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Firefox 29: Redesign 688

An anonymous reader writes "Mozilla today officially launched Firefox 29 for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android. This is a massive release: Firefox Sync has been revamped and is now powered by Firefox Accounts, there's a new customization mode, and the company's major user interface overhaul Australis has finally arrived. 'The tabs are sleek and smooth to help you navigate the Web faster. It’s easy to see what tab you’re currently visiting and the other tabs fade into the background to be less of a distraction when you’re not using them. The Firefox menu has moved to the right corner of the toolbar and puts all your browser controls in one place. The menu includes a “Customize” tool that transforms Firefox into a powerful customization mode where you can add or move any feature, service or add-on.' Here are the full release notes and a demo video."
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Firefox 29: Redesign

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  • Don't care (Score:0, Interesting)

    by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday April 29, 2014 @01:09PM (#46869513)

    After "pushing out their CEO" for political / free speach reasons, I uninstalled FF. If that is what their board is capable of then who knows what crap they pull with their software.

  • All lies (Score:5, Interesting)

    by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday April 29, 2014 @01:17PM (#46869623)


  • by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday April 29, 2014 @01:32PM (#46869791)

    I disabled the search in address bar because of typos are then searched. I don't want that. If i need to search something, i use the searchbar in which i can also easily choose the search engine.

  • by _bug_ ( 112702 ) on Tuesday April 29, 2014 @01:33PM (#46869813) Journal

    Type a single-word search query into the address bar in Firefox. Instead of searching for the word right away the browser attempts a DNS lookup. With the search bar that DNS lookup step is removed. For the more privacy-conscious this is an important thing. Especially if you've got an ISP that redirects a failed DNS response to their own search engine.

  • Re:Heresy! (Score:2, Interesting)

    by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday April 29, 2014 @01:36PM (#46869833)

    Change is progress. Art is functionality.

    From TFA:

    Nightingale told TNW the single menu not only makes using Firefox simpler, but it actually brings the browser closer to a mobile UI, which helps the team develop the app across platforms.


    That's the real reason UX people have destroyed this industry. Mobile has been where the money is for the past couple of years. Develop the UX designed to be used by large-pawed morons, and backport to desktop.

    It's why a grid of 10 icons and 2 blank spaces [] that can't be scanned as rapidly as a compact menu of text items is somehow "better".

    UX people aren't trying to make the product easier to use. That's just a lie they tell themselves to make their own fucking jobs easier.

    It's why websites where you used to hit PgDn or the spacebar to page through content no longer work - some UX fucktard has to put position:fixed into the CSS, so that -- remember, these are the same fucktards who told us we didn't need a status bar to save precious vertical space -- I can see a big static red bar saying "TIME Magazine" or a big black "NYTIMES!" logo. Meanwhile, what used to be a single keypress (PgDn or spacebar) is now "PgDn,Uparrow3x to make visible the part that's hiding under the fucking fixed-position-menu.

    Fuck all human interface researchers with George Carlins proverbial Big Rubber Dick, then bring us The Shiny.

    We went through this during the i18n/l10n wars. Indecipherable glyphs were better than UIs with words. No they weren't. They were cheaper to localize than UIs with word-based menus. Hence the fucking Ribbon.

    This, but fuck the shiny too. The browser was done 5 years ago except for security enhancements and Javascript performance.

  • by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday April 29, 2014 @01:47PM (#46869979)

    why have designers hidden these basic menus in most browsers these days?

    Because HDTV ruined our computer monitors. They have no vertical space anymore.

  • by Xest ( 935314 ) on Tuesday April 29, 2014 @02:01PM (#46870213)

    According to the video... great, well, I just updated and tried it. Turns out my tabs now have a dark grey background with black text which is completely and utterly unreadable. I managed to get my title and menu bar back, but my status bar appears to have permanently fucked off. I'd like to imagine given that we have a great big ad here on Slashdot about how awesomely customisable it is that I can do something about the horrendously shit dark grey background that is too close to the black of the tab text, but I'll be damned if I can see any option whatsoever to actually do that.

    But here's a better question, why rather than a browser update working for me, making things better, does it instead mean I have to dick around figuring out how to make it work like it's always worked and like I want it to work? Why do I have to fear updates wondering what the fuck they've broken now, or what the hell I'm going to have to get used to this time?

  • by gnupun ( 752725 ) on Tuesday April 29, 2014 @02:45PM (#46870699)

    Well agenda to force tabs on top (next to title bar) upon all users has won... you no longer even have option to move them between address bar and web content.

    If a private corp did this, it would be okay since the boss calls the shots and if you don't like it, move to a competitor's product.

    But a so-called community product like Firefox should be controlled by the public. Who are the secret little fascists that are deciding what should be added or changed without the approval of users? All Firefox changes (new features/changing existing features), except bug fixes, should go through a community vote before being implemented. Is this a fair request?

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