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Print Isn't Dead: How Linux Voice Crowdfunded a New Magazine 56

M-Saunders (706738) writes The death of print has been predicted for years, and many magazines and publishers have taken a big hit with the rise of eBooks and tablets. But not everyone has given up. Four geeks quit their job at an old Linux magazine to start Linux Voice, an independent GNU/Linux print and digital mag with a different publishing model: giving profits and content back to the community. Six months after a successful crowdfunding campaign, the magazine is going well, so here is the full story.
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Print Isn't Dead: How Linux Voice Crowdfunded a New Magazine

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  • Seems pricey (Score:3, Interesting)

    by GrangerX ( 1959200 ) on Tuesday July 22, 2014 @08:18AM (#47506711)

    I love linux periodicals, but the ones from Europe always seem to be extremely pricey, at least to US customers. For print, I intuitively understand that, but the digital-only prices always seem high to me.

    1-Year US/Canada Subscription: 95 GBP == 162.13 US Dollar
    1-Year Digital Subscription: 38 GBP == 64.86 US Dollar

    I keep looking at Linux Format, but that has even higher digital-only prices.

    My impulse buy point for digital subscriptions is maybe $50/year.

    For comparison, I looked up a subscription I do have:
    Linux Journal offers 24 issues for $49.50. I suppose it's more advertising-supported, but still.

    Oh well. I'm glad that these periodicals exist, and I hope they do well enough to hang around. :-)

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