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Video Jono Bacon Talks About Ubuntu Phone Progress (Video) 55

Timothy Lord caught up with Ubuntu's Jono Bacon at OSCON and got a nice update on the state of the Ubuntu Phone, which Canonical first announced in January, 2013. Tim interviewed Jono about it on camera at CES in February. Look at the "Related Stories" attached to this intro and you'll see a bunch more Ubuntu phone stories. DISCLOSURE: At least two Slashdot editors currently run Ubuntu or Kubuntu, so we have at least a mild pro-Ubuntu bias. Bias or no, It's interesting to watch the Ubuntu phone development process, even as those who are satisfied with Android phone or iPhones, ask, "Why?" We could ask the same about the Firefox OS Phone, too. Maybe the most realistic answer in both cases is, "Because we could." But who knows? These new phone operating systems might turn out to be more useful than Android or iOS. We'll see.
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Jono Bacon Talks About Ubuntu Phone Progress (Video)

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  • by Lunix Nutcase ( 1092239 ) on Wednesday July 31, 2013 @03:43PM (#44439089)

    DISCLOSURE: At least two Slashdot editors currently run Ubuntu or Kubuntu,

    How shocking! You guys are total rebels!

    • by ogar572 ( 531320 )
      No wonder every Canonical press release is front page on Slashdot. Ubuntu fanboys are almost as bad as Apple fanboys.
  • by Anonymous Coward

    i really dont feel i need to elaborate on this anymore.

  • by cold fjord ( 826450 ) on Wednesday July 31, 2013 @03:57PM (#44439313)

    That headline has to be one of the starkest attempts on Slashdot to bait potential readers for a story that I've seen for a very long time. Look at that headline! Linux and Bacon!! Why it's enough to .... mmmm ... bacon. Excuse me....

  • It seems to me like the real purpose of a device like the edge is to replace your desktop hardware. Is that really possible yet?
    • If all you do is web browsing, sure.

      • by Miros ( 734652 )
        Sure but this is supposed to be targeted at power users (the whole F1 metaphor). How do the specs of the Edge compare to your current or even last primary workstation?
        • Even a dual-core Atom can best a Krait or a Cortex-A15. An i3 totally embarrasses them.

          • Most of the time probably. But ARM SoCs have an advantage over even an i3 that tries to brute force every operation. ARM SoCs have special chips to do certain tasks (ASICs). So I wouldn't be too surprised if a high-end smartphone can actually encode certain videos faster than an ATOM. I know, for one thing, that my dual-core off-brand China tablet can play h264 videos smoother than my ATOM-based "HTPC".

        • My laptop is a work-supplied core i7. The phone has better battery life.

          My home desktop is a dumpster-dived 2004 era P4 3GHz, adequate for most tasks. A modern phone's internal storage would better a 4200rpm drive and its GPU would spank 9yo intel graphics and decode video in hardware.

          So the answer is, on raw computing stick with Intel/AMD. For everything else, the day is fast approaching. But how does docking work? Micro-USB is hardly convenient if, heaven forbid, you want to use the device as a phone (san

    • by h4rr4r ( 612664 )

      Yes, I have used machines weaker than my current phone in the past. I have tried it today and again it is reasonable as long as you move the heavy lifting to another machine. 90% of the time my laptop only shows webpages and xterms. My phone can handle that job just fine.

    • I'm sure this phone can be a desktop replacement for computers older than, say, five years. So if you happen to be jumping from Windows XP, this should meet the criteria of desktop replacement. The only problem with high-end Android phones as a desktop replacement is the touch-based input system. Now if Canonical has really figured out how to make the Gimp, LibreOffice, maybe even Steam run smoothly on ARM hardware then UbuPhone will be as good a desktop replacement as any mainstream Linux distribution. Of
    • Of course it is possible. 2.4ghz processor, 4gb ram, and 128gb hard drive. Those are laptop specs.
  • Somebody should have listed that there was a minute long advertisement before you even get to SEE the interview. Closed it, sorry. Not wasting time on that.
  • the MOST IMPORTANT PART is not what they are working on.

    It needs to be a phone and phone calls need to be the absolute most reliable part of the phone. The last tow attempts at this Open Source phone crap has yielded phones that barely work as phones.

    I dont want a pocket tablet/PDA running linux, I can get one of those, I want a PHONE that the phone part works perfectly.

    • I dont want a pocket tablet/PDA running linux, I can get one of those, I want a PHONE that the phone part works perfectly.

      Then go buy one instead of commenting on an article about something that is of no interest to you.

      • by Lumpy ( 12016 )

        Oh sorry, I thought this was about a PHONE.. Someone needs to contact the article writer and tell them to stop calling it a phone.

  • At least two Slashdot editors currently run Windows/OSX/DOS/OS2Warp/Dipswitches.
  • ...near-POSIX compliance, & real package management instead of this appstore bullshit?
  • With ~30% of the month over, they've raised less than a quarter of what they need. I don't see how this will succeed in getting funding, but I hope it works out. Although something about the way they talk about the goal tells me that it's not a serious roadblock if they don't make the $32M. Just a hunch though. Also I didn't realize until I watched the video that you can bring your own phone if you want, so probably lots more people will benefit from the software work they're doing than will benefit from th
    • I suspect they're doing it for the buzz. I mean, if they're really serious about meeting their financing goal why choose a lesser known crowd funding site like Indie Gogo? I won't be surprised if some mysterious "donor" suddenly doubles the pledged amount at the last minute.
  • DISCLOSURE: At least two Slashdot editors currently run Ubuntu or Kubuntu.

    Slashdot has editors?

  • As a side note, it's been interesting to note how much Canonical wants to distance Ubuntu from being known as just-another-Linux-distro. Yes it's still Linux, yet it still runs Linux programs, but Ubuntu doesn't mention the word Linux at all in most of its literature unless it's of a technical nature (heck, the word Linux doesn't even appear on http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop [ubuntu.com] except as a keyword in the page's source).

    This Slashdot article isn't even in the Linux category here, which I find telling.

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