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AT&T Plans To Launch Internet Video Service 43

An anonymous reader writes "AT&T officially announced on Tuesday their intention to launch a Netflix-like service in collaboration with an investment group run by a former Fox president. AT&T is following in the footsteps of Verizon, which partnered with Redbox in 2012 to offer the same type of service, and like Verizon, is also still negotiating with Netflix on payments to not throttle Netflix traffic."
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AT&T Plans To Launch Internet Video Service

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday April 23, 2014 @12:08PM (#46824385)

    peering and CDN's have been around since the 90's and are considered best practices today to distribute video content on the internet
    netflix has contracted with peering services and CDN's in the past
    everyone knows the games cogent and level 3 were playing taking on netflix at cut rate prices and refusing to pay their part of the peering costs

    this is why they never sued any ISP, the case would be laughed out of court once discovery was done and all the evidence was presented

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