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Yahoo Sues Mozilla For Breach of Contract -- So Mozilla Counter Sues Yahoo ( 112

Mark Wilson writes: Mozilla and Yahoo have started a legal spat about the deal that existed between the two companies regarding the use of the Yahoo search engine in the Firefox browser. On December 1, Yahoo fired the first shot filing a complaint that alleges Mozilla breached a contract that existed between the two companies by terminating the arrangement early. In a counter complaint, Mozilla says that it was not only justified in terminating the contract early, but that Yahoo Holdings and Oath still have a bill that needs to be settled.
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Yahoo Sues Mozilla For Breach of Contract -- So Mozilla Counter Sues Yahoo

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  • Didn't Yahoo go bankrupt by now?

    • Did it? I didn't hear. Not that I would pay attention to the irrelevant Yahoo. But geez, can't Yahoo just die already? Or can't Mozilla please, PLEASE put Yahoo out of our misery? What an irrelevant, inept, incompetent, bumbling clown circus. (and I am referring to Yahoo, not the white house.)
    • Didn't Yahoo go bankrupt by now?

      Not that I'm did get bought by Verizon/Oath though, and from reading the article that is a lot of what has led to the current issues before the court - the new owners and Yahoo! were not honoring the contract themselves. Me? I always change the setting from Yahoo! to Google anyway as I suspect most people using FIrefox do. So Mozilla finally reverting back to Google by default just makes life easier. And yes,I'd set IE and other browsers to use the Firefox Google page to try to help contribute t

  • by DeplorableCodeMonkey ( 4828467 ) on Wednesday December 06, 2017 @11:06AM (#55687545)

    IANAL, but I think Mozilla was 100% justified in claiming a total lack of faith just on the way that Yahoo handled its data breaches. The fact that they were having their own problems with the search side and Yahoo dealt so poorly with its users in an equally important area of their business is a perfectly reasonable basis to conclude that Yahoo just doesn't care.

  • by jbmartin6 ( 1232050 ) on Wednesday December 06, 2017 @11:10AM (#55687579)
    A lot is redacted, and IANAL, but it seems like Yahoo et al don't believe Mozilla had the right to terminate the contract and Mozilla does. i.e. the contract itself included the option to terminate under certain conditions.
  • Mozi//a for the Win! (Score:2, Interesting)

    by CHK6 ( 583097 )
    This is great PR for Mozilla and bad PR for Yahoo. I am so rooting for Mozilla all around. I was a die-hard Mosiac fan, then Netscape until the end, and then Firefox. When Chrome came out, Mozilla Foundation was already overreaching into areas not suited well for them and they took their eye off the ball. Now under the new vision and direction of Mozilla Foundation with Firefox I am thrilled to "come home." Chrome is just as creepy as IE and Edge. It so feels like an Amazon phone. I do not trust Opera and
    • As for Yahoo, so lame, so lame. Take a page from Mozilla and get back to what made you good from the start

      Problem with this possible Yahoo strategy is that what made Yahoo good in its early years was that it did an excellent job at meeting the needs of web users of 1995 - 2001 or so. It was one of the best search engines of the time, and Yahoo Groups was far superior to anything else in replacing pre-Web BBS technology. But then the world changed.

      We've seen this in other growing technologies. For example, by 1950 steam locomotive technology had become very sophisticated, but was then replaced by diesel electri

  • by Anonymous Coward

    Yahoo has gotten a little quirky lately. New firefox gets bombarded with malicious redirects while on their site, meanwhile chrome hangs and in some cases gives you a oh snap! screen. Something tells me that a large portion of Yahoo's servers are compromised. I think they should pay a little more attention to the potential shitstorm they're about to get hit with rather than this legal bullshittery because they are repeating previous mistakes....again.

    • Doesn't matter -- they are doomed regardless of what they do. They don't have a viable business model, and at this point nobody trusts them enough to do business with them. The best they can do is prolong the inevitable until the smarter ones manage to get out.
  • by Dan East ( 318230 ) on Wednesday December 06, 2017 @12:38PM (#55688243) Journal

    The contract contained a nearly insane provision that if Yahoo was sold (which Marissa Mayer did not think would happen), that Mozilla had the right to no longer use the Yahoo search engine AND Yahoo had to continue paying Mozilla $375 million per year through 2019! So Yahoo is suing in hopes that they can at least no longer have to pay Mozilla since they aren't even using Yahoo anymore. Yet another testament to the brilliant business acumen of Marissa Mayer.

    So essentially Mozilla is double-dipping here, and getting paid by both Yahoo and Google to use Google's search engine.

    • by Mashiki ( 184564 )

      Don't worry, I'm sure she's a genius at business just like Susan Wojcicki is too..and it's just coincidence that they got shoveled into those positions as diversity hires to make the company look good along with all of the "social" programs inside the corporate company to make it seem hot and trendy. And it has nothing to do with either of them seemingly being incompetent and crashing both companies with few survivors.

  • Funny, I haven't used either of these dinosaurs in years. In fact, every time I hear that Yahoo or Mozilla are still in business, I'm surprised. Note to Yahoo: suing your business partners is not the best way to attract new business partners. Note to Mozilla: you know Google doesn't need you at all, they've got their own browser that's far superior to your own! They are doing you a favor by offering to share revenue with you!