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Satellite Images Show Russians Shelling Ukraine 582

U.S. officials today made public satellite imagery which they say proves that Russian forces have been shelling eastern Ukraine in a campaign to assist rebel groups fighting Ukraine’s government. The U.S. Office of the Director of National Intelligence, which released the civilian-taken satellite images Sunday, said they show visual evidence that Russia has been firing shells across the border at Ukrainian military forces. Officials also said the images show that Russia-backed separatists have used heavy artillery, provided by Russia, in attacks on Ukrainian forces from inside Ukraine. One image dated July 25/26 shows what DNI claims is “ground scarring” on the Russian side of the border from artillery aimed at Ukrainian military units in Ukraine, as well as the resultant ground craters on the Ukrainian side of the border:
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Satellite Images Show Russians Shelling Ukraine

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  • by troll -1 ( 956834 ) on Sunday July 27, 2014 @04:25PM (#47545125)
    Why can't they be like the UK and Scotland where they all sit down and discuss it over a nice cup of tea? Then if they want their independence they can have it. No big fuss.
  • Re:Great... (Score:5, Funny)

    by Anonymous Coward on Sunday July 27, 2014 @04:51PM (#47545303)

    Ugmm, haven't you been watching the news. A Malaysian jet knowingly and delibrately flew into an innocent russian missle that was minding its own business. The honorable president Putin is demanding an appology from Malasia and the Ukraine for the destruction of it costly missile. The USAians response to this event is completely opposite to what would have happened 20 years ago. What has changed? We (the USA) became part of the global league of economic partners who strive for transcendent harmony and economic prosperity through translateral partnerships both domestically and abroad. What that means is the Russian oligarchs have invested majorly in the USian economy and news outlets. Not only will the USA not keep illegals out of the country, it will do nothing to combat the russian bear, if it would hurt our economic partnerships. The USA is not an country, it is just a few of those points of lights that bush senior was talking about soo long ago.

    The USA died in 2008 when Ron Paul lost the canidicy.

  • by HornWumpus ( 783565 ) on Sunday July 27, 2014 @05:04PM (#47545433)

    Dude, you've got extras, just accept it.

  • by goodmanj ( 234846 ) on Sunday July 27, 2014 @05:49PM (#47545803)

    "The last time the Russians got this aggressive was their invasion of Afghanistan under Jimmy Carter"
    I think you're forgetting that they invaded Georgia when George W. Bush was president.

    Wow, I had no idea Jimmy Carter was the leader of Afghanistan, but if so it makes sense that Russia would follow up by invading his home state...

  • Re:Great... (Score:5, Funny)

    by Culture20 ( 968837 ) on Sunday July 27, 2014 @08:43PM (#47546697)
    That's an unfair characterization. They might be tipsy or hung over.
  • Re:Great... (Score:5, Funny)

    by MTEK ( 2826397 ) on Sunday July 27, 2014 @09:06PM (#47546809)
    Putin's Russia is what happens when the Bond villain actually wins.

Did you hear that two rabbits escaped from the zoo and so far they have only recaptured 116 of them?