RT is just the stinky tip of a shit iceberg, the whole damned thing is just a mess. Oh and "keyboard commanders" don't bother replying, you are full of crap and here is a study proving it []. The simple fact is when you HAVE to be a keyboard commander and memorize a shitload of keyboard commands on an OS that MSFT designed for keyboard-less touch tablets? Something has gone horribly horribly WRONG.

    Lets cut through the bull, Win 8 and WinRT is gonna be on every "worst of" list come Dec and the fact that even the fricking retailers don't know the difference should just show how badly thought out the whole thing was. I only hope that after ballmer shits out "Windows Blue" and the board sees its just as fucking stupid and pointless as Win 8 (you are focusing on touch, when more than 98% of the PCs DO NOT HAVE TOUCH and the OEMs are saying "We can't sell the touchscreens as nobody wants 'em" and you don't see that as a problem? Really?) they will punt kick his fat sweaty ass like a 40 yard field return and bring somebody in there with a functioning brain...fuck put ME in charge and I'll double the numbers in 2 years or you won't owe me a dime!

    Spin off mobile, make Metro OPTIONAL on systems that aren't ARM and focus on a "it must be simple and work no matter what" mantra, oh and toss the mess that is Win 8, build the optional metro on the much more solid Win 7, and add services that will allow you to monetize those that stick with previous builds. hell I can think of two just off the top of my head, make deals with the media companies to make any laptop with an HDMI out and Windows Media Center into a media powerhouse and use the MSFT servers to allow home users and SMBs with a thumbstick remotely access their PCs from anywhere.

    But any other corp would look at the facts, Win 8 bombed, WinRT bombed, numbers falling, users not even able to shut the damned thing down [] without knowing shit they have no reason to know, and see the whole direction is a failure. Instead we get what we see in TFA, where even the retailers don't know WTF you are selling or the differences between the models. What a fucking mess.

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