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Wikipedia Upgrades

Wikimedia Launches Beta Program To Test Upcoming Features 25

An anonymous reader writes "Wikimedia today announced the launch of a beta program simply called Beta Features. In short, the organization is offering a way for users to try out new features on Wikipedia and other Wikimedia sites before they are released for everyone. If you're reading this with bated breath, you'll be happy to know logged-in users can join the early testing right now on MediaWiki.org, meta.wikimedia.org and Wikimedia Commons. Wikimedia plans to release Beta Features on all wikis in two weeks, on November 21, although the date may shift depending on the feedback the organization receives."
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Wikimedia Launches Beta Program To Test Upcoming Features

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  • Consolidation (Score:5, Interesting)

    by game kid ( 805301 ) on Saturday November 09, 2013 @05:53AM (#45376113) Homepage

    Wikimedia and its member sites do a lot of testing and public hearing-ing of features both on and off the main servers; this appears to be more a matter of consolidation under the Wikimedia banner, and more Google Labs-ish in general.

  • Can anyone in the world submit modifications/reverts to the code with a clunky HTML interface?

    It's telling that Wikipedia (which is synonymous with the Wikimedia Foundation, really) won't eat their own dog food.

    • by Anonymous Coward

      Is it really? Is it 'telling' at all?

      Why on earth would they want to do what you are suggesting?

      • Why on earth would they want to do what you are suggesting?

        Yes, why would anyone try to create a useful repository by just allowing everyone to edit it?

        • Managing 'useful' when the idea of the signal-to-noise ratio is so subjective cuts to the bone of the problem.
          Wikipedia is the start, not the end, of a research effort.
    • Actually yes, you can submit code reverts from the gerrit web interface [wikimedia.org], which is clunky according to many peoples definitions. However that's really not what you meant. MediaWiki is meant as software for managing prose, not code. Where the code is done with git, which is a tool meant for the job. The use cases are different. The wiki software is also meant for non tech people who would be confused by things like svn or git. That said MediaWiki (and hence Wikipedia) have a web api so you can make your own

I've noticed several design suggestions in your code.