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Open-Source Blu-Ray Library Now Supports BD-J Java 94

An anonymous reader writes: Updates to the open-source libbluray, libaacs, and libbdplus libraries have improved the open-source Blu-ray disc support to now enable the Blu-ray Java interactivity layer (BD-J). The Blu-ray Java code is in turn executed by OpenJDK or the Oracle JDK and is working well enough to play a Blu-ray disc on the Raspberry Pi when paired with the VLC media player."
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Open-Source Blu-Ray Library Now Supports BD-J Java

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday July 22, 2014 @10:44PM (#47512699)

    Its simple I like the menus. This library is the first to let you do menus. You can play rips with menus with only 2 non 'authorized' players out there.the neo 550 and the DUNE. Most of the others stink badly.

    Many of the extras are there but scattered thru 40-50 different chunks of small video usually. Some discs 'hide' the real content in 300 other 'videos'. So you are not even sure which one to rip. Menus will take care of that.

    So for when I just bought a movie and want to watch it *NOW* instead of waiting 2 hours while it rips. I pop it in the player.

    ripped files play right away and on any vlc or video software
    Its better now. But 2-3 years ago blu ray vlc was not so hot. Its better now. But even then I have 2-3 discs that do not play. Even ripped.

    the days of NEEDING a standalone video player are long gone.
    Hardly. Parents just brought over a video. "hold on for 20-30 mins while I rip it" and copy it over to the NAS (oh another 10-15 mins) oh just another 5 mins while I get it into the menu system. Yeah that would go over like a lead balloon. Or hey I want to pop over to a friends house and they want me to bring a movie. Yeah I will lug about 20 pounds of junk over and spend 5-10 mins of hookup (hope I remembered the power strip this time) OR a dvd.

    They have their place. I use it maybe every couple of months. It was 60 bucks with about 5 mins of setup. Cable power hdmi back of tv done.

    Setting up your media tank is fairly straight forward. But do not confuse it with what most people are willing to put up with. I am willing to put up with it because I can roll with the tech glitches. But say my parents? They would probably set it in the corner and make me 'fix it again' when I visit next time.

    Streaming from somewhere like say netflix or amazon is fairly straightforward as well. But it costs money. My parents are on a very lean budget. 10-20 bucks a month is 120-240 a year. That is a heating bill.

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