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French Parliament Votes To Give Priority To Free Software 98

An anonymous reader writes "The French Parliament just wrote into law the first instance of Free Software priority in a public service, by adopting the Bill on Higher Education and Research. [Advocacy association April], after extensively contributing to the debate, especially welcomes this vote and congratulates Deputies and Senators for recognizing the importance of Free Software in the Public Service for Higher Education, since it alone can ensure equal access to the future public service. April hopes that this first step will be followed by other legislation in favor of Free Software. It also thanks all the persons who mobilized and contacted the Parliament Members."
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French Parliament Votes To Give Priority To Free Software

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday July 10, 2013 @04:10AM (#44235269)

    Ah, fellow naturalists, hark the shrill cry of the proprietary software apologist. It's an all too common feral creature around here, barely camouflaged in the detritus beneath the understory of Slashdot's troll layer. It uses its paradoxically nonsensical twirps to bewilder the unwary and confuse them into wasting precious resources and time.

    Avoid it at all costs. While it's not really dangerous, it is VERY silly and annoying.

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