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With HTTPS Everywhere, Is Firefox Now the Most Secure Mobile Browser? 279

Peter Eckersley writes "Over at EFF, we just released a version of our HTTPS Everywhere extension for Firefox for Android. HTTPS Everywhere upgrades your insecure web requests to HTTPS on many thousands of sites, and this means that Firefox on Android with HTTPS Everywhere is now by far the most secure browser against dragnet surveillance attacks like those performed by the NSA, GCHQ, and other intelligence agencies. Android users should install the Firefox app and then add HTTPS Everywhere to it. iPhone and iPad users will unfortunately have to switch to Android to get this level of security because Apple has locked Mozilla Firefox out of their platforms."
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With HTTPS Everywhere, Is Firefox Now the Most Secure Mobile Browser?

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  • Re:What the frak? (Score:4, Interesting)

    by Cenan ( 1892902 ) on Wednesday February 05, 2014 @05:18AM (#46160327)

    You're confusing User with Customer. We're the users, advertisers are the customers.

    "Can remove spam" and "will remove spam" are not the same thing. They absolutely, trivially could prevent this kind of spam - but why would they? Nobody at Dice cares! In all the years I've come here I've never seen the admins do anything remotely resembling administration of their site.

    Another comment on a thread, no matter how trivial or spammy, enforces the illusion of a site that is still alive. This illusion is used to make the search indexers think that something of relevance is going on at the site, and rate it higher, which in turn exposes yet more of Dice's advertising. The key to proper SEO is novel content, the trick is that the content doesn't have to be at all relevant or even coherent, it just has to be new and Google will swallow it like a junior at the prom with the star jock.

    Whenever some moron codes up a new incarnation of retardo-bot and launches it in a flurry of masturbation, a whole host of /. users will flock around and comment on the spam. It's a viscous cycle and Dice has no incentive to stop it.

    Short story even shorter: Dice runs the site. Dice profits from not removing spam posts.

  • by crow ( 16139 ) on Wednesday February 05, 2014 @10:58AM (#46162205) Homepage Journal

    This doesn't work with Slashdot. At least if you put in a https, it redirects, so they have it set up; they just don't use it. You would think that a technology site would be up on current technology.

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