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LibreOffice 6.0 Released: Features Superior Microsoft Office Interoperability, OpenPGP Support (softpedia.com) 251

prisoninmate writes: LibreOffice 6.0 comes two and a half years after the LibreOffice 5.x series, and it's the biggest release of the open-source and cross-platform office suite so far. It introduces a revamped design with new table styles, improved Notebookbars, new gradients, new Elementary icons, menu and toolbar improvements, and updated motif/splash screen.

LibreOffice 6.0 offers superior interoperability with Microsoft Office documents and compatibility with the EPUB3 format by allowing users to export ODT files to EPUB3. It also lets you import your AbiWord, Microsoft Publisher, PageMaker, and QuarkXPress documents and templates thanks to the implementation of a set of new open-source libraries contributed by the Document Liberation project. Many great improvements were made to the OOXML and ODF filters, as well as in the EMF+, Adobe Freehand, Microsoft Visio, Adobe Pagemaker, FictionBook, Apple Keynote, Pages, and Numbers, as well as Quattro Pro import functionality, and to the XHTML export. LibreOffice Online received numerous improvements as well in this major release of LibreOffice.

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LibreOffice 6.0 Released: Features Superior Microsoft Office Interoperability, OpenPGP Support

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  • Good "cheap" option (Score:4, Interesting)

    by pablo_max ( 626328 ) on Wednesday January 31, 2018 @11:01AM (#56039927)

    It is a solid option when you do not get office through your work or want to pay the small monthly fee for the home edition.
    I would actually consider to use it if it was compatible with all my VBA macros for excel. No work around for these since they are shared with others who use office.

    Still, for free.. It is "fine".

    • I've been caught many times because opening an excel spreadsheet with a filter attached hides rows in a non-obvious ways in LibreOffice. I'd be happy if that was properly compatible.
    • by sjbe ( 173966 ) on Wednesday January 31, 2018 @01:19PM (#56041079)

      It is a solid option when you do not get office through your work or want to pay the small monthly fee for the home edition.

      It's a a better than solid option even if you do get MS Office. I have no idea why anyone would actually pay to use MS Office at home for non-work purposes. I use LibreOffice every day as I have standardized our company on it. Works great with no more problems than MS Office.

      • It's a a better than solid option even if you do get MS Office.

        I have been using LibreOffice at works for years, and have yet to run into a problem. I have, though, used Calc to show that Microsoft Excel does not excel at math.

      • I pay for Office365 at home because it's a cheap ($50/year or less) way to get 1TB of well-supported cloud storage with pretty solid clients on multiple platforms, and if I really feel like it I can bump to 5TB with a little juggling. Along with that I happen to also get access to the most widely-used office suite around, which has been used to create documents and spreadsheets that I regularly need to open.

        There's no official Linux client, but there appear to be multiple alternatives (https://linuxnewbiegu
    • by fermion ( 181285 )
      I am amazed at the number of people of limited funds and low requirement who still pay MS money for office. These open apps are plenty good for most people,. I just wish Google would update their office suite so it did not suck so much. That said, last time I tried Libreoffice is was a disaster. On the Mac it simply would not run fast enough to practice. Even OpenOffice now has some issues, bu I still an acceptable option. Given that Apple essentially gives away it's office suit, I have began to use it
  • by DaMattster ( 977781 ) on Wednesday January 31, 2018 @11:23AM (#56040077)
    As a long user of LibreOffice, I am excited to try this one out. It's been fantastic for me but I don't use it in a corporate setting so I cannot speak for that. For the home and small business user, Libre is perfect.
  • by techdolphin ( 1263510 ) on Wednesday January 31, 2018 @11:32AM (#56040157)
    Does anybody know if LibreOffice 6 fixes the bug where portrait documents will only print in landscape mode?
  • by DrStrangluv ( 1923412 ) on Wednesday January 31, 2018 @11:32AM (#56040169)
    I'm really curious to see some sample documents, and side-by-side renderings for how they look in MS Office, LibreOffice 5, and LibreOffice 6. Additionally, I'd like to see if the bug list for remaining known discrepancies... what features should I avoid if I want to make sure a document will render consistently across applications.
    • by Merk42 ( 1906718 )
      If you're going to compare two different versions of LibreOffice you should compare two different versions of MS Office.
  • It was already perfect - just ask anyone around here.

  • by Lord Kano ( 13027 ) on Wednesday January 31, 2018 @12:10PM (#56040445) Homepage Journal

    I see a menu bar and not an awful ribbon interface.

    I'll probably download/install this shortly.


  • by Anonymous Coward

    I'll just wait a few days while everyone installs 6.0 and encounter issues because all those little things will get fixed in 6.0.1 and then a few more things will get fixed a few days after that with 6.0.2.

    I used to be a product tester so I don't test software for free. :-p

  • First, they've been following Microsoft in playing hide-and-seek with "Fill ... Right" in the spreadsheet application. It used to be in the edit menu, then it moved to the insert menu, now it's buried deeply in the data menu. I can do Ctrl-D for "Fill ... Down" but Crtl-R is already mapped to something else. My fingers want to just do Alt-E, I, R, but that doesn't work any more.

    Second, I really really wish they would abandon the ribbon-like interface. It's a fucking travesty and possibly a crime again
  • So I just gave it a try, and my existing complaints still stand.

    My current LO test is Slide Transitions in Impress, because for as long as I can remember, the slide transitions have been very broken. Specifically, it seems to be an issue with transitions that make use of OpenGL. As of this version, they're *still* very broken. I'm testing this on a Mac BTW, but in the past I also found the problem existed on Linux as well. I haven't tried the Windows version but according to others, the Windows version

  • I haven't been using LibreOffice since too long time ago, but have seen quite a few problems already; mainly regarding compatibility with MS Office (at least, Writer/Word which is the one I have used the most). This new version is still messing up Word documents quite badly; other that, it is a fairly good writing application. I will continue using it as so far (checking spelling/grammar and writing documents on Linux) and relying on Windows/Office/VBA when required by assuming that these two formats are st
  • Thanks for the Abiword reminder. Haven't used it in a while, but always found it relatively lightweight and more pleasing (font rendering?) to use than OpenOffice.org/LibreOffice.

  • We've standardized on LibreOffice and it's great. Absolutely no compatibility issues with MS Office for us. Installing 6.0.0 now.

    • Absolutely no compatibility issues with MS Office for us

      Seriously? I have only tried fairly simple Word documents (a few tables, enumerations, indentations, etc.) and Writer shows appreciably different versions. All the contents are there and the overall structure is respected, but there are quite a few differences: margins, indentations, first-line indentations, hidden row/col borders being visible, different size of paragraphs, etc.

      Don't take me wrong, I will continue using LibreOffice. But as per my limited experienced, its compatibility with Office isn't to

  • I grabbed a copy to see how it would handle a bunch of old Visio and PageMaker files that no one wants to re-create from scratch.

    The Visio files opened fairly well, with only a few rendering glitches (like connecting external endpoints from a network symbol back to its center instead of leaving them unconnected to anything.) I didn't see anything similar to Visio's tool suite in the Libre Draw program, but it may be buried in there somewhere, so I'm not sure about actually working with these files.

    The Pag

  • by gabrieltss ( 64078 ) on Wednesday January 31, 2018 @07:49PM (#56044095)

    Ever since Microsoft introduced the "Ribbon" Office has become completely UNUSABLE! after almost 10 years dealing with it I STILL can't find SHIT! I use LibreOffice exclusively at home. And run it in a VM in Virtualbox at work. My company went to O365, it is a giant steaming pile of SHIT! It's slow as old people fucking at loading documents and it constantly locks the hell up!

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